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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Please write a brief essay detailing how your particular antagonist stacks up against the Nazis in terms of potential for evildoing. Remember to include lots of unsupported generalities; you will want to make this as compelling as possible, as Anonymous judges the value of all causes by their ability to fit well with Holocaust analogies. When you are done, please submit your essay in a personal message to the member known as 'Herro'. If your cause is deemed sufficiently interesting to Anonymous you will be contacted with a url and personal code for an invite only forum called PA Recruiting Station.

    Good luck!!!~
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ Actually, the moonbatshit stuff tends to get tossed into one of the mega-threads, where it can be laughed at.
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  4. A Challenger Member

    no shit sherlock
  5. slobeck Member

    With the volume of personal army requests that WWP was being clogged up with a few weeks ago, what I'm glad is obvious to you and most of us, was lost on enough idiots; warranting this thread. Effective thread iz effective
  6. A Challenger Member

    redundant "*insert group name here* IZ NOT YUR ARMY" is redunant across the internet
  7. slobeck Member

    Congratulations, I guess you're one of the cool kids. The thread clearly wasn't directed at you then was it?
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    OP is a faggot.
  11. Anonymous Member

    No U.
  12. Anonymous Member

    fixed that.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. slobeck Member

    I'm ok with that. :D
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  15. 00anon00 Member

    Bumped for relevancy.
  16. Anonymous isn't my private army. I pay Aegis Defence Services for that.
  17. Not too sure how to go around this or if this is the right place, but we have encountered the kind of people that live in suits and sell contracts to rip people off and strip them everything they own, in a way that not even the courts or jurisdiction can easily deal with it.

    If the nazis wto get to power again, this is the kind of guy that would finance it an get to the cusp of power.

    He has been taking to court in the past and he seemingly doesn't care about the intimidation, bully tactics and makes money by inventing charges and fees in seemingly ordinary contracts, then he compounds then in such a way that soon he claims that a simple debt of $10000, in 3 months can become $50000 or pretends that you "bought" something from him, which in fact you didn't, attempting then to send you to the cleaners. As he is working in the fringes of a contract that would cost the victim many thousands of dollars, forcing the victim to pay or be made bankrupt and lose houses, business, etc.

    He hides behind the flash car, the oppulent office and the trophy wife, pretending go be a family and community man whilst he openly is ripping innocent and powerless people off. He can't be stopped and he feels thpeople are all inferior being created for his own profit, that if you choose not to wear a suit or be from one of his peer group, we are losers worth stealing from. Not too sure where this goes from here but there it is now.

    He deserves for his deals and files to be made public and be shown for the thieve he is and his victims might get a reprieve if he was to know that being a prick to the world and stealing from the needy is just not cool. The police and courts and systems feeds of guys like this, they don't even try to do anything as he is one of them.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    So I am assuming you've either gotten screwed over in love or in business, right?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Can't hide behind a trophy wife.

    too thin.
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  20. Anonymous Member


    View attachment Antoinetta+Saleutti+Trophy+Wife+Short+Film+X7knhIR




    no hiding potential at all.

    Hiding behind the trophy car is a better plan, although they tend to be a bit low-to-the-ground.

    Hiding behind the office could be confused with just 'being homeless', which would miss the point of all this 'trophy' stuff completely.
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  21. well, Mr prick is quite arrogant and has thrown everything at me, so far my friend have contain him, and he's at a loss, I h think he is thinking Im a shit sandwich. I wanted to stop him from screwing other people without friend and back up, but the laws and establishment help him by protecting his "good name" and not allowing to disclose details or i will be in breach for defamation. By surfing for research in the www we have found out a trail of destruction he has left behind. The irony is that it can't be made public, even though he uses the net to poach and recruit would be customers...crazy stuff..
  22. Anonymous Member

    Well I googled Mr Prick and it took me places no one should go. Perhaps if we knew who or what you were talking about, we could decide for ourselves how loud or soft to yell NYPA!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    You have started to smell like a spammer...
  24. ??
    Dont know what you mean...just ignore if I offended.
    I only tried to answer question.
  25. that is the name of their company...url I meant
  26. Should I write an individual's name? I am not too sure of right or wrongs...
  27. Anonymous Member

    This post ...
    ... makes your entire posting output appear to be a buildup to being a shill for some commercial enterprise.

    If you can supply better context for the message, it may cease to appear to be a spamming of the forum.

    The old expression "There's a sucker born every minute..." has been amended to include "... and a fraudster is born every thirty seconds..."

    The world is full of evil fucks trying to take advantage of everyone around them. Life can sometimes suck, very badly.

    If you're trying to pin point the source of your complaints, your presentation of evidence would benefit from some elan or at least some aplomb.
  28. Ok, I'll give it another go, I was trying to be specific about the 'f*#ers, without naming individuals,
  29. Anonymous Member

    If you can name names, and can supply evidence, you have a right to go to the police and lay charges. Without evidence, you have nothing but hollow complaints.
  30. there is a few pseudonyms these guys use: AR finance, AR Cashflow and they use to call themselves Accom finance. same directors and they generate a big amount of videos and blogs to bring people in, almost like spiders making webs.

    easy google search will show lots of stuff they are related to, I am trying to warn as many of my aqcuitances no too be sucked in to using bankers or ex bankers like this .
  31. Police and courts not interested, too hard for them, not their game.
    Im not in a bad position to defend myself, i just dont want them to screw other people that can't stop them and the law doesn't work for this, they are just below banks
  32. Anonymous Member

    In my country, the National Police force has a division that is involved exclusively with prosecuting what has come to be called "white collar crime."

    It's something like this you need to look for.

    I agree, no point in going to the local police station.

    You're online. Do some research. Find out if your country has a police force of some kind - state, provincial, federal, whatever - that is charged with the task of prosecuting "white collar crime." It can also be found in the categories of Fraud, Bunko, Extortion, Blackmail, etc.

    As for 'not wanting them to screw other people' - that is very noble of you, but people are going to get screwed no matter what. I think in these kinds of situations, we can warn friends, family and extended family about a known threat, but going beyond this is just tilting at windmills.

    I really don't think a person should martyr themselves to causes like this. Just my opinion. Do whatever you like with it.
  33. Fair enough

  34. you are the type of person that causes the negative vibes and split up groups but you won't stop me little person I don't even know why you are on this site if you don't know what is Agenda 21 and the new world order call yourself a protester you are nothing but a little person whom likes to act big because you can swear alot so you were a bully hey

    anonymous saving the world [IMG]
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but what is the plan? Extra LOLz for the borked image link and feeble ad hom.

    *yawn* Same Moonbat Drama shit, different day. Nobody gives a fuck, so off is the general direction you can fuck.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Die in a fire.
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  37. Anonymous Member
  38. geez so you can swear well if you shut up for a minute i will give you a plan by the way read below so its not the government i have to worry about but hang on if its not the government and its you that is providing propaganda than you must be the government you little man



    Anonymous saving the world for our children

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