Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. slobeck Member


    trust me hearing it from me like this is a lot kinder that what will happen if you try. (as many have in the last several days) But if you're feeling masochistic, don't let me stop you
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  2. veravendetter Member

    Dude . . . What's all the shouting . . .
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  3. slobeck Member

    lol best picture ever. Sorry...there's just so much personal army requests all over wwp. I thought maybe the 4000+ "NYPA"'s in normal size type was too small for these people to see so I went for it.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    slobeck, i feel your pain.
    and i thank you. LOL
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  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I'm still LOLing
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  6. AnonyVix Member

    If people want to ask for help that's fine by me now we seem to be a hub for other "activities" along the freedom of speech / human rights angle; personally prefer other hacktavist sites like GlobalVoices and but am not opposed to how the admins feel they should evolve this site.

    Anonymous isn't anyone's private army but some of us might pitch in. The problem is people asking for help need to be specific about what they're about. It's no use coming on here and trying to talk the talk and saying something like I need help with "operation: pantsstorm" (or what ever) such since most here are unlikely to know what that is so will flame grill their ass in response. Also no use asking for help unless you give some idea about the kind of help you're looking for.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yesterday seemed like a militant clone invasion to me. We're getting them steady but yesterday? The 22nd? Looked like a freakin' invasion of clones.

    Hot & cold running fucking faggots everywhere, messing up the carpets, knocking over the furniture, smoking in the kitchen, FFS!

    Beautiful set-up with the Thread Title and then the OP. Brilliant!

    Can honey pots like this defeat O$A agents?
  8. Anonymous Member

    this thread should get bumped and bumped.
    so, i shall bump it!
  9. Anonymous Member

    try doing after no one's posted in a while
  10. Anonymous Member

    Let us have children together you wonderful motherfucker.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Sticky anyone?
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  12. Profanity Member

    Good thread is good.
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  13. WhiteNight Member

    trufax are true
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  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Truisms are truisms.
  15. Dragononymous Member

    I need help getting the pokémon out of libya <3
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  16. Anonymous Member

    we love slobeck.
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  17. BAAL Member

    I am willing to help people but ""anons"" need to not ask for just and army they need to ask how should i go about this.and ask everyones oppion on this matter and they also need to explain what it is going on and we should talk about it in every aspect of detail before they even ask for our help of raging a war.
  18. Anonymous Member

    if they come here, they should ask how they can help us.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    You have my plane!

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  20. xenubarb Member

    I've been thinking about this invasion, and I'll share whether you like it or not. Personally, I hope you don't like it so you'll get your knickers in a twist instead of just skipping my post.

    One of the things that keeps me away from taking up other people's banners is the earnest srsns they bring to their cause.
    Remember the article that said Anonymous makes activism sexy again?

    It's because of how we roll. And the people seeking our sword don't understand that. Instead of rolling with our nonsense, they start bawwing "I guess I'm in the wrong place, I thought you cared," etc. They come here, and get mocked hard. Now they're all pissed off at us because we didn't ZOMG WE'RE BEHIND YOU (just let us put our Scientology toys back in the toybox first) This isn't how it works. You may petition us for help, it's your right. But know this; if you bring moonbattery to the table, it won't end well for you.

    Getting butthurt by our response is guaranteed to not end well either. The more you hang around and argue your lost cause, the worse we get.

    I went up to the Koch protest in Palm Springs on a bus full of activists. Glad I had my MP3 playah, because half the bus was busy lecturing the other half of the bus on What's Wrong With America. Yawn. Like we don't already know. They're so grimly srs about it.

    Anonymous is like spaghetti. Throw up a cause and see who sticks to it. Many anons have moved on from Chanology to other causes like Wikileaks. That's fine, we who stayed on Scientology's case appreciate what they did, but we're the ones who stuck on Scientology's wall. This is our thing and we're not likely to drop it and run off to the Next Big Cause.

    So, since you're trying to enlist Project Chanology (that's us) to your cause, you better bring the lulz. We can multitask if we want to and we think it's worthwhile to do so.

    But trust me, the way to deal with us is not to come here to tell us our cause isn't as important as yours and then baww when you get the expected response. At that point, you've lost the game and the best thing to do is slink away. You can tell your buddies we're assholes, we don't care.

    We make protesting sexy. We have standards. Angry and humorless doesn't really cut it. We should write a rejection letter suitable for hippies, screechers, the terminally angry.
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  21. WhiteNight Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    My cause is ending totally important cause abuse. Who's with me?
  23. xenubarb Member

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  24. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    This thread should be a mandatory read for all newcomers in the n00b area!
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  25. over9000OT Member

    I wonder when Anonymous became disassociated with the "internet hate machine". I sure as fuck don't want to sound like I'm speaking for anyone but it seems like most of us do this because, at heart, we are hateful cocksuckers. We troll for trolling's sake and if it weren't fun to troll Scientology, we probably wouldn't. So, appealing to Anonymous' sense of righteousness or group identity ("I thought this was Anonymoose! I thought you'd care! Bawwww...") sure as fuck isn't going to work.

    Hey, moonbats, want to suffer a little less assraep when you show up with your stupid cause? Here ya go:
    1. ohai guise. I've been a lurk moar and know that you are busy with Scientology and aren't my personal army but I was wondering what you think about ______________
    2. ______________ causes me massive amounts of butthurt, and here's why: a. non-tinfoil trufax b. moar non-tinfoil trufax and c. even moar non-tinfoil trufax
    3. ????
    4. Profit

    Protip: a., b. nor c. shall not contain: NWO, HAARP, cawks, Illuminati, Zeitgeist, Herro, Federal Reserve, Zion, marblecaek, evil bankers, etc.

    Then again, I don't speak for anyone but myself and you can probably disregard everything above. Enjoy your raep newfag.
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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Loki's spawn Member

    Once somebody signs up, the first thread that they click should redirect to this.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. genoramix Member

    & wise xenubarb is wise
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Baaaaawww my little sony needs its hair stroked

    baaaaw!! what happened to My Little Sony?

    I'm so mad at anonymous for taking away my right to watch YouTube without being subject to subpoena ... herp derp

    Take your PS3 and shove it hard into your ass. PSN is down because we own the internet.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Barb is Beautilicious.

    Wise Barb Is Wicked.
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  32. xenubarb Member

    Too right! Anonymous defined what I do; joking, degrading, enturbulation. If they hadn't reacted as they did, sending Scilons to my parents' door with threats, I might have drifted away out of boredom. But no, they spread fliers and lies about me, followed my friends, bothered my elderly folx.

    They've always given good lulz. I myself am an evil, hateful cocksucking troll. But no matter how you try, you can't rationalize away the fact that, regardless of whether we're hateful assholes or not, the unintended upside is this: Anonymous helps people stay out of the greedy grasp of Scientology. So if you use your evil tendencies for good, what do you win?
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  33. BSE Member



  34. veravendetter Member

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  35. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I see epic Rule 34 here
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  36. over9000OT Member

    Fuck if I know. Teh lulz?
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  37. Zak McKracken Member


    and my claw
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  38. Anonymous Member

    BUMP! & LAWL!
  39. Anonymous Member

    I like fish & chips.
  40. Loki's spawn Member

    ^made my day.
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