Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Kick them hard with this info, kick them and kick them and when they are on the floor begging you to stop and the press and cops are all watching - kick them some more.

    Kick them out of Canada - never to return. Then maybe the US government might pull its finger out of its ass and start asking questions.
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  2. xenubarb Member

    What will happen is, American anons will use the Canadian dox and decisions, and start attacking this at all levels. They're already inflicting this shit on First Responders in NYC, and meth cops in Utah. There's talk of "trying it out" on recently ets'ed veterans.

    Since politicians are swamped with issues from all sides, they like it when you can produce a coherent presentation with documentation, particularly when someone else has done all the hard work.

    When NN Trois Rivieres implodes, anons in communities with Narconon facilities will have epic ammo to use against them with local government. Yes, they volunteer for shit, and carry little old ladies' groceries to their car, but that's what neighbors always seem to say about serial killers in their midst. They always help with the groceries. We will have to overcome all that happy shiny PR with cold facts about the program, the fraud, the dangerous playing doctor without a license that goes on.

    What can be done in the meantime? I am hunting down the perfect targets in the Health Dept for this proj. When it all comes down, I want an interested government party waiting for the dox. In the US, there's also a state Health Dept. to be contacted. Overall, I think doing this at a local level will have better results, said results leading to a better presentation at the federal level later.

    I know there are anons poised to do this because we sometimes giggle over it in anticipation. In 2008 I mentioned that Narconon is a hueg moneymaker for the cult, but anon wasn't ready to pick up that particular thread at the time. Thanks to the Love Machine, we're in a much better position to shut these fuckers down for good in the US.
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  3. moarxenu Member

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  4. Intelligence Member

    What is going to happen in the next 30, 60, and 90 days, should affect Narconon Trois-Rivieres, ABLE Canada,
    and the COS significantly in areas of cash flow and negative PR. Media in Quebec City should be releasing an
    indepth news article, which I think will be a jaw dropper. There is more than one reason why Narconon Trois-Rivieres
    has tried to disavow any connection to Scientology; as we will see very soon. The entire organization has dug themselves
    a very deep hole and will be at a loss for words trying to explain some legal matters, when the facts and documented evidence,
    clearly show otherwise.

    Will some of this trickle down into the U.S.A.? Indeed, without a doubt it will.

    Their blatant breaking of Civil, Contract, and Criminal Laws, are not far from being exposed in the Quebec Public arena;
    for all to see, hear, and read.

    Although my trip to British Columbia was for the purpose of visiting with my loved ones, I did have time for other meetings
    with people relevent to what is going on here in Quebec. In fact, there is another complaint being filed with the Ministry
    of Health and Social Services and the Human Rights Commission by another Narconon Trois-Riviers victim.

    Barb is right; the USA needs documented decisions from legal proceedings here in Canada and so it shall be. It's only a
    matter of time; not too far down the road.

    Are we going to WIN? We already have WON! Are we going to have bigger WINS? Absolutely, without a doubt:):):)

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  5. Intelligence Member

    What a beautiful week,..., so far:)

    Looking at logistics for trip to the Capital of Quebec, Quebec City next week, then off to Toronto
    with a week or so afterward. There are many ex-Narconon patients who live in the Toronto area and who
    are very supportive.

    Of course, while in Quebec City, hope to visit the Ideal ORG and perhaps get to film the star of the show,
    the one and only Yvette Shank. If we miss her there, perhaps we'll see her in Toronto:)

    BOXES of dox will be ready to ship out to the College of Physicians, Human Rights Commission, and the Ministry of ealth
    and Social Services on Monday. Usually, I just carry them on the bus, but not this time,..., LOL. I'm too old
    to be carrying this much weight:)

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  6. Thinking of you every day, David! Happy trails to the *walled city (Quebec City) and The Big Smoke! <3 <3 <3 !!!

    *Only two in North America.
  7. Intelligence Member

    And the third is the invisible walls of mind control and coersion at NN TR.

    A military-like compound. We even line up in Divisions at Roll Call and endured Chineese School and
    competitions to see who could move the "Particles" the fastest. The winner of the team picked cheap
    little gifts that were bought at the Dollar Store. I always chose the little note pads to diarize notes with,..., LOL.

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Exact dates still pending for Quebec City - Toronto visits.

    Up to my "Irish Eye-Balls" in dox right now,..., looking very good indeed:)

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  9. Thank you for the update/news, David! <3 !
  10. Intelligence Member

    What I don't quite understand, is how Scientology-Narconon has been able to operate on such
    a grand scale for so long, without being scrutinized like they are right now?

    People have died, been rushed to hospital, only to go into a coma; ambulances taking people to
    emergency from seizures, staff drug parties with guns on apartment premises, drugs at Narconon
    for Scientology "Reach and Withdraw" Sessions, staff having sex with patients, patients suffering
    in pain because staff refused prescribed pain meds,..., the list just goes on
    and on and on. (don't want to name all here, but it is criminal - it WILL ALL come out.

    They may think they are ALL power and can make their own laws and will control the world by "Clearing
    The Planet", but it's not going to happen. As the Australian Senator stated, "...they are NOT above the Law....."

    Going over my notes and remembering the cartoon-like scenes and absolute absurd behaviour of staff upon patients,
    is something that one can not erase from memory. It's just too CRAZY and Ludicrous. Even explaining it to someone
    uninitiated to scientology, raises an eyebrow in disbelief. Thank God I have so many evidence dox!

    After being hidden away in a Motel for two days after escaping, I moved to Laval, where I started sorting dox. I had
    so many that I threw away a small garbage bag full. (This I regret, but oh' well - most were scanned and sent away online).
    But when NN TR was in a "Condition" of "Emergency", they became very CHEAP. No napkins for the patients; they just used
    brown paper towels torn up into napkin sheets. I guess $23,000.00 didn't include the luxury of real ones.

    Then they started recycling old "Coms." These were used 8.5 x 11 inch documents that only had writing on one side. So they would
    use the other side to photo-copy what they needed. It was crazy! I would see dox in the Course Room in the hands of the patients, with
    the phone numbers of staff; all kinds of stuff that should have been confidential. DUH!

    Saving money? This is when they began to fire or lay off full pay staff and recruit new graduates at NO PAY. Then they gave
    us a raise to $2.50 per hour ($100 per week). They hired five of is in short time.

    The most "Unethical, back-stabbing, extortive cult group, that uses exploitation of the most vulnerable to fill
    the coffers of scientology.

    This must and will stop!

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  11. Xenu Is Lord Member

    How about, do you want out? We will fetch the police and media and come and get you?
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  12. Are you familiar with the quote by George Orwell?
    It's almost the same with those afflicted with the disease of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. They are a kind of non-person in our parts of the world. Most of us ignore or reject these helpless victims.

    Authentic Health Care Workers are overwhelmed with the numbers, and so is the health-care system. The inauthentic and bogus "care givers" have been operating unchecked for such a long time because there has been no scrutiny. No scrutiny that is, until you showed up!

    You are delivering first-hand scrutiny and thorough reports on precisely what you are scrutinizing. What you are doing is world-changing, and change for the better. Kudos to you! <3 !
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  13. Intelligence Member

    The Media Handler and PR man, Andre Ahern, can spin doctor most everything, but they are going to be in for
    a surprise,.., and sooner rather than later. His credibility is going down the Crapper,..., LOL:)

    Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Health and Social Services and other Agencies, will have the dox on him soon.
    (and his wife)



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  14. Intelligence Member

  15. XenuKittyT Member

    DLove I agree with you, It's hard to really "get" how so much bad has been done by them, all these things you listed and more. How are they still here, I almost don't get it either!!!

    But give yourself credit, we have learned from what you posted, the world will learn from what you are doing now. One step at a time. It's all coming out because of what you're doing!! Every step each one of us takes, posting our stories on forums for the world to know, every little bit helps. In your case you are contributing much more than just a little bit. You are creating a much greater change! When things go to court they become public information in Canada also, correct? Just that alone is a great step!!
    Keep up the hard work! You're amazing!!!
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  16. Intelligence Member

    &quot;Tisk-Tisk', Narconon Trois-Rivieres still promoting Success Rate on their web page.
    Looks like they broke their promise to the Ministry of Health and Social Services to
    stop this practice.

    Did NN TR think putting the success rate on a page other than the front web page would
    hide their blatant violations?


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  17. Intelligence Member

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  18. xenubarb Member

    It's good to know they have a "specially designed sauna" that doesn't have a "lack of air." If you're going to be spending five or six hours slowly poaching your brain, air is probably a good accessory.

    Were they thinking, perhaps, of James "Death" Ray's sweat lodge fiasco?
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  19. Intelligence Member

    The "fresh air" in the NN TR saunas, consisted of an obnoxious stench of vomit, stale human sweat, and the worst
    gaseous farts imanginable. And only one single toilette for the use of both male and female patients in three saunas,
    which at times could total nearly twenty patients; many with Diarrhea!

    Will save additional comments for the Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Health and Social Services, College of Physicians and pending court cases, and will comment in the form of documented evidence.

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  20. Intelligence Member

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  21. moarxenu Member

  22. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., "Once upon a time, there was a science fiction writer who was a drug addict; decided to sell
    the vulnerable public a piece of blue sky and exploit the suffering. A proven liar and criminal fugitive,
    died while using psychiatric drugs. His Bridge was a road to nattering nonesense and psychosis, leaving
    a trail of family suicide and infirmity."

    blah - blah - blah,..., not funny, but reality.

  23. Intelligence Member

    There was more drugs at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, than many drug dealers have
    in their drug dens. Most in the possession of Narconon Staff, but also in the
    dorms and being used by patients. Much more to this soon to be exposed.

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  24. Chipshotz Member

    David, you're a steamroller. Anything we do in addition will be done while standing on your shoulders.
    You are extraordinary!
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Our children,.., and their children, will thank us:)

  26. Intelligence Member

    It CAN be done and it WILL be done :):):)

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

  27. Anonymous Member

    Why not indeed. Keep on rockin in the free world. I <3 you bro. You are doing a fucking fantastic job. Let me know if you ever need a place to stay in NH.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    Practicing Medicine Without A Licence Dox - Ready For Submission


    Thanks for all your input Anonymous! BRAVO:):):)

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Shut 'em down!!
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  30. moarxenu Member

    THIS ...



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  31. Intelligence Member

    Ok :)

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  32. Intelligence Member

    In communication with my Lawyer today:)

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  33. Intelligence Member

    I think "THEY" may be getting a little nervous. When I came home from work last night, (10pm)
    I met a person I knew right by my apartment. I asked them what they were doing and they said,
    oh just walking around." (they looked like they had just been caught with their hand in the cookie-jar)

    Could be coincidence, but sure didn't feel like it? (just keeping my gaurd up)

  34. xenubarb Member

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  35. DeathHamster Member

    As in a Narconon/Scientology type person?
  36. TinyDancer Member

    Just as well the hidden cameras are in place.
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  37. John Spacer Member

    On my emmmm - whatchamacallit, when they take you far a walk around the place and show you how wonderful it is tour of a rehab. One of the first people I walked into was a young woman smoking a spliff "THIS IS THE REHAB FOR ME" I thought to myself, now I'm thinking "WHY DON'T THEY EVER GET RAIDED BY THE POLICE OR TESTED BY AUTHORITIES LIKE SCHOOL KIDS DO?"
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  38. Intelligence Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Not only hidden, but wireless with frame capture,....,:)

    I'm not going to say what type right now. Been getting some invitations from some people who have declared they have changed
    sides, but when I look into it, it seems contacts are still being made with COS persons. I expected this.

    They have a big PR campaign on right now and Ahern and OSA are working hard. (will visit them in next few days for protest)

    I welcome any investigation; especially on them, and I'm preparing an intensive &quot;double-curve&quot; with media
    and high-up political and Intelligence in next few days.

    Courier will be delivering Dox first thing this Thursday morning. It's time to put pressure on like never before.

    Two printers ready to go for next 1,500 plus pages of Dox:)


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  40. Intelligence Member

    Oh' geeeze, I just opened a file attachment from my Lawyer. There is a list of 21 expert medical professionals that I'm to pick from and interview with,..., LOL :)


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