Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Anon10101010 Member


  2. Appears mental.
  3. tersinch Member

    *Dunno maybe skin cream- Mod*
    Decide on pampering stuff appropriately.In relation to discovering merchandise that'll certainly better help you to relieve stress, let ones senses really be the guide - not only Skin Care Review or sales sales person.
    *Commercial Link to wtf this is deleted*
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  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  6. Jesus Christ the begging bowl is being held out again. There's no end in sight to Sue and his eternal money grabbing ways is there?
    Every single month he's at the corner , cap in hand and begging for money.
    Fix the fucking reply anonymously button and you stand a chance of more frequent donations.

    Fuck off Sue , just fuck the hell off.
  7. Fuck off Sue and take your begging bowl and shove it up your hole.
    You're a fucking moaning faced pansy who doesn't even have the decency to show your ugly mug in here yet you expect us to pay up.
    Die in a fire you cunt.
    • Hey Sue, ever thought of changing your name to sponge?
    Or moocher?
    Try it they'll suit you better and newfags won't be at all confused by who you are .
    What happened to being in it for the long haul?
    Did the need for booze overtake the desire to pay up for here?
    Rumour has it you're an alcoholic.
    It would explain why you're always hitting us up for a few bucks at the end of every month.
    Choke on it you wankstain.
  8. Sue you are a cunt.
  9. But what about Dis?
  10. 'Whay's this about thAn? I do not want to ne moderating but it seems...

  11. Damn Imagine I would manage this whole website an the need to manage to get power for it
  12. Anonymous2017 Member

    I don't want attention, I just wanted to know where to start with looking into Scientology so I would know what I was getting myself into. I don't know how I could be seeking attention since I'm anonymous. I was under the impression that Scientology is somehow linked up to the CIA but I have no idea if that is true.
  13. Is this why we protest? To passively stand by and watch as man has his way with mother earth? I do not believe that in the end what we are trying to do will be left at that, a tried effort. I think we need to do awaken the masses we need to do more.
  14. New Left Member

    If we have to choose between the USA and the DPRK then the choice is obvious...

    This is my personal condemnation of the USA and its capitalist ideology...

    It is based on "objective fact" rather than "subjective opinion"

    The first total solar eclipse to span the entire USA in 100 years...

    The modern man sees the importance of an eclipse merely in the fact that it happens.


    This is something science can never can answer, for it can answer only HOW but never WHY.

    Atheists reject determinism in history, nonetheless assume it for the study of nature, since their model of science is that of the natural sciences - most importantly biology and physics.



  15. You're the one whose son was being targeted by pedophiles and all you did was flit from forum to forum and back and forth to failbook for weeks but not once did you consider reporting the facts to law enforcement.
    You're a serious attention whore who put your needs first and the welfare of your highly vulnerable child last.
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    At least you posted in the Totally Important thread so we could devote our attention to it.
  17. SteveMoloi Member

    Hi All, Nelson Mandela needs help again.
    The SA gov has gone rogue and needs to be brought down.
    There are many working on the project.
    We need hackers who can hack into serious criminal mofo's
  18. We don't hack here and he died on December 5 2013 in Joburg.

    Please fuck off
  19. L...o...l
  20. You're a tit.

    Own up mods which of you let this idiot out of the bag?
  21. l.....o.....l
  22. Have you ever considered pouring paraffin over yourself then striking a match?
    Fuck off.
  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    There's been a request to delete this shit storm lol
  24. The Internet Member

    You mean this isn't the trash can for deleted stuff?
  25. This forum is officially dead and every useless fag using it is a deadhead all of you are
    • Cunts stinking cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts cu ts cunts cunts.
    • Cunts cunts cunts
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  26. Cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts. Cunts stinking ugly unwashed cunts stinking ugly unwashed cunts stinking ugly unwashed cunts stinking ugly unwashed cunts
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  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ohai...Its you again. I would say you have been missed, but that might well be a lie. :D
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  28. Once in a blue moon you front up and shoot your mouth off and nobody gives a shit and when you're gone nobody gives a shit.
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  29. You're also a pie faced bitch.
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  30. Do you need Anonymous' help with your keyboard? The keys seem stuck on" mindless blather" and "unwarranted self importance"
  31. there should be more foren, where the people talking to another. Wherever I went the people aren´t albe to speak. Everyone is busied with there computers. I em from the generation which is little older (but not to old) and if I em talking to youngsters which are 2 or 5 years younger than me, some always asks me "What means this word?" Q#%°° "What do you mean with ...?". The more next generations possibilities they have,the less are they able to use them." (And if you find some wrong words, you can keep them, I em not from USA.)
    Another reason is the from scientology marked society. Scienties are Idiots. They aren´t able to speak free. You don´t want to become like them. So don´t be like them. Learning by doing.

  32. To the person stalking me online. I must have butthurt you so bad for you to post on a site such as this. I search my name on google every so often. I have seen this post about me in the past...Today I have some free time to respond. A man named -HO HUM ANOTHER RANDOM NAME -from Australia stole my music on years ago. He went by the name of "BullZephyr" ...his account has since been banned after proof of doxing and copyright mischief. Google is responsible for letting this stalker post my home address online.
  33. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!
  34. Blessings friend , and welcome here.
  35. Thank you.
  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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