Nation of Islam to Clear the Planet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Celebrity Center, August 7, 2010
    Nation of Islam gone Wild
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    Aug 7 CC NoI-Bash


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    Both the NOI and the COI are built on anti-medicine ideas involving "natural" healing magic powers and scary "toxins," so at least they have that in common.
  6. LOL This could be the beginning of "blacks" being catered to by white slaves
  7. OTBT Member

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  8. COME ON DUDE, okay latino's maybe but mostley us white bitches
  9. Anonymous Member

    Dude, there is something seriously wrong with you.
  10. Yeah, but we knew that by virtue of them being here, like you. :p
  11. Explain your grievances because I sense some engramms underneath your comment, do not withold anything on my account, try to be clear. Consider this a session.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Never before have so many traps done so little, around so many other people. Seriously. How many of the "women" there were not born with a functioning penis?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps. But I not the one who be getin all racist up in here.

    Check and mate.
  14. And that means what in response to my jokingly using Scilon language ?
  15. xenubarb Member

    LOL...I worked on a WWF video game. They gave me the Sumo wrestler because I did such a great Porky Pig for Space Jam. Both fat and pink!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Those of us who still hold true to the culture of the Chans use shocking language in an ironic manner. If you can't understand the humor or take it seriously, you're the butt of the joke. Part of the ethos is that by claiming that which is disgusting for our own, we take away its power. The other part of the ethos is that we do it for teh lulz. That in mind, I love all you niggerfaggot jewcunts.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    All or most of them.
  18. Triumph Member

    Scientology pulled out all the stops on the Star studded Gala to impress their new (slightly) racist friends
  19. PhAnonynom Member

    The excessive bow tie wearing from NoI always bothered me. I don't know why. Can't believe they are hooking up with the Co$,at first I thought this was an early April Fool's joke.
  20. Triumph Member

    that will be the same reaction most people have when it becomes known..

    "It gotta Be a joke ..right??"

    In the large sense is a Joke..only the two humorless cults involved don't see the absurdity of this union
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  21. Anonymous Member

    How about someone add a bow tie to the scientologist in that "What Is Scientology" book graphic with the scilon standing taller on the mountain than Jesus, Mohammad, etc.
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  22. Triumph Member

    both groups use irrational fear as a control mechanism..just like any good cult.

    both groups are mired in overwhelming controversy...

    both groups have skeletons in the closet.. that need to be kept hidden from each other

    both groups will do and say whatever is necessary to keep thier followers from looking.

    the only way is to suppress information..both Scientology and the NoI are good at it.

    both groups will do as they have always done-
    Scientology will just claim anything bad about the NoI is now entheta..problem solved.
    the NoI will claim its the CIA or Jews..Hippocrates and shout down any internal critics. problem solved.
    or so they think

    or they will both blame the Internet
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  23. Anonymous Member

    The Internet is controlled by Entheta Jewish CIA Atheist Psychs
  24. Anonymous Member

    Alfreddie Johnson is the guy who recruited Isaac Hayes into Scientology

    He's responsible for getting NoI Ministers Dr Alim Muhammad and Tony Muhammad involved prior to Farrakhan drinking the Kool-Aid

    Alfreddie is a shady Character to begin with..he was voted out of political office in Inglewood on a recall vote

    and his World Litracy Crusade offices were used "selling " rent vouchers for low income housing.

    both Dr Alim Muhammad and Tony Muhammad are two of the names tossed about when they discuss a successor to Calypso Louie

    Hes 80 and won't be around forever.

    the WLC published a document in 2006 that says it all (it was posted elsewhere)

    like all cult documents you should take it with a grain of salt

    But it does give a clue into where they want this marriage to head.

    they plan is to build "social betterment centers *cough*

    its really just a ploy to get as many African Americans hooked up to the cans and squeezed for monez

    ultimately its about $$$$$ the NoI wants the what Scilons have- they want the Celebrity money and the big donars that come with it

    and anyone else they can squeeze.

    Farrakhans has said he wants to have his Orginization set up on Org Board Model..using Mgt Tech and Administration Tech.
    they are already pushing the anti-Psych message.-Have already implemented Study Tech and thier-Anti Drug and Prison Programs

    its not just Dianetics they are After

    this photo was at the meeting Alfreddie Johnson had at postcardmania shilling the idea of the Nation of Islams involvement
    (I hope he broke the news gently)


    shiny new Missions with saunas for purification rundowns for the NoI

    there are just lacking the few Hundred Million Dollars to get things off the ground.

    who knows maybe both groups are involved in raising $$$$

    I dont think either side has really had a chance to play the "con game" on thier members for very long

    it take a long drawn out build up of LIES to pull the wool over everyones eyes.
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  26. RolandRB Member

    Maybe NoI can do the dirty work of silencing and removing all critics so that the good work of Dianetics can expand unabated.
  27. Triumph Member

  28. Triumph Member

    New Years Interview Live on 98.7 Kiss FM (Jan 2, 2011) in New York

    its near the end of the video-@56:00 when a caller asks the question..what about the rumors of Dianetics

    Farrakhan said he would cover the subject in thoroughly on his saviors day speech

    he also did a radio call in show in Cleveland the first week of this Month
    where he said the same thing..he would address it in detail during his saviors day speech.

    several other ministers like the one in the OP Brother Haleem Muhammad
    are also on record saying He will talk about it then..

    there are having some serious internal arguments about it...I think hes committed.. on pushing it..

    Farrakhan and his group will put months of time into working out his saviors day speech

    last year he gave an ultimatum at a Labors meeting of 1300 when he told them he wanted 1000 to undergo the study to become auditors...

    he also said he wanted ultimately reach his goal of 50,000 laborers ..

    they don't have 50,000 laborers its more of a pipe dream ..
    the only reason he said that is because he was expressing his wish of expansion

    and Dianetics brainwashing mumbo jumbo is a big part of it

    with 50,000 laborers trained in dienetics Farrakhan believes it would bring in some serious $$$$$ to the NoI

    He wants to CLEAR every African American's bank account he can

    and David Miscaivge and his Toadies are more than happy to help Old Louie place the mental shackles of Scientology and Dianetics on the new crop of fresh meat.

    at some point it becomes impossible to hide the Elephant in the room

    Laborers=staff (not new public members)
  29. Anonymous Member

    Nation States web site has a recent readers poll

    67% of its readers think Scientology is the most dangerous modern cult
    20% at a distant second think the Nation of Islam is dangerous

    FDLS come in third with 9%

    when you combine the total of Scientology and the Nation of Islam its 87%

    not really a scientific poll but

    when combined it raises the Batshit crazy rating!
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  30. Anonymous Member

    facebook search Dianetics
  31. DeathHamster Member

    It's like all the birthdays and holidays with presents rolled into one!
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  33. whohellami? Member

    man i just quit for this islamic black dude who was my boss lol. he would tell me how the white man this the white man that he was so anti-white the funny thing was im white lol the day i threw all his work into the trash was when i quit workin for that dude, man this guy was a dam nutt case
  34. Anonymous Member

    Farrakhan only loves one color now, that color is green!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    You could have had a solid discrimination case and gotten some jewgolds from it.
  36. Anonymous Member

    random thoughts about this crazazy merging... why?

    if ol'ron were alive and kicking, he would say, "hell to the no!" to having all these black people congregating in his fancy building....
    and farrakahn hates whites equally. so, what the hell is really going on with these conspiracy cult freaks...

    if the stashed monies are being examined by the us government for tax evasion and fraud and human trafficking, could it be that they might transfer some of their shit to the NOI, like to stash their pirate booty?
    both of them really worship money.
    how do we follow the money between these two groups. that would be my unknowable question.
  37. RolandRB Member

    I think the leaders have both decided to follow short term goals of doubling their movement. DM will get the auditors and staff he needs to service huge numbers of public to justify the investment in the huge new Ideal Orgs but the trouble is it makes both the cults seem crazier and long term people will be less likely to be drawn in. We could be looking at both the deaths of Scientology and the NoI in a little as two years if this merger or just a coming together goes ahead. Chances are what will destroy Scientology is something none of us could predict and this could be it.
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  38. Anonymous Member



    are they farming these Videos out to Scientology?
  39. DeathHamster Member

    This SUNDAY Sunday sunday...

    It could very well be a Golden Era product. The over-done orchestral music and visuals are almost a signature for them.

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