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  1. The CracK Member

    Conocí la. Página. Mediante. Youtube. Y. Decidí unirme. A. Esta. Legión. Saludos.
  2. mrg7 Member

  3. E conocido esta página mediante YouTube y la ver da quiero ser parte de este movimiento y que allá libertad siempre y en todos lados

    El conocimiento es libre

    Somos anonymous

    Somos legión

    No olvidamos

    No perdonamos

  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Uso traductor Google para hablar con usted . que no tiene un Mod habla español ahora . Por favor, hablar unos con otros . Iniciar las discusiones. . Puede planes de acción . usuarios de los últimos mensajes de traer de vuelta aquí . Tú eres el jefe. Mod en busca de ayuda , podemos ayudar incluso si nos enviaban fluidez .
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Register please
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Thanks for the interesting reading. This reminds me of revenge porn websites. That guy is in jail now.
    If you want to involve anyone here in that situation you may be unhappy with the result.
  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Did you try to register with that name?
    We don't hack, we protest legally
  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You don't like Malad, Idaho?
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Trust welcome here
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi mazerunner
    We don't hack here so that explains your rude welcome. The OpInnocence forum has resources forsurviving sexual abuse, but we don't council anyone and it's not a good idea to share here.
    Deelweb? No idea.
    Look at post 7554 and if that doesn't answer you questions you can pm me.
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Register first, it hard to help you until you register.
  12. Hey Guys!
    My mame os Anon BlackSuit and Im New In Anonymous
    You can follow me in my Twitter @AnonBlackSuit
  13. DYCORE representing!

    Recently I watched the documentary “We Are Legion” about Anonymous. I have to say that I was excited and extremely disappointed at the same time.
    Before seeing it, I somehow had the idea that Anonymous stood for reason and was ready to take on the fight with the corrupt powers that are dominating this entire world more and more every day. But as it appears it stands for virtually nothing. All that remained in the end of the documentary was that “your opinion matters” and that it should be protected, in particular over the Internet. I think Anonymous is, or can be, far more than what the little teenager girl told it is. And this also appears from the insurrections and protests that are growing in the world: Anonymous is usually represented with a message that goes further than “your opinion matters”. The little naïve teenager said “your opinion matters”, and “I don’t care if you’re scientology or bla or bla or blabla”. Shut up you dumb fucking cunt! The opinion of scientology does not matter and neither does yours! You can give opinions as much as you like, the establishment in charge couldn’t care less! They consider you a joke! Not surprising since Anonymous apparently also started as a bunch of pranksters who suddenly because somewhat more serious. So what does Anonymous stand for? Why do you guys use the mask of Guy Fawkes? You see this man stood for fuckin hardcore! The name “Anonymous” would be perfect for people with common sense to unite under reason and pragmatism with no ideological constraints. The mask could be scaring the shit out of the 1%. But it’s not… Anonymous should stand for REVOLUTION, INSURRECTION or whatever you want to call it. You’re disgracing Guy Fawkes if you say it stands for “your opinion matters”. Go to bloody Hyde Park weak wankers! “O I’m so angry” You angry? Soft little shits! THIS IS ANGRY!!!

    We are close to a major turning point. Please be honest to yourself and trust your intuition. Although it is said that history repeats itself, this is only true in general. Never before in history has the world counted so many people. Never before did we have the technology we have now. Obviously there are consequences to this. Our habitat is suffering and we along with it. We have adopted a culture of consumption, entertainment and profit maximization. We are growing without a goal, without a purpose. Something that grows for no particular reason is called a cancer. It grows around us; it grows inside us. We are consuming and we are being consumed.

    Whereas Europe was moving away from religion, this is now returning. Reason and common sense are perishing, slowly but steadily. Politics are rotten to the core. In the United States we see an election coming between the pest and the cholera. In Europe we are governed by a network of corrupt institutions, not accountable to anyone. Where do these officials come from? Nobody has a clue who they are and what they represent. Left, right, center, whatever! Abandon your color! Do not get mislead. The people divided is exactly what these power mongers want. Banks and corporations have taken control while we are standing and looking. We have become indifferent and we feel incapable of changing anything. So we go along with it, weak as we are.

    In Europe and the States we also see major migration now. Do you think this is a coincidence?
    Immigration is wonderful. Europe has always welcomed immigrants in its recent history. That is because we have an open flexible culture and a sense of love for our neighbours. We know that by welcoming other cultures, our own culture gets enriched if we take over the right elements. A little gene mixing also makes us stronger and healthier. It is a good thing. But what is happening now will have very serious consequences and every little child can see it. Look at Sweden. No matter how goodhearted you are: please be my guest and try to deny it or blame it on the Swedes so that people with a little common sense can have a good laugh. Every action causes a reaction and humans will always remain humans. Know thy nature. Our culture is closing itself. There is no point in letting this endless flow of immigrants continue. It will end in a catastrophe. If we want to deal with this we need to get to the core of the problem and that is our blind tolerance for religious bullshit, but most of all: the corrupt establishment that is bringing all this about. The wars they are having in the Middle East will not stop unless we bring these power mongers down! The result is that we now see fascism returning. The power mongers in charge are the ones that will be lighting their cigars with the fire on the coming repeat of crystal night. And we will be the ones burning.

    “You’re not going to change anything; I’m not going to change anything: where does that leave you and where does that leave me? I can’t move unless you do...” This kind of thinking will keep us trapped forever. Stand up and let your voice be heard.

    What life are we living in our Western society these days? A life of noble slavery. A hollow pointless life where we only have consideration for ourselves or our own family and friends, at the most. All we can say appears to be “give us more money, please”. It is sickening, pathetic, and we all know it! You cannot remain a passive observer behind a computer screen! As Plato said: The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. Obviously this is a rather simplistic statement, the division between good and evil, but the meaning is clear to all.

    Yes, we are crawling on our knees. Nonetheless we try to remain positive. How is this possible? How can one remain positive in the face of total destruction? I am not pleading for a negative attitude but let’s face the facts here. Look where this blind optimism brought us! Be realistic; be objective to the best of your abilities. Wake up. Open your eyes. Enough is enough!
    You know what positivism and optimism is about? It is about a person sitting in a very dark cold cell where a little sunlight is entering. By knowing there is a little sunlight outside you can find strength, peace and courage. That will enable you to dig a tunnel outside, with a little spoon if you have to. Might take years and years. You might never make it to the outside, or you might. One thing is for sure: optimism is not sitting in a dark cage and telling yourself it is not that bad because there is a ray of sunlight entering. That is plain stupidity! With this attitude you have no chance whatsoever to make it to the outside. To the light, the beauty, the warmth! You’ll just sit in your rotten prison staring at the last bit of remaining sunshine, not realizing it is slowly being taken over by the darkness.

    Do you really find comfort in your television and your social media? Software, hardware, nowhere! Can you actually console yourself with the thought that “things could be worse”?
    What is this? Every day we wake up to a world that has undergone further destruction. Yet we keep on smiling like an army of clowns. Waking up to an irritating alarm. Getting into overcrowded public transport or into a car to stand in endlessly increasing traffic jams where every trick of the book is used to keep ourselves calm. Sitting behind a desk, staring at a screen all day long. Going back home to your comfortable sofa to look at the screen even further. Driving to the supermarket to buy products full of crap wrapped in numerous layers of plastic, made by the great industry. Dumping our elders in well hidden homes.

    Animals used as disposable products! This is sickening. Yes I am vegan! No I am not perfect! Am I vegan because I can’t see animals die? No fuckers! Because I’m hardcore! Animals getting killed is the natural way. That does not include barbaric and sadistic treatment of animals or anything else alive for that matter! There is no animal as sadistic as mankind. Yet we can also be righteous! The choice is yours!

    How long will we continue selling ourselves that we feel happy as long as it is all ignored? High in our ivory tower, living voluntarily in oblivion. It is you! It is you who is making all this possible. It is you and me! And as long as we keep on buying this, nothing will ever be slightly different. On the contrary, it will only get worse in this vicious circle.

    Now, what is the biggest problem we are facing? It is overpopulation. You see, a human being might always have an impact on its environment. Preferably to a limited extent, but the impact will remain no matter how hard we try. This does not have to be a huge issue, as long as there are not too many of us. I think that our feelings of indifference and our sense of incapability are connected to this fact. How can one remain charitable to his or her neighbor when there will soon be 8 billion of us? I understand this, and so do the people in charge. They do not care about us. Why should they? Does a human life have any value anymore when there will soon be little left except ourselves? Yes, one is inclined to think this. Why should we not think like this?
    However, are we going to stand by and watch while we are being mowed down? No, it is still not your turn, I know. But the time will come. First the establishment will go for the weakest of us. This is already happening. And we shrug our shoulders. They come for our neighbours and we just look away. And when they come for us, there will be no one left to help, let alone look away.

    So, why should we not care more about the trees, the rhinos, the plankton or the Siberian tigers than about our so-called rulers? Why should we not stand up and do a better job than these corrupt fucking pricks! There is a time for peaceful protest and there is a time for direct action. Think on how far we will get with benign actions these days. We are being laughed at when we march through the streets with a message of hope. This is exactly what they want. Yes, I believe in human evolution. Yes, I am in favour of technology and science. But not in the direction it is currently going! This has to go hand in hand with Mother Nature.

    Will a revolution bring change? Might be, might as well be not. Depends on the motives of the revolution. Shortly after the French revolution, Napoleon seized power. The ideals of the American revolution lived on a little longer. We will need to remain vigilant always or the darkness comes crawling back, spreading its tentacles strategically. The revolutions that will fail very easily are the ones based on dogmatic ideologies such as Marxism, liberalism, socialism and so on. This is doomed to fail. Dogmatic ideologies trap us in a frame and do not allow us to think outside of it. It is no better than religion. A tool to control the masses. Only religion is even worse because here people get an afterlife, making their real lives not that important anymore. Anyway, I can write a long time about religion, so I’ll stop here.

    No balance without chaos, but these days the chaos has the upper hand. And once we go back to a sustainable way of living, you can count on it that the population numbers will go down again.

    I am not a romantic. I am not an idealist. I realise that matters are so complex that a human being is simply incapable of fully understanding the whole picture. But this cannot hold me back , even if it were to speak up loud and clear for only once.

    I am not a hippie who believes all will improve if we start hugging trees. I am not a member of the church of climatology. I don’t believe in “saving the earth”: fuck, the arrogance in that. In fact, I do not consider myself to be part of any group. I do place myself under the common denominator of pragmatism and reason, to the best of my abilities. I know perfectly well that nothing can work without strong leadership. A rotten apple in the basket annihilates the whole lot if there is no one to mend it. That is why we, the people, must guard our common principles and respect the planet that made us. No, we cannot tolerate and respect stupidity and greed! Obviously as soon as there is someone who starts arming himself you need to get in the race in order not be ruled over. But this does not matter as long as the man with the arms is the one who respects the laws that stand above human regulation. If he’s not, then take the fucker down! The race is finished anyway: we already have enough arms to blow up this entire planet: how much further do we want to go?

    Nobody is perfect but this all does not matter. We have come to such a horrible stage that almost any action is better than none. You might think it is all in vain because the world comes to an end anyway. Major religions and science both stand for this fact. You might believe that we will find a planet B where all will be better. Hell, you might even believe that we will find a planet C and so on. But do you honestly believe that humankind will exist throughout all eternity? Of course not. We will get wiped out in a matter of seconds and there won’t be a single trace left of us. That’s how important we are. Now get your feet down to Earth and assume that humble position.

    You have two options: either you let it all go to ruins because that’s what will happen in the long term anyhow, or either you make the best of the time we have, proud of who we are. We are all capable of making decisions and choices. It is really up to you. First step is a change of mindset. Second step will be the organisation of a movement that is already gathering but needs to be lead in the right direction.

    Whether you agree or disagree to literally everything I wrote is irrelevant. Search your feelings and you will know in essence. It’s time for us to act. And when I say “us” I obviously do not mean every single person alive. I mean everyone who consider themselves to be a necessary part of this. The future is yours if you reach out for it. This generation is the only hope for the next generation.

    Anonymous say they have people with strong IT skills. I have to admit I know little about this and it doesn’t really fascinate me. What does interest me is the havoc I think you might be able to do. I mean, it is funny to see the website of ISIS in gay colors, but is that really all you guys are able to do? I mean, fuck: that is very disappointing. How about bringing all governmental websites down for good! How about terrorizing the establishment? How about hindering multinational companies to do commercials? How about hacking into the tv systems of entire nations to bring clear messages. How about removing all imbecile conspiracy theories from the net, that are deluding and discrediting the truth. “The conspiracy theorists” we are now dismissed as. Due to theories about reptilians, aliens, Rothschilds and so on. Fuck guys…reality is a little more complex than that. Was 9/11 a conspiracy – hell yeah! Was the Kennedy assassination a conspiracy – hell yeah! Let’s start with that before you move over to some freakin next dimension.

    I mean what does the 1% think of this, do you believe? I’ll tell you. They’re laughing their asses off. Even with the blatant lies visible on the table, the people are still buying their crap. “Let’s throw in a nigger in between so we can get the confidence of those few doubters restored”! This is how these assholes think! No their fucking opinions don’t matter because they have none except for demands for more money, more tv, more consumption, more football (soccer for the Yankees) where you can watch 22 millionaires whining when their haircuts get messed up. If this is the people, then screw the people! If we have to wait for these dumb idiots then we might as well wait for penguins to start flying! YOU NEED TO STAND UP! YOU AND ME, WE WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! WE ARE THE PEOPLE! And those who don’t understand this are not worth our attention. They are former shadows of themselves if they ever stood for something. They are the empty shells. They do no play any role so don’t let them hold you back. They are as significant as the polluted air we breathe.

  14. PC3R Member

    HI, I'm PC3R... I just wont to learn and help. Nice to meet you.
  15. Chronicle Member


    My name, as you may have already guessed, is Chronicle. I'm quite new to the legal protesting game, but I'll be sure to do whatever I can to help.
  16. hii apa disini ada orang indo ?
  17. I am new here if anyone would teach me in this community ?
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi you all and welcome to WWP
    The conversation you see here with DYCORE is typical for a "wildfaggot" if you see words like that and don't understand what they mean Urban Dictionary will help you.
    As you see our culture can be a bit rough.
    Here is a thread with basic information
    If you have questions you can ask a Mod but check the Ask Questions Here thread in the new members area.
    Lurk in the forum ans find a spot for your interests and join the conversation.
    If you want suggestions for OPs ask a Mod
    Once again, welcome
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi new era. Please register here because it's hard to help you until you do
  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It's been fun. Derail moved
  21. Hi, I am looking for a girl
  22. White Tara Global Moderator

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  23. Hello, I am violetta verano. Delighted to be a member of the big community of anonymous.
  24. hello i am in a very interesting situation. no bs no troll, i would like to chat with someone securely i dont know were els to go. i respect your movement and know this is for activism. i fearfml and my pet is held with out me or worse. i have files to show i am being tracked and taped. i have little knowledge but am extremely capable. please help me out.
  25. sallys1ack Member

    hello i cant wait to help with digging
  26. iseeubetrolling and isees you before and you are still boring asfuck
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Ajaz
    We aren't that part of Anonymous, we don't hack or trick people into giving us their data. We don't give hacking lessons, if you are looking for that part of Anonymous you may find them on Twitter.
  28. teratraxx Member

    whats up everyone. im teratraxx. pleasure to meet you all. ive been a part of the idea for some time, but now getting into it a bit deeper (further down the rabbit hole). it is my pleasure to be surrounded by like minded individuals. big up to moderators and admins of this fabulous forum. Expect US.
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  29. We've been expecting you for some time bro , welcome and fuck the hell off you dickwad.
  30. teratraxx Member

    hahaha, thanks for the warm welcome lulzZz.....11402
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  31. Kaninokann Member

    Apoyando la idea de libertad a la información y total apoyo a las bases en las q se basa nuestra legión
  32. OhmLaw Member

    Hi all, i'm here 'cause of i'm tired of being manipulated by the goverment, i need to take a part of this game so, what ever you need of me, ask it, i'll try with my best to change the world, i read the basics introducement terms to start my fight.

    -The R is the key
  33. Good day to all, i'm Baphom and i come from France. I'll talk in french for such entertainments because of lack of english words...

    J'ai toujours rejeté le savoir historique à l'école. En effet, j'ai toujours su que la plupart des programmes d'histoire et sociaux étaient douteux. Depuis des siècles, les oligarques et savants malveillants de nos nations maintenant grasses et au bras long ont toujours fait en sorte de nous cacher l'officieux, pour mieux nous inculquer leur confiture. De la colonisation à l'invasion de la Syrie, tout n'est que face cachée et tirelires remplies pour une poignée de dirigeants véreux.
    De plus, c'est sous le règne de la fracture culturelle, religieuse, sociale et même raciale que ces "demi-démons" nous tiennent en laisse; Tout cela afin d'assouvir leur soif inétanchable de pouvoir et d'argent.

    C'est donc pourquoi je me présente ici-même. Prendre part à ce combat contre le mensonge, la traîtrise et la corruption, de n'importe quelle manière, à n'importe quel prix.

    "Le savoir est une arme" , je serai donc joignable pour toute recommandation, toute demande d'information concrète sur n'importe quel événement ou fait sollicitant votre attention à cette adresse: C'est de cette façon que je pourrai aider au maximum, en rependant la vérité.

    Un jeune qui en veut, Baphom.

    We are Anonymous...
  34. HOLA me llamo "A24A" :)
  35. me siento feliz de pertenecer ... a este anonimato..
  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You should register here so I can answer your questions. It's hard to know what to do to help you.
  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    por favor cumplir con hablantes de Español aquí, usted puede planificarñol.377/
  38. Disambiguation Global Moderator
  39. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi you guys, welcome to WWP. Look through the forums. Spend some time at it and you will find a place you fit it. We can be a little rough so be aware. You have to decide where you fit in, if you need help look at the Ask Questions Here thread in the newcomers area. If you want advice or help just ask a Mod.
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