Needed Picts of Orgs

Discussion in 'Projects' started by ravenanon, Apr 24, 2009.

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    The cincinnati org

  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    In one way, this fills me with glee. But always the downer, my other side says, think of the poor chump who was convinced to invest in this mission only to fail.

    Fail is good, but there is real human suffering behind it, all due to Scientology. I laughed when the chula vista mission closed, but I still feel bad for the people who bought into the lie that they could Make Money spreading the word of Ron to an uncaring, informed public. I try not to dwell on it.
  3. xenubarb Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Here's a better shot of the SD org. Better in that the parking lot was empty yesterday, but they were prolly having a Big Event Somewhere Else.

  4. the anti Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    i love the shark, it adds to awesome
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Epic Shark Guy, walking the streets, spreading the word of RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  6. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    From what I have heard, it was not a single person who bought it themselves, but the Church of Scientology in it's entirety.

    In either case, I'm sad. It's a nice old building and seems to be interesting (srsly, looked through the back windows, there was a hole in the first story ceiling/second story floor, along with the first story floor), but now it's just going to sit there and go to ruin. :C
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Lorelei Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    NO U.

    LOL. "Newfag." That's hilarious.


    Anyway. I am still laughing at the idea of the NYC Org attacking an innocent passer-by (poor guy!) but EPIC JAWS GUY in Cincinnati has won the thread so far.

    And Seattle's "Ideal Org" is still the winner of the Golden Dumpster Award for Worst Craphole Org, I think. (Do they enter through the door with the gang grafitti on it, or through the one under the ratty red awning with the 3 foot high man-eating weeds?
  9. anonseatac Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    The door they'd use to enter is the graffiti covered door, I think. The man eating weed door would likely be where they skulk when they want to escape our notice.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    What's this? This is the Mission of Belleair in Belleair, Florida. See, David Miscavige's sister Denise Miscavige Gentile for some reason needed her own mission instead of keeping $cifaggotry working at Flag or some other place where the hoi polloi congregate.

    Denise Miscavige Gentile keeps $cifaggotry working at the illustrious Mission of Belleair on West Bay in Belleair, Florida.

    As you can see from this first picture, Scientology is very proud of the Mission of Belleair.


    "Where's the fucking mission?" you ask? See the pink box right next to JP Nails? That's the Mission of Belleair signage! The blue box is their entrance. The yellow line is where you can walk all the way through and you can park around back. They're a little more proud of their signage around back as you can see in this picture:


    Skeery black hole leads to Mission. Has a "run for your life" vibe, huh?

    Of course, the back is also where all the poorer $cifags park their beater vehicles.
  11. meccaanon Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    That place is fucking DEAD. I go by there several times a week and the place is empty. The mission itself is upstairs, over the nail salon or whatever in in there. There is someone working there who drives a scooter. Otherwise there can't be more than about two people in there and I have never seen a single customer go in.

  12. Giggles Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    LOL...not an org but look at this mess in Tijuana Mexico.
    Taken June 10, 2009 according to flickr page.

  13. mindraider Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Closest thing to me is a Life Improvement Center run by Sci. Will you take that?
  14. ravenanon Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    YES! Anything owned by scientology is wanted
  15. mindraider Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Well I held my word and went ahead and drove to the closest sci/dianetics establishment. I anticipated a pretty uneventful photo shoot. Getting there was a bitch to start off with. I expected a rather large multi-story office-type building with at least something saying Scientology on it. The place was in a multipex of small offices with a dozen other insurance service one-story buildings.

    When I finally arrived I proceeded with the shoot. A few wide, close, and long. The area was dead, but clean and well-kept. Parking lot empty aside from the 2 or 3 cars and not a soul in sight. After about my third or fourth shot, I noticed a couple people to my left in the distant, at the entrance of another office. A man and woman, it was, who were standing there looking at me. I ignored it and continued. And the end of it, I headed back to my car - at about the same time the man, woman, and someone else did. Three cars were heading out of the parking lot. The first two cars passed me, while parked, with no issue. The third car, as you'll see in the picture, did the full stare as he slowly rolled in front of me to stop. Waited. Stared. And reversed. I waited. Then decided to just head out of there. As I pulled away the guy was right on me. He followed me for about 3 miles. Kinda freaky. I tried to get a good shot of him, but this just wasn't possible. We both stopped at a light, side-by-side, and he went left and I went my right. I managed to take a picture before he finally drove away.

    In the end, the pictures don't really deliver but the incident was from left field. I don't know if he was in on something or if he just wanted to find out what I was doing there.

    Click to enlarge.






    As to this thread regarding the place.. flash raid away!
  16. Lorelei Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Thank you, JaxAnon. Sorry you had a creep stalking you for taking pix of a public building on a public street.

    Creepy cult is creepy.
  17. charlie Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    fawsett st. sunderland

  18. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    I think the guy on the sign needs some speed lines to aid him in his escape.

    (Gumby flees the cult)
  19. epitaph Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    munich celebrity centre, looks quite spendy, doesnt it? and yes, it really is just that big.

    org in munich, also OSA (dsa) HQ in germany.
    btw, the red head is uta eilzer, press spokeswoman and probably leader of the osa in germany.

    at least, the org in hamburg, no idea how old it is, but looks quite rundown
  20. mefree Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Thanks for ginormous pix.
  21. epitaph Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    sadly i couldnt find any pics of the bashed in windows of the hamburg org, dont even know if they fixed it by now.
    the celeb centre in munich has absolutely no passer bys, and is always empty, apart from like 2 staffs.
    i have to admit, the org in munich does have some visitors, and the district theyre in is one of the most expensive in munich.
    scientology has way to much money. dont like a rundown building? doesnt matter! just buy a new one!
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Celebrity Center in Germany?
    Nope, celebrities are in the USA.
    What it is really?

    Also, make pics bigger.
    Those only took a minute to get.
    I want to wait 10 minutes at least.
  23. epitaph Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    to much whine, i didnt take those pictures
    Celebrity Centre Scientology Kirche Mnchen e.V. - Herzlich Willkommen!
    they tried, they failed.
  24. ethercat Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Thank you! Ginormous pix are great for finding every little rundown and neglected detail. Just what we need. More please!
  25. Olrik Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

  26. Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    I didn't see any photos from the San Francisco. org so I will post what I took last year when I used to protest in SF. I've looked at all these photos, and it looks like the SF org is one of the only few in decent condition. I did see a lot of cheap drapes over the windows (alas, no pics of that. Hindsight is always 20/20) but overall, the org is in decent condition. It lies right in the middle of the financial district, which has a lot of nice buildings, and Chinatown. It also lies across from the TransAmerica pyramid. Overall, a nice location for an org to be located. Too bad other cities are not as lucky.

    Picasa Web Albums - virginiaplain0
    Picasa Web Albums - virginiaplain0
    Picasa Web Albums - virginiaplain0
    Picasa Web Albums - virginiaplain0
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Request: Miscavige present at opening of ideal orgs?
    There are vids here i had not seen. Stain hill o9. The African ideal org.
    Vid download is odd. ?
    A very sad waste of some lovely buildings.
  28. Re: Needed Picts of Orgs


    They obviously don't have the funds for such lavish digs in York. I'm not sure exactly which unit is the so called CoS "Mission of York" but I believe it's one of the two highlighted.

    Chenab do a good curry.
  29. RightOn Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    breezed through that town a week ago, and there is more grafitti on the side of the building, it looks worse than this picture. And like Pooks says there is no sign on it.
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  30. Crappy Member

  31. SuseHartweg Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Hannover, Germany:


    I love that special sign below the scifag-signs which means: "Keep exit clear day and night"


  32. SuseHartweg Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Philly Org (at least a few years ago)




    and now: Hold your hat before reading the yellow poster. Have fun:


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  33. SuseHartweg Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Bremen mission, Germany

    Several years ago they had to move away from best-place Weser-promenade right into the middle of a deserted industrial area where nobody would walk around just for fun....

    they rent only a few rooms in this building



  34. SuseHartweg Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    New York (2007)


  35. SuseHartweg Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Berlin, Germany, Dec 2009


  36. Anonymous Member

    They are now closed and I found a realtor's walkthrough photos of the office before it was cleared out:

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  37. ravenanon Member

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  38. DeathHamster Member

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