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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for your answer. i'll go to this french forum, thanks and see ya' hope so.

    we are anonymous...
  2. 3ikj Member

    My name is H I believe in fundamental change for this world, I sit patiently for now and try to get my word out because with the help of the people I CAN make change but if my revolution doesn't happen I don't mind I'll support another any who truly wants change for the next generation will have thousand sun has a pillar

  3. GTFO you Nazi scum your sort is unwanted here as are your beliefs.
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi H
    Your icon is of a serial killer nazi white supremacist. It's unpopular. I suggest that if you admire Charlie Manson this is not the right forum for you. If you aren't a nazi, white supremacist, or serial killer admirer I suggest you change your icon. If you are a troll you're doin it rite.
  5. EvolutionJax Member

    Hello. You all will know me as jax. I come from California and cant wait to get more involved
  6. Hi,
    My name is Anarchist32. I'm 16 and wish to be doing more with my current life living in a suburban wasteland, so as such I figure protesting would be a good use of time.
  7. Klii23125 Member

    Uhh hey I'm Klii I'm just here to help in anonymous and others in anyways possible so...hi
  8. ProdigyJP Member

    Hi my name is prodigy
  9. Ola soy herobraink me entere de anonymus y quiero participar
  10. Hello, I am Secret_PsychAnon. I wish to help in the struggle. I wish for a world of equality, peace and freedom. I wish for many things. It is a pleasure to be here.
  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    Meh, gotta dream big, to get somewhere in between :)
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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Please register here. It's hard to help you unless you register.
    Por favor regístrese aquí para que pueda ayudarte.
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi everyone and welcome here.
    There are a few ways you can help on line. If you are looking for IRL protests you need to take a look through the forums. Often past protests are documented here, contact the person who posted about it.
    Much of our activism is online. Here are some of the current projects:
    This is a well organized attempt to stop Scientology from enticing new people into Scientology by doing a "bait and switch". One of their plans is to recruit 16 year olds for acting lessons then convince them how great Scientology is.
    Here you upload pictures of protests in Google Maps so when people look there instead of seeing the Church of Scientology, or the Courthouse or even Wall Street what shows on Google Maps is a picture of you protesting. How cool is that! You can protest IRL and document it.

    Paul please change your username.
  14. Bring Balance Member

    Hello all! We are BB! A small hacking group of friends. We do small little things to expose the corruption in our small town governments. We are here to learn more about anonymous and how to help! Thanks!
  15. It is only fail when the masses who wish for said goal do not fight the good fight to stamp out the ignorance/lack of knowledge in this world. What are people even doing this for if the concepts of equality, peace and freedom are not obtainable. Just because it may be on the very cusp of the horizon does not mean it can't be gotten.
  16. Ms. Left Member

    New and confused.
  17. hla soy lobo9910
    y me gustaria estar en anonymous por que el govierno es corructo y otras cosa tengo 16 años y espero que me acepten para caraborarle en lo que pueda pueden contar con migo para lo que sea
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Bring
    As the resident troll has informed you, we do not hack here. Take a look around in our forums and you will find somewhere that interests you. You may want to look at Freedom of Information or Occupy WallStreet forum. Just remember we don't hack or do anything illegal. There's a reason for that if you want a history lesson.
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Left
    You may be just as confused here. Look through our forums and lurk more, find some area or conversation you want to join and start talking. Look at my answers to other newbies for suggestions on projects. Welcome here.
  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    por favor regístrese aquí para que pueda ayudarte
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Do not feed the troll.
  22. Lol Roger that
  23. Im new here
  24. Yes we see that we also see your name has the word hack in it. Here's the important stuff we don't hack here everything we do is above the law. We are all about legal and peaceful protest and don't encourage talk of breaking the law either.
    Take note.
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Please register so we can talk.
    What bugbear said.
  26. SizzleChest Member

    Hi, I'm new here. Or am I? Ha. Ha. Ha! Game, set, and match, enemies. I dunno. That's all I got.
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Um hi I guess. False flag lol.
  28. Cody Wirth Member

    This is less of an introduction, as it is me formally renouncing all ties to this group and its members.
  29. Bye
  30. Dominic Member

    Hi everyone, I'm puertorican in Miami, (me acuesto tarde) I'm typing from an iPad and screen it's so bright. I'll try tomorrow because I can't read or type (the edge) lol
  31. 1pSn1p3r Member

    Hey I'm 1pSn1p3r and I pull and track Ip's
  32. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hey Dominic and 1pSn1p3r,
    Welcome to wwp. We stick to discussing, planning and promoting strictly legal means of protest here. That being said all are welcome to join to discuss our core initiatives, or feel free to bring up areas of interest to yourselves in our general discussion sub forum. Although a little stale our welcome thread (linked below) may provide some insight into life on wwp. Should you have any questions please feel free to post them to the 'Still have questions' thread, or directly to a moderator via pm if you prefer. Again, welcome and enjoy :)
  33. BD81 Member


    I'm BD81, happy to be here ;)
  34. White Tara Global Moderator

  35. Hi guys, my name is Neo, I'm really glad this forum exists - have been a non-engaged reader for quite some time, but have been working on a project that I wanted to share with you. We share a lot of values and I make music, so have been working on a more art-lead project. This is it. Let me know what you think - and thank you in advance.

  36. Neo it's doubtful anyone will click on your link first time round. Register and make a few posts so we can get the measure of you first.
  37. FREEMAN999 Member

    HI IM NEW ¡
  38. 13anonpsycho Member

    Proud to be part of the cause.....hello world
  39. ma1senjar Member

    Hello brothers and sisters,

    I'm glad to be apart of this movement and wish to see it triumph in the near future. I'd like to meet others and learn more about how I can help spread the wildfire of truth.

    Thanks, and feel free to send a message

    - ma1senjar
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