Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Rubbish.

    You need to read more carefully, and with an open mind.
    This is very important stuff. It's all true, and extensively documented in VALIS.
  2. Extraterrestrials and angels are IN SOME CASES the same beings. This is the take home lesson.
  3. I doubt it.
    Extraterrestrials are exteriorized body thetans, while angels are pieces of R6. Both can be implants, but they are otherwise unrelated.

    Word clear "pot" and "pie".
  4. [IMG]
  5. Anonymous2017 Member

    Hey, I met someone on another board who said that I should come here and tell my story. I realized I was being targeted by a Scientologist pedo before realizing that Scientology was linked to Satanism and before realizing how fucked up they are, and I wanted to report him but knowing that the FBI probably wouldn't do anything or thinking I might be painting a target on my head if I posted the info publicly. I am very reluctant to tell what is going on in public. I've talked to more than 3 or 4 other people I trusted about him and they agreed with me that he must be a pedo. I also posted some stuff in a Facebook group when this all first happened and every single one of the people in that group agreed he was grooming my child and targeted me because I was naive and vulnerable.

    An interesting thing about this all is that it has really begun to bother me lately given Pizzagate because of the number of times I've seen people who seem to be pedophiles say that they have a godson or goddaughter (such as James Alefantis claiming Caris James is his goddaughter) and I think that could be a common theme amongst pedos because that is what happened to me. This guy has more than one god child and one of them was mine. Is there anyone with hacking skills still on this board who could help me find more dirt on this guy? I do not understand the lingo here yet, and I don't know about Scientology that much, but I'm a little scared that I'm being monitored by them. I was friends with a number of them in the past due to my anti-psychiatry stance. A few weeks ago one of them realized I had unfriended her and she tried to add me back on Facebook. I deleted the request and she sent another one within a day. Then today I got a message from another one of them asking why I unfriended her.

    Honestly some of these people who became close to me, I now feel that I was the target of their program to get close to people who were non-scientologists in order to get themselves more recognition or money or something because of how much they used me. I have been stupid enough to confide in these people things that I don't confide in other people, so it's almost as bad as joining their cult. I don't have a lot to hide but nobody wants embarrassing things about their family revealed in public.

    Someone told me that Scientologists are known to harbor pedos. Is this true? I thought about going to their organization to report him but did not do that because I realized they probably know about it and are protecting him and would do anything to protect their reputation. Is there somewhere I could read more about their past pedophile activities?
  6. Omg this is so fucking lulzy it's making me piss my pants.

    Fuck off.
  7. Anonymous2017 Member

    Well I realize everyone here stays anonymous but that was pretty rude. I came here looking for information and to see if anyone cared enough to help me and you're laughing at me. Maybe I am in the wrong place.
  8. Absolutely you are in the wrong place. Whoever told you to come to this forum and get help was trolling you.
  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    Very unhelpful troll should be ignored. Its always a good idea to inform yourself and here is as good a place as any to do so with regards Scientology's history with Pedo protection. These for a start::
  10. Anonymous2017 Member

    THANK YOU White Tara. I will check these out!
  11. RavenEyes Member

    If you think someone is a pedophile that is a danger to children, go to your local police department and speak to them. Anything else is a waste of time and could border on libel/defamation of character if you are wrong.

    If you're truly concerned, you'll do that. If you continue to "ask your friends" and spread this story around, you are gossiping, and opening yourself up to a possible lawsuit. Reading threads on a website will not give you information/help you need, nor will researching the cult of scientology.

    Go to LE or I call bullshit.
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  12. Zak McKracken Member

  13. His entire post stink of bullshit from beginning to end.
  14. Sending him to law enforcement is the advice he should have been given initially instead of saying ignore the trolls.

    No genuine person with those concerns hops into a forum and acts like that .
    What on earth is this place coming to when responses like " check out these threads" are becoming the norm?
  15. Zak McKracken Member

    ISTM Tara's responding to a 'potential trouble source'; of not the first, second or fourth variety. We've all seen them winding their way here since 2008, and there's never been a good answer. Calling them liars probably won't help either.

  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    I was suggesting threads because the poster asked specifically about Scientology and pedo links. As to the rest, I did not weigh in, as dealing with pedophiles, or the handling of them is not an area I consider myself well enough informed on to venture advice.We do however retain some users who are very informed on such matters and can and do offer advice. If you were suggesting that I should have an opinion/advice on every given topic posted on wwp, then you best not hold your breath. I will continue to search and post threads for noobs as a courtesy, not to offend your delicate sensibilities
  17. Tell it like it is T-Babe.

    You can't please everyone all of the time and shouldn't even think you have to.
    All of you, Dis ,Ersatz and Fishypants and you Tara do a fucking great job here, an unpaid job in case everyone isn't clear on that specific point.

    All of you bitches kindly remember our mods are a great bunch.

    Now fuck the hell off and take your waste of time moans with you and leave our shit hot mods alone.

    Also Veravendettar get your ass back in here more often .

  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Absolutely appropriate Tara. Thanks.
  20. Anonymous2017 Member

    I haven't gone to L.E. because my story doesn't have complete proof that he's committed a crime and the cops or FBI wouldn't do anything without some evidence of a crime. Going to local law enforcement is not an option for me. This guy lives in Florida and I do not. He travels for work all over the country and targets children across the country. It's far from bullshit but I don't know who to trust and I definitely want someone to help me report him, but I feel I would need more evidence before doing so. All I have right now is his creepy Instagram posts with naked kids, the things he did around my son, the way he looked at him the way he tried to touch him and the way he targeted me and groomed us for years.
  21. Anonymous2017 Member

    I'm not looking for legal advice on defamation lawsuits as I haven't made any false claims whatsoever, and I do have a bit of knowledge on the legal issues involved in this. A friend suggested I come here and ask how to get involved. I have zero hacking skills but I also don't recognize all the pedo signs so I thought maybe someone who knows him better from within Scientology might be able to help me out. All I know is from my own experience he was looking at my son like he was in love with him, wanting kisses and hugs, and it gave me enough bad vibes to block him from my life. This is probably the wrong place to come for help. I don't know what I am really up against as for the past 10 years or so I thought people in this group were stupid and misinformed, but now I'm realizing that there may be something to the child abuse claims I was hearing about.
  22. Anonymous2017 Member

    I'm not a he.
  23. Zak McKracken Member


    Well, you win the thread, at least.
  24. Zak McKracken Member

    Unfortunately, we have no hacking skills either, and there really aren't any web sites you can go to for that sort of thing. If you were able to post the name, Anons could look around and see if we could find anything on the person, but given that you've already accused him of being a pedophile its probably not a good idea. You definitely would open yourself up to potential libel and slander suits if he's not one.

    Also revealing his name may or may not be wise or safe, in guaranteeing your own anonymity. If he's a Public (not staff or Sea Organization member) Scientologist, there's a chance someone on ESMB might know him or have had contact with him before. the Ex-Scientologist Message Board - has lots of people who were formerly in the CoS, and they know people who know people who are still in. Why We Protest is a mixed bag of activists, exes, trolls, and moderators. We discuss safe, legal and nonviolent protest, some of which concerns Scientology.

    If someone from ESMB already sent you here, however, there's not likely to be a lot more we or they can do.
  25. Anonymous2017 Member

    I'm going to PM you.
  26. The Internet Member

    What ever happened to slobeck?
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Report it to LE, you can do so anonymously. Reporting to LE is ALWAYS the first step. No excuses. Do it.
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  28. RavenEyes Member

    "some evidence" is different than "complete proof". You contradict yourself in your first sentence. If "this guy" travels and targets kids across the country, go to the feds. Cross-state child abuse is their jurisdiction.

    No LE expects you to have "complete proof". That's why THEY investigate possible crimes. The instagram account, interactions around your own child, and attempts to touch/targeting are MORE than enough pieces of info to get pique the interest of the feds, if what you say is true.

    Please contact them tomorrow, preferably in person but most definitely by phone. You won't get in trouble if you tell them the truth. People CAN get in trouble if they're personally privy to criminals' activities (against children) and make no attempt (via LE) to get it stopped.
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  29. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    She should use cybertipline. She can stay anonymous that way and the Feds LOVE to investigate pedophiles in high places. They love to investigate pedophiles anywhere. Not a lot of foot dragging by LE when it comes to kids safety.
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  30. She posted this on Sunday, and previously she's been hanging around on other boards (she says so in her first sentence) and talking to all and sundry about it including people on failbook.

    I ask you what kind of person does not knock down doors of law enforcement when they think their child is being targeted by a pedophile?

    What kind of person goes to "3 or 4" other people and discusses it with them instead of going straight to LE?

    What kind of person then "posted some stuff in a Facebook group when this all first happened" but doesn't go to Law Enforcement?

    "Posted some stuff on Failbook when all this first happened"

    Just how long ago was that exactly " WHEN ALL THIS FIRST HAPPENED"?

    And what kind of person starts an intro with "Hey, I met someone on another board who said that I should come here and tell my story. I realized I was being targeted by a Scientologist pedo "

    This is a child, her child, she's talking about who is being targeted by a pedophile and she goes through all of that but DOES NOT go straight to LAW ENFORCEMENT.

    Why exactly are you dithering around on forums and failbook when a pedophile is targeting your child?

    I don't think I'm guilty of over reaction here, not in the slightest.

    What I do think in this instance is the poster is not genuine, and nowhere close to it either.
    She bounces in with a "hey" and waffles on about scilons and psychiatry , other forums and failbook but her real concern which ought to be her child isn't even hitting the mark here.
    It's alarming to say the least.

    Not to mention the avatar.

    All of this has the stink of bullshit from start to finish and the poster with it.

    No benefit of the doubt here OP is not genuine.
  31. Anonymous2017 Member

    For the past few years I have been under the impression that FBI and CIA are after our kids through CPS and I didn't want to paint a target on my head. Someone is now making fake profiles on Facebook using his photo and sending friend requests to people I know, saying he's a Christian and looking for a wife, but targeting single women with kids, so I'm going to use that tipline and remain anonymous. Thank you for the info.
  32. You lady are a fraud.
    Several weeks past you appeared with this fakery of yours saying your child was being targeted by a pedo and you still have not reported it.

    Any responsible parent would have used that tip line there and then.

    But you , here you are dancing around in this forum attention seeking.
    Yes, that is exactly what you are, an attention seeker.
  33. Your child deserves a parent better than you. He deserves a parent who puts his welfare before anything and anyone else.
    You apparently don't see that otherwise you would have reported this situation when it originally came to your attention.
    You would not have spun your story around several forums like you say you have before coming here, instead you would and should have gone straight to your nearest Law Enforcement office or used an anonymous tip line.

    You didn't.

    Stop wasting time and go protect your child .

    That's if this story is genuine, which I suspect it is not.
    You madam are a liar, a time waster and a fantasist.
  34. I'll go further and say you are one sick bitch and liars like you tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

    Is this some kind of variant of Munchausen syndrome you have?

    Go get psychiatric help for yourself before it's too late and while you're at it give your child to a responsible relative who will love and care more for him than you do.

    He deserves more in life than a mother who takes weeks to report he's being targeted by a pedophile.
    Assuming you're being truthful that is, and it's doubtful to say the least.

    I think I'll stick with my original theory of you being an attention seeking liar.
  35. CZA

  36. Suck my dick.
  37. Cenith Member

    Earth Statute - Is it the Gatekeeper of Law?

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    Supplementary Evidence

    Comments are much appreciated,Thanks.
  38. Here's one.
    Fuck off.
  39. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Would peanut butter help?
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