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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 29, 2011.

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    This is old but still pertinent, well researched and written:,0,884315,full.story
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    Nice find.
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    I came across this in another thread, if I remember correctly it was Sponge who posted the article link. I only posted the last section of the article that was on Narconon/purification and had to cut out a section of that because it exceeded the 1000 word post limit.
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    Ok, a google search for Dr. Ronald E. Gots:
    "In a blistering 1988 report, Dr. Ronald E. Gots, a toxicology expert from Bethesda, Md., called the regimen "quackery," and noted that "no recognized body of toxicologists, no department of occupational medicine, nor any governmental agencies endorse or recommend such treatment." The report ended Shreveprt's dealings with the program."

    So was the report in 1987 or 1988? More importantly,
    Where do we get hold of this report?
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    I did a search on this company but didn't find anything. Dr. Gots and this company did the study for the city of Shreveport.
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    Or ask him about any contemporary press coverage in 1987-1988 by the Shreveport Times, then find copies of the articles in a local library.
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    Correction: It was DeathHampster who posted the link to this story:–-barbara-ayash.91737/page-3#post-1933057
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    Good find!!!!!!!!
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    LOL, Hubbard's worthless gay science experiments are as useful to society as this:
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    Toilets work, and they help people.
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    As does taking a shit, they are both useful to society.
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    Tonnes of liquid sewerage are not something society strives to keep, and must be destroyed without sorrow.
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    Preferably in Bonaire's wetlands...

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