Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Message from David Love which I am posting at his request:

    "Just received a registered letter from the Quebec College of Physicians. We won!!! Next step is to appear at the disciplinary committee doorstep. The College agreed with my allegations big time. Will post more ASAP."
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    ^^^Likes 9000 times!!!
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    cleardot.gif cc

    cleardot.gif Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 3:43 PM
    cleardot.gif plainte MAPAQ 1012273

    Monsieur Yoshiyoyo

    Via courriel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Objet : Plainte numéro 1012273


    Concernant la plainte que vous nous avez transmise le 1er aout dernier, pour l’établissement « Narconon Trois-Rivières », nous vous informons que nous y avons donné suite le 03 aout.

    La loi sur l’accès aux documents des organismes publics et sur la protection des renseignements personnels ne nous permet pas de vous donner d’autres renseignements.

    Nous vous remercions de l’intérêt que vous portez à la mission de la Direction générale de la Santé animale et de l’Inspection des aliments, laquelle est de contribuer à la protection de la santé publique.

    Veuillez agréer, Monsieur Yoshiyoyo, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.

    Richard Lévesque
    Inspecteur d'aliments
    Direction Générale de la Santé animale et de l'inpection des aliments
    5195,boul. des Forges suite 55
    Trois-Rivières, Qc G8Y 4Z3


    The complaint that you have passed the first
    Last August, for establishing "Narconon Trois-
    Rivers ", we inform you that we have given
    after August 3.

    The law on access to documents held by public
    and the protection of personal information does
    not allow us to give you more information.

    Thank you for your interest in the
    mission of the Directorate General of Animal Health and
    Inspection of food, which is to contribute
    to protect public health.

    Please accept, Yoshiyoyo, the expression of my
    distinguished sentiments.
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  6. peterstorm Member

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  7. hushpuppy Member

    lol, his ratings are as polarized as those of Camelot Castle Hotel on tripadvisor.
    Silly scientologists thinking they can cover up how much their services suck by posting fake magickal reviews :p
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  8. Intelligence Member

    I must cook and eat supper before I post the College Decision
    and be very care what I post; but you know:)

    It was a Registered letter! You shouls have been there when I opened the letter. It was absolutel incredible.:)

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  9. Intelligence Member

    Thank you mnql1 for posting this dictation for me. I'm still on a learning curve
    with this new cell phone, but once I have it mastered; look out OSA. About fifteen
    hundred posts on here are from my old dinasaur cell phone while riding bumpy buses:)

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    don`t burn the skettie this time!
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  11. are you finished eating yet?....hurry up!
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  12. Intelligence Member

    I'm making Garlic Spare Ribs and it takes time and LOVE to prepare delicious ones,..., LOL.

    Of course if my Dear Friend, Yoshiyoyo was here, I would be fine. He is an awesome cook!!!:)

  13. yoshiyoyo Member

    awww shucks *blushes* nice braised ribs marinaded in season salts and pickling spices and glazed with home made chipotle and hickory BBQ sauce
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  14. FUCK OFF with the recipes, and just deliver the sauce ;)

    c wat i did thar?
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  15. peterstorm Member

    Can't you cook AND scan at the same time?
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  16. Have a good meal and savor all this WIN!
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    I'm up in my house scanning and will post ASAP,..., LOL.

  18. yoshiyoyo Member

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  20. xenubarb Member

    Do you really want rib sauce all over the scan sauce?
  21. Intelligence Member

    I'm eating these tasty Ribs right now,..., Mmmm,.., goes good with other Thread :)

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  22. GuyFox Member

    it appears that Andre, the head honcho of Narconon in Trois-Rivieres, has filed a privacy complaint with Youtube in an attempt to take down the video.

    They've done the same in the past to supress blog posts that were exposing the abuses and misdeeds within.

    Mirror please, the vid needs to be spread far and wide to inform as many as possible on the Narconon scam and who the perpetrators are.

    For those still technically impaired, use, or simply use this download link:,expire,ip,ipbits,itag,ratebypass,oc:U0hQR1VSUl9FSkNOMF9NTFZF&fexp=906344,906717,913105&itag=37&ip= Trois Rivieres protest 2011 - fixed audio! []

    ... then upload to as many Youtube accounts as possible.
  23. moarxenu Member

    Downloading for great justice. Contacting an anon with RuTube account.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    What you need to do is blur the victims' faces...
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  25. xenubarb Member

    How cool is this? Clever fellows!

  26. GuyFox Member

    Which is precisely what we've done.

    Only Andre Ahern is named, but he's a public face of the facility and flaunts his identity all over their websites anyway.
  27. Anonymous Member

    No you didn't d***head!

    These patients don't deserve to be recognized in your video.

    You could be sued for this.
  28. Anonymous Member

    1. Get glasses and look again.
    2. Narconon was informed ahead of time camera crews would be there.
    3. Don't know about scientology's little delusional world, but in the real world camera crews usually involve filming.
    4. People in the shots were well aware of cameras being present and rolling.

    and finally


    Need I remind you that Narconon Trois Rivieres has just been legally banned from using their trademark false "70% success rate", and their fraudulent "doctor" was ordered to disasociate from the facility? THESE PATIENTS DESERVE REAL HELP, and the best help they can get is for their families to bail them out, get a refund, and apply to a REAL drug rehab program that WORKS.
  29. Anonymous Member

    If the individuals at Narconon were filmed from a public street why would the individuals (filming) be sued and why would you have to blur the faces?
  30. xenubarb Member

    "Patients?" You're kidding.
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Andre Ahern is going to be in for a big surprise very soon. I have named him in some Formal Government
    Complaints and he will be named in a QUEBEC SUPERIOR COURT LAW SUIT. He will receive subpoenas in
    due course and SUMMONED to appear in court.

    Andre's wife is also named in a QUEBEC SUPERIOR COURT LAW SUIT for practicing medicine without a license. We will which contribited directly to the administration of toxic NIACIN doses. She was the case SUPERVISOR at the time.

    Andre Ahern is also resonsible for physically detaining a Patient against their will in a room with another Patient and the Ehtics Officer.

    There is no doubt, we will tear his COS phylosophy to shreads and expose him as a liar and "Terroristic Hate Group" member of Scientology.

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  32. Intelligence Member

    Andre Ahern is NAMED in this OT3 Video and he hasn't bothered to complain tp YouTube?

  33. Intelligence Member

    One of my monitoring advisors emailed me to "perhaps consider" lightening up
    a little and be "Careful" in my postings. This person is a wise one indeed, so
    I have edited some "Charge" out of the Post,..., LOL.

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  34. Intelligence Member

    Now saved and will upload as needed:). When will they ever learn? Once they Blow from the COS perhaps?

    Andre is not the actual "Head Honcho", but close to it. Marc Bernard is the Narconon-Scientology Director. Andre is
    trained in "Media-Handling". He tried to handle media when I went back to retreive my belongings
    with the Police and TV Crew. (photo on WWP somewhere:) ) He resigned shortly after I left, due to apparent stress, loss
    of sleep, and feeling sick, (this ^^^^^ according to one Intell email I received from a NN TR staff member).

    Here is Andre Ahern's Narconon Page as a Biologist:
    He may not be able to promote Narconon this way much longer, as prescribed by the Ministry new
    Certification Regulations and the approach the College of Physicians is pursuing.

    Oh', just noticed they are still promoting a 70% Success Rate. Against their agreement with the Ministry.
    Must file a Formal Complaint against Andre Ahern immediately.

    iqeou9.jpg The "SPIN DOCTOR"

    Andre Ahern practices Scientology at NN TR every chance he gets.
  35. yoshiyoyo Member

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  36. yoshiyoyo Member

    Oh', just noticed they are still promoting a 70% Success Rate. Against their agreement with the Ministry.
    Must file a Formal Complaint against Andre Ahern immediately.

    Montreal Office
    Advertising Standards Canada
    2015 Peel Street,
    Suite 915
    Montreal, Quebec H3A 1T8

    (514) 931-8060

    Fax: (877) 956-8646
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    Some of my 963 Friends on Facebook are starting to pick this up and mirror RE:

  38. Intelligence Member

    Oh', just noticed they are still promoting a 70% Success Rate. Against their agreement with the Ministry.

    Taken a few minutes ago:


    This is 70% Fail for them and 100% WIN for us:):):)

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Andre Ahern ^^^^^.....("detained against his will")

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