Narconon's History of Fail

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    I am starting this thread with SOME of Narconon's history of fails in the US.
    This list was compiled from the Expose Narconon Site

    I thought it would be good to have all their fails listed all in one place here, so it would be easy peasy for journalists, lawyers and others to reference it.

    You really have to wonder why ANYONE would ever endorse this program in any way, after seeing this list. And really wonder why they still receive some federal funding at some of their locations.

    No matter what the Scientology crooks introduce it as. Whether it be introduced as a detox program for 911 first responders, or a detox for cops that bust meth labs, to fire fighters and war vets, to a drug and alcohol abuse "help" center, or as a prison reform program. Let's not forget the Purif and the other MANY names/programs it goes by.
    Its all the same as Narconon and its all Scientology.

    I know many unassuming mayors, cops, fire fighters, town residents, and many more do not do their homework when allowing a Narconon facility to be set up in their town in the hopes of helping resident addicts. Or when Narconon is allowed to come into jails with their program and into their schools. People unknowingly endorse these programs by believing Narconon's trumped up success rates.
    This must stop.

    I invite all world wide to add any negative Narconon press with links, vids, closings, incidents, court cases ect.. to this list and help it grow.
    Bolding is by me

    10 July 1982 - Narconon Arizona has its incorporation revoked after failing to file its annual report. (Source: Corporate records, Arizona Secretary of State)

    10 October 1989 - Narconon has its incorporation revoked after again failing to file its annual report. (Source: Corporate records, Arizona Secretary of State)

    5 October 2002 - Narconon Cochise County is dissolved.
    (Source: Corporate records, Arizona Secretary of State)

    31 October 1974 - The State Department of Health evaluates the Narconon centre in Los Angeles, faulting many aspects of the programme and castigating it for its lack of medical value. The evaluation team decides that "Detoxification procedures should be stopped on the premises since their procedures are without proper medical supervision and may be dangerous" and recommend that state funding be terminated. (Source: "Outline for recovery, House Evaluation")

    January 1977 - The city of Palo Alto produces an evaluation of the contract it had with Narconon, highlighting many deficiencies in the programme and its management and citing "low levels of performance". The programme is terminated. (Source: "Annual Performance Evaluation of the City of Palo Alto's Contract with Narconon Palo Alto")

    1 July 1982 - Narconon Berkeley is suspended (i.e. goes out of business).
    (Source: Corporate records, California Secretary of State)

    1 June 1987 - Narconon Palo Alto is suspended.
    (Source: Corporate records, California Secretary of State)

    1980 - Narconon program run at Lookout Mountain School for Boys is terminated.
    (Source: St. Petersburg Times, 28 Dec 1981)

    1 December 1999 - Narconon Colorado is dissolved.
    (Source: Corporate records, Colorado Secretary of State)

    1976 - Narconon program in the Montville Correctional Facility is terminated.
    (Source: St. Petersburg Times, 28 Dec 1981)

    (Date unknown) Narconon Connecticut, located in New London, is dissolved for persistent failure to file its annual report. (Source: Corporate records, Connecticut Secretary of State)

    1976 - A study by the Delaware State Agency to Reduce Crime contradicts Narconon's claims of success and raises doubts regarding the connection of Narconon and the Church of Scientology. In the summer of 1976 funding runs out and the program is disbanded. An investigation is launched by the intelligence unit of the state police. (Source: Sunday News Journal, Wilmington, DE, January 2, 1977)

    14 December 1982 - Narconon Florida is "involuntarily dissolved".
    (Source: Corporate records, Florida Secretary of State)

    16 November 1986 - Narconon of Miami is involuntarily dissolved.
    (Source: Corporate records, Florida Secretary of State)

    9 October 1992 - Narconon Florida is dissolved again.
    (Source: Corporate records, Florida Secretary of State)

    28 March 1999 - Members of Florida's state physician's board query whether a store offering the Scientology "Purification Rundown", used in Narconon as the New Life Detoxification Program, is practicing medicine llegally. (Source: St. Petersburg Times, 28 March 1999)
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    13 April 1999 - School authorities in Pinellas County refuse Narconon permission to lecture in schools on the grounds that its presentations do not meet school district and federal guidelines covering drug education.(Source: St. Petersburg Times, 13 April 1999)

    3 August 1989 - Narconon Coastal Georgia, of Brunswick, is administratively dissolved for failure to file annual registrations. (Source: Corporate records, Florida Secretary of State)

    17 November 1997 - Narconon of Baton Rouge's incorporation is revoked.
    (Source: Corporate records, Louisiana Secretary of State)

    15 May 1988 - Narconon Louisiana's incorporation is revoked.
    (Source: Corporate records, Louisiana Secretary of State)

    February 1980 - The Detroit News runs a major exposé of the Narconon program which has been funded by the since 1976. According to the newspaper, Scientology leaders created Narconon and ran it to recruit former addicts into the church. Courses taught were virtually identical to those offered by the Church of Scientology and included material packaged as the "Communications Course", the "Study Course", and the "Objectives Course". Michigan Corrections Dept. psychologist John Hand calls Narconon "so misleading as to be termed a con. " Hand says, "They are phony, a front for the Church of Scientology. We found out in Michigan that most of the money that we were paying Narconon was laundered back into the Church of Scientology." In the wake of the revelations, a 1980 prison study concludes that "graduates of the Narconon program do not do as well as our [prison] population in general." Funding for the program is terminated.
    (Source: Detroit News, 11 Feb 1980 and St. Petersburg Times, 28 Dec 1981; "Report of Follow-Up Study on Narconon and RAP cases", 7 April 1980)

    1976 - Minnesota Senator Rudy Boschwitz contributes $200 to Narconon. Boschwitz later insists in exchanges with Oklahoma Senators David Boren and Don Nichols, and with the Newkirk Herald Journal, that Narconon never told him of their link to Scientology. His aide, Tom Mason, has noted that the Narconon donation was a very small part of Boschwitz's estimated $56,000 in gifts to charity in 1976. However, Narconon
    views the senator's donation as an asset far out of proportion to its size and heavily publicises the donation as a sign of the Senator's alleged backing for their work.
    (Source: Twin Cities Reader, 1-7 October, 1981)

    1978 - A Narconon program begins in St. Cloud Reformatory for Men, St. Cloud, Minnesota. Over the next three years it receives $6,200 in Minnesota state funds and over $55,000 in federal funding. Although internal corrections department memos note problems with Scientology teachings, Narconon's link with Sen. Boschwitz prove useful to the organisation. Its grant requests frequently mention Sen. Boschwitz's donation. One prison official says, "the staff of St. Cloud thought they might have potential trouble if they kicked Narconon out of their institution, because they thought (Sen.) Rudy Boschwitz supported it." Narconon continues to operate at St. Cloud Prison despite its lack of accreditation, even after its ties to Scientology have been revealed by the press.
    (Source: Twin Cities Reader, 1-7 October, 1981)

    August 1981 - Officials of the St. Cloud Reformatory for Men, St. Cloud, Minnesota raid the offices of Narconon and find, say prison sources, "more than they wanted to know about Scientology." An investigation begins on August 28, 1981, and by August 31, a prison meeting is held to deal with Narconon's links to Scientology. St. Cloud officials have had enough. In mid September the contract with the Minnesota Dept. of Corrections is terminated and the program is kicked out of the prison on 30 days' notice.(Source: Twin Cities Reader, 1-7 October 1981)

    1 January 1984 - Narconon Missouri forfeits its corporate status for failure to file an annual report, and is dissolved.(Source: Corporate records, Missouri Secretary of State)

    1 June 1985 - Narconon Nevada's corporate status is revoked.
    (Source: Corporate records, Nevada Secretary of State)

    22 August 1995 - Narconon New Mexico is incorporated in Espanola, NM, but at some subsequent point has its status changed to "Not in Good Standing". Its registered agent and President is Dennis O'Brien, a New Mexico Scientologist (see
    Michael McCall, a director, is also a Scientologist and listed as a Patron of the International Association of Scientologists, meaning that he has donated at least $40,000 to that organisation.
    (Source: Corporate records, New Mexico Secretary of State)

    3 September 1996 - Narconon New Mexico's business is suspended.
    (Source: Corporate records, New Mexico Secretary of State)

    27 April 1989 - The Newkirk Herald Journal ignites a lengthy controversy by exposing the links between Narconon and Scientology. It expresses strong disapproval of the "mental messiahs with forked tongues", commenting: "Their own propaganda says their treatments 'cannot be construed as a recommendation of medical treatment or medication and it is undertaken or delivered by anyone on his own responsibility.' In other words, if it don't work, tough cookies." It concludes that the Oklahoma Health Planning Commission "must have had its head plugged into an E-meter not to discover the true nature of this malignity."
    (Source: Newkirk Herald Journal, 27 April 1989)

    27 July 1989 - Garry Bilger, the Mayor of Newkirk, Oklahoma, begins an inquiry into Narconon's planned Chilocco facility after receiving adverse reports from at least five other states. The City Commission, Chamber of Commerce and School Board join the Mayor in urging a State review of the issue.(Source: Newkirk Herald Journal, 27 July 1989)
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    24 October 1991 - Narconon Chilocco is granted a further licensing delay by the Oklahoma State Board of Mental Health, pending the outcome of its review of Narconon's therapeutic practices.
    (Source: Newkirk Herald Journal, 24 October 1991)

    13 December 1991 - The Oklahoma State Board of Mental Health finds that Narconon's therapy is "not effective in the treatment of chemical dependency" and "is not medically safe". It refuses Narconon Chilocco's request for certification for services to a 75-bed residential drug and alcohol center established on Federal land owned by the Chilocco Development Authority.
    (Source: Findings of Fact regarding the Narconon-Chilocco Application For Certification by the Board of Mental Health, State of Oklahoma, 13 December 1991)

    31 January 1992 - Oklahoma County district Judge Freeman denies a request from Narconon Chilocco New Life Center to remain open and accept new patients because the facility never has been licensed.(Source: Daily Oklahoman, 31 January 1992)

    31 January 1992 - Narconon Chilocco New Life Center is ordered to move its patients out and stop providing drug and alcohol abuse treatment in 10 days. Oklahoma County District Judge John Amick sets the Feb. 10
    deadline after he denies another request from the unlicensed facility to remain open and admit new patients.(Source: Daily Oklahoman, 6 February 1992)

    5 March 1992 - Narconon's lawyers argue in court that it is exempt from state regulations under the cloak of Indian sovereignty. But state lawyers, in a hearing in which the Oklahoma State Department of Health is
    seeking a court injunction to shut down Narconon Chilocco, say the facility' s location is not enough to claim Indian sovereignty. Narconon Chilocco is a non-Indian entity that treats non-Indians, says Robert Cole, a lawyer for the Health Department.
    (Source: Daily Oklahoman, 5 March 1992)

    12 March 1992 - The president of the Narconon Chilocco facility announces that it will continue to treat patients despite receiving notice from the Bureau of Indian Affairs that it should close because it has violated the terms of its lease.(Source: Newkirk Herald Journal, 12 March 1992)

    11 June 1992 - The Newkirk City Commission withdraws fire and ambulance protection from the Narconon Chilocco facility because the latter have reportedly not been paying their bills to the city.
    (Source: Daily Oklahoman, 11 June 1992)

    25 February 1993 - The State of Oklahoma issues a warrant ordering Narconon to pay overdue taxes; the payment comes two days later. Indian leaders on whose land the Chilocco facility is based are also unhappy.
    "They haven't paid us with a payment since last September." (Source: Daily Oklahoman, 25 February 1993)

    7 June 1995 - Five Indian tribes in Chilocco, Oklahoma do not want to deal with Narconon any longer but have decided to leave the matter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Narconon has a 25-year lease for the Chilocco site. The tribes had expected to receive a total of $16 million for this time; but Narconon has only 75 instead of the 1,000 expected beds, therefore the payments have been much lower. The tribes have received about $10,000 a year.(Source: Associated Press, 7 June 1995)

    16 September 2001 - A local man is arrested at the gates of Arrowhead State Park after apparently attempting to smuggle methamphetemine, marijuana and beer into Narconon Arrowhead. (Source: Daily Oklahoman, 18 September 2001)

    13 March 1978 - Narconon Texas has its charter revoked for failure to pay a franchise tax.
    (Source: Corporate records, Texas Secretary of State)

    Wanted to add
    2009- "Second Chance" Albuquerque New Mexico, (a front group name for Narconon) run by former President, Joy Westrum, leaves the town in the middle of the night.
    Releasing jail members into the public, stealing applainces and still owing the town THOUSANDS in taxes and utilities.
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  4. xenubarb Member

    Has the city of Albuquerque ever tried to recover the hundreds of thousands owed by Joy Westrum and Second Chance?

    If not, why not?
  5. RightOn Member

    if I had a nickle every time I asked this I would be rich.
    Joy is free as a bird and still having her jewelry trunk shows and living high on the hog.

    Someone nees to ask the mayor and Pete Dinelli, Albuquerque's chief public safety officer why they are not trying to collect.

    Same as all the other entrties listed above. What ever became of all these investigations, closings ect?
    I didn't even list the whole 911 fail-a-rama. But maybe someone else can. I am done for the night
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    I did. They look good to me.
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  7. Nice work, RightOn! Appreciated! <3
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    OH FABULOUS! thank you !!!
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    awwww shucks
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    Anonymous stands and salutes you, good sir!
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    Oct 31st 2008- Narconon Newport Beach CA To Shut Down
    NEWPORT BEACH - The largest drug rehabilitation home in town, a longtime magnet for community anger, has agreed to shut down, officials said Friday.

    Narconon Newport Beach Listed on Hall of Shame-
    Triplex on the sand in Newport Beach with city-approved occupancy of 49! With 29 full time staff and only 3 off-street parking spaces!
    (Owners: Carolyn & Gene Ross of Lido Island)
    Based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, and 'allegedly' run by the Church of Scientology! See link below.
    $25,000+ per patient for a 2+ month stay
    (27 beds @ $25k = $675,000 in 2 months! $4 million a year!)

    Feb 9th 2004
    Aug 24th 2004- Narconon Harassing Its Neighbors-
    Legal threats against Dr. Linda Orozco, a neighbor who has complained about Narconon's ongoing zoning violations and nuisance behavior.

    June 29, 2009- Locatelli Lawsuit Against Narconon of Southern California & Narconon Joshua Hills.
    A lawsuit was filed in Nevada County, CA last week by a woman who paid for rehabilitation help for her then fiance, only to find out that she was repeatedly deceived and the services were dangerous and not as promised
    copy of lawsuit

    March 13th 2009- Mendoza Lawsuit Against Narconon Newport Beach
    The Newport Beach-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation home Narconon agreed to refund a Florida man’s money on Friday after he sued, claiming his brother was sexually molested, forced to scrub pots and pans and take unspecified pills that made him ill at the treatment center.
    lawsuit copy:

    Warning! No Insurance Reimbursement for Narconon -
    Narconon is not accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Therefore, no health insurance provider will reimburse the $20,000 cost of a Narconon stay. This includes Blue Cross. If you paid this fee in advance based on Narconon's assurance that reimbursement can be obtained later, contact an attorney.

    "My recommendation about detoxification is to keep away from it. It's dangerous. I don't think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world. The author's suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your health." -C. Everett Koop, M.D. Former US Surgeon General

    While the city of Newport DOUBLED Narconon's occupancy from 27 to 49 in 2005,
    Calif. State Superintendent of Public Instructions throws them out of k-12 schools. State Supt. O'Connell notified all district and county superintendents that Narconon education's program "... is often inconsistent with research-based practice" and "...does not reflect accurate, widely-accepted medical and scientific evidence."See Supt. O'Connell's letter: full report:

    CALIFORNIA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION- has declared unanimous support for school districts that have dropped Narconon and other "factually inaccurate approaches" to antidrug instruction from their classrooms, and urged the American Medical Association to do the same!

    This same rehab operator has tried to open in Leona Valley-Los Angeles County. Read how Leona Valley residents exposed the lies by Narconan as presented to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Narconon is blasted for their lies, mis-representations, etc.

    Jan 6th 2007- Former patients criticizes Narconon on Radio Show
    parent, Denise Crosby, whose son was also kicked out on Narcocon, abandoned with little cash, and Scientology refuses to refund the family's money.
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    it really looks damaging when you put it all in one place doesn't it?
    I hope this thread educates and helps to aid many people in making the right decision to not allow Narconon in their town in any way shape or form or in any capacity.
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    Regarding "NARCONON THROWN OUT OF ALL CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS! ", that all started on June 9, 2004 with an article in the SFGate/SF Chronicle called, "What Narconon Tells Students", by Nanette Asimov. This led to further articles, and major 'poons by the arscc (which does not exist) and irate parents, which in turn led to the investigation that got NarCONon booted from the schools.

    Last time I checked the articles were still available in the SF Chronicle archives. The original story is at:

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    Did you already get the articles linked from the footnotes of the Wikipedia entry? There's some good sources there.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    I review the article now and then to see if there's anything that I don't have. (Bleh! WAY too much text in the footnotes these days.)
  17. Anonymous Member

    It's because some of the sources are good but not available online.

    Anyway - got this one?
    "Scientology Presents Narconon Programme"
  18. Anonymous Member

    "Based solely on the philosophy and tenets of Scientology ... this programme [Narconon] has blah blah blah"

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