Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Google Translated:
    Is this^^^^^ close? LOL :)

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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Rough translation:

    Fournier: Stop filming me!
    protester: I'm filming the street
    Fournier: STFU
    protester: No U
    passerby: hey guys, cool down and stop fighting

    Fournier gets into protester's face, protester backs up to wall, Fournier gets in his face again

    protester: get out of my face
    Fournier: cmon hit me!
    protester: You're the one that's aggressive and in my face, back away
    Fournier: I'm just talking
    OSA comes to take Mr. Fournier away before he gets physical.
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    Just finished a 27 minute conversation with Human Rights Commission and other Govs. Narconon Trois-Rivieres
    HAS NOT recieved their Certification yet and they won't this year.

    Certification process has been extended once again to early next summer,..., or so.

    This is good AND bad. BA, because more vulnerable victims will go to NN TR,..., VERY BAD!

    Good, because they will still be in operation when the sky falls upon them with warrants/subpoenas etc:)

    This is one of the biggest Cases the Commission has had.

    It looks like more than just NN TR will be "Resondents" in this HUGE Cases. Indeed incredible!

    Will be meeting with Commission in about two weeks for an entire day.

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  5. peterstorm Member

    Narconon works and it exploits people.
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  6. Aurora Member

    Sylvain, le putain pour la secte Scientologie. Narconon est merde, c'est fin.

    c'est fin - I always thought it meant, "It's over" or "It's done."

    Love hearing about Narconon's impending demise.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    C'est fin, it's finished, it's the end.

    My oooonly friend, the end...

    It's the Jim Morrison of cult front groups. Looks pretty at first but soon becomes fat, lazy, hairy, and dies out having wasted all that money and potentially good stuff... Resigned to the memories of a few hippies but ultimately forgotten 10 years from now.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    Aparrently, Sylvain Fournier now works as operator or FSM of this Web Site (according to &quot;inside&quot; Source)

    Human Rights Commission needs as much info as possible on this character. They are bringing in additional
    investigators and digging in every direction. (just fiollowing the evidence dox)

    Fake NN TR Referral Site? Pretty sure it is, but I can't read French,..., LOL.

    PeterStorm, where are you?:)

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  10. DeathHamster Member

    Nice net neighborhood:
    • Narconon Quebec
    • Sylvain Fournier
    • Narconon Quebec
    • Narconon Information Center of Montreal 877-782-7409
    • Narconon Trois Rivieres
    • WISE Canada
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    You guys are studs.
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  12. Intelligence Member

    You guys ROCK, ROCK, ROCK! This is AWESOME! I LOVE it:):):)

    All roads lead to NN TR>

    The Human Rights Commission needs this info ASAP - - spoke to investigator for 27 minutes today:)

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    Preparing for ORG Protest Tomorrow - we're going to a ton of fun:):):)

    Will post videos tomorrow ASAP!

    It's in Quebec and the other Anons hand out Flyers in French,..., LOL. So I've made some
    tonight and I'm going for Anglophone crowd - - lots of humans in Quebec speak and read English:):):)

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  14. Anonymous Member

    One IP address:
    means all these websites are essentially controlled and owned by the same person/company

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  15. Intelligence Member

    What about these ones. This is Joelyn Montour. She IS/WAS the largest
    FSM referral for NN TR. I don't know what she's up to right now???

    I was at NN TR when they were building one of these web sites for her.

    Could be an OSA OP? - - She is one my Friends List right now and some things
    don't add up?

    She's VERY close to Yvette Shank - OSA Canada!

    Any and all obstacles in life can be overcome by believing in one thing...Yourself !!

    MY EMAIL ADDRESS site #1 site #2 site #3
  16. Intelligence Member

    I guess I do have a GOOD "Inside" Source indeed. I trust few people right now!

  17. yoshiyoyo Member
    this is the one that sucked me in
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  18. yoshiyoyo Member

    To relieve my stress I like to play Angry Bird and I pretend that the structures that I am knocking down are Narconon and Scientology buildings and the little green pigs are Dm :p . . . It works try it
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Whoops, another one Deleted off Sylvain Founier's Friends list on Facebook, because they were friends with me,..., LOL

    Mmmmm, he has a list of 322 friends; I have a list of 2,239 friends and increasing everyday by at least 20-30.
    Don't know most of them: Anons from all over the place,..., LOL,..., :)

    But very interesting to cross referrence some friends of friends lists and see who might be connected to
    who,.., it's amazing:)

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  20. Intelligence Member

    What the hell is Angry Bird???,;..., LOL:)
    Hey', buddy, I'm getting tired. Did you read Operation Snow White? Reads like a bloody movie eh'? Geeezzze!
    Crazy bastards. Now I know why some Anons on here told me to buy new curtains, a dog, and locking gas cap.
    That was when I first came on here and I thought it was a threat towards me! Didn't sleep well that night:)

    The next day I was told about the curtains, dog, and gas cap was some kind of well known joke.
    Not to me; it wasn't funny,..., LOL:):):)

  21. yoshiyoyo Member

    no doubt after reading that sleep with a pair of depends on. sleep with one eye open.
  22. Intelligence Member

    Looks like he's about to cry :-(

    If he was pissed about the short video clip at the Quebec City ORG, he will be surprised
    what I sent the investigators. Took several clips on the new high tech cell phone they
    gave me when I was a Registrar. Two top NN Canada Execs rolling around in the back of a van
    is a hoot to watch. BUT, what they said was NOT funny one bit.

    I recorded it all. As we were passing a Catholic Church, one said, &quot;C'mon Jesus, get down off your cross and do something!&quot;

    They accept ALL religions? Bull Shit they do! The only thing they seem to accept readily, is certified checks
    and new vulnerable recruits, known to have fat bank accounts OR able to work hard and productive for no wages.


    Bed time now; must go have fun tomorrow at Halloween Constume protest at ORG:)

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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Intelligence Member

    Tough Week :)

    Ya', I'm still up, but this is last post; just waiting for reply from someone in PST time zone:)

    What a week of pulling my hair out on buses etc. I couldn't respond to most nessages and
    they piled up until I arrived home. My cell browser kept crashing while 10 minutes into writing
    a message. Nothing more frustrating!

    But beginning in November, I'm moving up into some awesome communications hardware that
    will allow me to fire away at warp speed while being on buses 40 hours per month, and everywhere
    else I am.

    Keeping up to all that's going on right now, forces me to Economize my time as precisely as possible.
    Now it WILL be possible:)

    November is, &quot;Kick It Up a Notch&quot; month, and change into a higher gear:)

    I'm very happy indeed.


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  25. jensting Member

    Dunno, but according to the entirely excellent by J Atack

    "In Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California (the "mother church" of the Churches of Scientology at the time the suit was filed), the California Appeal Court ruled, in a decision upheld by the US Supreme Court: "Wollersheim was compelled to abandon his wife and his family through the policy of disconnect. When his mental illness reached such a level he actively planned his suicide, he was forbidden to seek professional help. Finally, when Wollersheim was able to leave the Church, it subjected him to financial ruin through its policy of 'fair game'." (JCA-147, pp.A-7, 15 & 16). At appeal, Scientology asserted that "fair game" was a "core practice of Scientology", and therefore protected as "religious expression". This position was also made on behalf of Scientology in the case against Gerald Armstrong, in 1984, by religious expert Dr. Frank Flinn (JCA-45)"

    Best regards

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  26. xenubarb Member

    Good! Then you can download Angry Birds and find out about the green pigs and whatnot. Wallooooooo!!!!
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  27. DeathHamster Member

    No, unfortunately not.

    It means that they're all using the same web hosting service. That's suggestive, but there's also over a thousand non-scientologist sites hosted there too.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the correction. I had made the wrong assumption that the Scientology corporation would not want to be sharing their IP with anyone else so that they could have complete control of their websites.
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Spotted this in johnalexwood's feed spew:

    (Voting and comments are open.)
  32. Intelligence Member


    Edited out - too much info:)
  33. Intelligence Member

    David Love's "Irish Blood" is boiling tonight. I've been reviewing documents and writing a government submission
    most of the day. Took a short walk to "clear out my minds cache",..., LOL,..., and when I returned; there is was,
    a document that I had misplaced online for months!

    In between writing and glancing over a different monitors as the emails and messages come in, I have pause.
    to look at the whole picture. It's so very sad reading the stories of suffering victims wanting help.

    Retired couples who spent some of their retirement funds to send a loved one to NN TR, or a family who is
    in disbelief how their loved one is worse off then when they went to NN TR AND other Narconons.

    But I'm only a one finger, key tapping writer,..., LOL.

    It's going to be a very long night, but we'll get er' done:)

    My "Intention Without Reservation" is to go back to Ottawa as soon as possible. I have some new dox
    to submit to certain Polititions in the Capitol of Canada.

    I WILL BE there soon.

    Shadow, let's get this done!

    Pete, turn your Skype on:)

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  34. Intelligence Member

    I'm done with four page "Stats Crasher" document (with additional attachments of course), to some very
    powerful authorities.

    Just waiting for trusted Editor to review:)

  35. BigBeard Member

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  36. xenubarb Member

    I never thought I could lrn2type. My dad's secretary could blast along at 90wpm, and she could carry on a conversation while doing it.

    Then I took typing in 7th grade, and whattaya know, I can do it too! And upward of 80 wpm if I don't have to talk to someone. I don't multitask well.

    You should try it. You'll be surprised at how easy it is!
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  37. Intelligence Member

    Here's an screen capture image of their Video with a comment from RadioPaul,..., LOL:)

    Here's their press release - - sure be a good time for another NN TR Protest:):):)

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  39. Anonymous Member

    LOL, it's still up!
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Did you know that Narconon Trois-Rivières will:
    1. Eliminate ALL toxins from your system
    The comprehensive program at Narconon Trois Rivieres begins with the purification of a low heat, relaxing sauna treatment that brings complete elimination of all toxins, including drugs and chemical toxins such as pesticide residues. Exercise and sleep – and really healthy food – is completely vegetarian and the diet is based on the widely acclaimed “Mediterranean Diet”.

    2. Only Narconon can cure you
    Only Narconon today has the fully comprehensive methods needed to bring the elephant of addiction down – and get it completely out of your life.

    3. Narconon Trosis-Rivieres completely understands the nature and causes of addiction and it not what ASAM claims;
    ASAM says that the (addiction ) disease distorts people’s perception which drives them to behave in ways that are “not understandable” to others around them. Addiction is not a choice, but a manifestation of the disease of addiction.
    Fortunately for the world, and the many addicted people in it, comprehensive drug and alchol rehabilitation centers, such as Narconon Trois Rivieres do understand completely the nature and causes of addiction, and the complexity of it’s relationship with the human mind and body.

    4. Narconon Trosis-Rivieres states that ASAM does not factor in environmental reasons to addiction;
    This new ASAM definition of addiction calls addiction a primary disease, meaning that it is not caused by a person having emotional or psychiatric (cognitive) disturbances. Addiction is a disturbance to normal brain function that some people simply “have”. In other words, no attempt is made in this new definition of addiction to deal with root causes again.
    BUT they do.
    Genetic factors account for about half of the likelihood that an individual will develop addiction. Environmental factors interact with the person’s biology and affect the extent to which genetic factors exert their influence. Resiliencies the individual acquires (through parenting or later life experiences) can affect the extent to which genetic predispositions lead to the behavioral and other manifestations of addiction. Culture also plays a role in how addiction becomes actualized in persons with biological vulnerabilities to the development of addiction.

    5. Complete addiction recovery is possible at Narconon Trosis-Rivieres
    Complete addiction recovery is possible with Narconon Trois Rivieres – enabling people to be drug free, content and happy.
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