New Haven Org Foreclosure

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by pooks, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. pooks Member

    Originally posted by Skydog on ESMB

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  2. hushpuppy Member

    very very very nice!
  3. RolandRB Member

    Ideal, in fact. :)
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  4. Sponge Member

    hey la-li-la
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  5. Tangerine Member

    Great news, Pooks!
  6. Random guy Member

    This one is going to be interesting to follow!

    I wonder if they are going to to try the "drown them in lawsuites" method to keep their Ideal org building.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Ackerland Member

    What kind of "Tax Exemption" was actually revoked?
  10. RolandRB Member

    property tax
  11. Ackerland Member

    Thank you!
  12. RightOn Member



    it's about freakin' time
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  13. RolandRB Member

    They will settle out of court and it will all be cleared up but it is clear that there was no activity at the Ideal Org because no paperwork was being handled.
  14. pooks Member

    Scn is notoriously bad at their paperwork with the govt. It's the job of the Legal Ruds Officer who is supposed to be posted in OSA. Most Org's don't even have a single hatted DSA never mind a Legal Ruds Officer. Because there's no one on the job, the paperwork just doesn't get done.
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  15. It must be extremely difficult keeping up with all of the Wog paperwork considering all of the planetary dissemination and the rapid expansion Scientology is experiencing during The Golden Age of Ideal Orgs.

    "Let the Golden Dawn begin"..........

    "You keep that wink to yourself"........

    Well played, Sparrow, lol
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  16. BigBeard Member

    Something strange here. How did they get the tax exemption for an unused building to begin with??

    Unless the laws in Connecticut were changed at some point, for a building to be granted tax exempt status it actually has to be occupied and used for tax exempt purposes. Empty buildings don't count, and any portion of the building used for non-tax exempt purposes, e.g., profit making book store, is not included in the exemption.

    So, a) Did the property tax laws in Connecticut get changed before Cof$ purchased the Idle Morgue, b) Is the Cof$ creating occupants through the use of their OT powers, or c) Has the Cof$ been scamming the state about the occupancy status??

  17. Anonymous Member

    Shout out to Bob "Supernaut"... hope you're long outta there, good buddy!
  18. RolandRB Member

    They can say it is occupied if one staff member walks round the place once a week.
  19. BigBeard Member

    Actually, no. The building has to actually be in use for tax exempt purposes, e.g., religious services (even if just once a week), feeding the homeless, etc. Having someone walk through once a week to make sure the roof is still in place wouldn't count.

  20. Anonymous Member

    Cry me a river!
  21. Anonymous Member

    That video is an absolute classic!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    <3 it!

    Public #4 looks like OT Laser Eyes Guy.
    7 public on a Friday morning? That's all we could have ever hoped for at our suckass little org.
  23. xenubarb Member

    New Haven, San Diego, Northumbria, Boston, Plymouth, Salt Lake City.

    For people whose efforts are futile, we sure seem to be having an impact!
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  24. adhocrat Member

    Kim said "low IQ and declared SP" but the SP declare was dated for early July. This video was 25 June. Interesting.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    It took them a real long time to type it up.
  26. The Skydog Member

    Some further information on the merits of the church's defense to this foreclosure. Under CT Gen. Statutes Sec 12-81, etc., a taxpayer is required to file a return every four years for property they claim is exempt. The form for doing so is here:

    The church never filed this document for the tax years in question. They can kick and scream and complain all they want but it was their obligation to file this document and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    Someone asked why this property should be subject to an exemption in the first place since the property is essentially abandoned. He/she is probably right that they should not be entitled to this at least until it is being used for its "tax exempt" 501(c)(3) purpose. I doubt the city wants to open up that can of worms though.
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  27. Anonymous Member


    I bet they used it for book storage, so that would prolly be their "out".
    They can say it was being used.
    Poons to the Assessor's office and ask some simple questions about this non compliance?
    And what is going to be done about it?
  28. Triumph Member

    New Haven Register
    New Haven forecloses on CoS property
    read more here
  29. AnonLover Member

    bwahahahahhahahahha... New Haven was on it

    moar plox!
  30. Anonymous Member

    lovin this comment
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  31. Triumph Member

    The SP declare was handed out the Day after the cops went to the find Anthony 'Bang Bang' Muhammad of gun finger and grab ass antics fame
    to tell him that he was out of line....the cops talked to a person Inside the org....because 'bang bang' wasn't there....the cops asked them to relay the message-and not to do that anymore.....that it could have been considered as assault..

    the event could have had something to do with the Declare....

    before "those people" as Kim Belotte refers to them as....causes a PR flap...

    they could have used it as as an excuse to handle Sparrow...
  32. RolandRB Member

    It's fairly clear that they will have to hand over some of that tax. If they hurried up and finished the project I think they would be let off a proportion of the tax but I guess they don't have the money to complete the work. Time to crush-reg the chumps again and tell them how out-ethics they are and how they must take responsibility and put their postulates out there.
  33. lostatsea Member

    The timeline is more like:
    July 2: The declare was dated for this day that Sparrow did a breakfast/lunch/dinner protest marathon (this is the same day a "concerned Scientologist" called his parents).
    July 16: The declare was hand-delivered to Sparrow during the same protest in which Anthony Muhammad assaulted him. It's on the same video.
    July 20: Kim called the police and reported her "stalker with a mask" the day after Sparrow filed a report (July 19th) regarding the Muhammad incident (this was his first protest after filing the report). This was also the day after the police officer went to the org, looking to speak to Muhammad (but only spoke to an org staff member instead, possibly Kim).
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  34. Random guy Member

    The great win in this case is in the administration actually slapping the cult down for not following wog laws. Imagine if this had taken place in 2008, the Chanologists would be all over them selves.
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  35. lostatsea Member

    Agreed. Honestly, even if they win some kind of appeal, the only way they will pull off an Idle Org Opening is with smoke and mirrors, anyway. It's all they've got. They're screwed either way.
  36. Superb. Just wonderful. Worth every second of standing out yelling. Every bit of going to Germany. Every taunt of Bluwiggirl. Every penny of having to stay in a motel to get to the protests. The Org is on its way to becoming bankrupt. I see a lot of grey armbands in their future.....
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  37. subgenius Member

    New Haven to Co$: "Dox or gtfo."
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Nice job!

    Hey Barb, you listed San Diego. I'm sorry, must be a herb, but what went down in San Diego?
  39. xenubarb Member

    San Diego bought an 8 acre property, formerly Coleman College, for their Idle Org. After two years of paying only penalties on the taxes, the property is on the market again.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Thanks! So what is still in operation in your vicinity?

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