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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi. I'm new here
  2. maria del mar Member

    Hello my name is Maria del mar, i am from Spain, i want help to do a better world;) ;) i don´t like this world so, i hate it.
  3. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hi maria and nightwatcher,
    Welcome to wwp, I have linked you below to some threads that may assist you in finding your feet here. I have also included a link to our Spanish speaking forum for you Maria. Spend some time lurking about getting to know the place, then feel free to post at will. Enjoy :)ñol.377/
  4. White Tara Global Moderator

    Please remember the New Members Area is a troll free zone.
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  5. hey. im loomis from the uk . i love the work anonymous does andwant to do my part to protect the world.
  6. Cpt BANANA Member

    I'm cpt BANANA and I respect anonymous and its operations
  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi loomis, if you want to help here please register. You can't use the tools here until you do.
  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi cpt
    Welcome here, look around ( lurk) and find some area you like then join the conversation.
  9. New and totally confused
  10. Hey guys my name is BlackBrisingr--I learned about Anon through a close friend. I strive to find the truth amidst all the propaganda. Let me know how to help
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi you two. First please register, it's hard to get you where you want to go until we can talk.TheGirl-we were all confused at some point.
    Black-after registering we can give you some places to look for how to help.
  12. Mushy Member

    hello, I'm mushy an I'm new here. I'm currently having some trouble and looking for some help.
  13. MarkWatney Member

    Hey, MarkWatney here, after being stranded on Mars for a while I decide to join Anonymous, I would love to take part in any project we are working on

  14. Me too, they removed my appendix and never left a scar.
  15. Hi

    My name is Mats-Sederholm living in Sweden, Europe.

    I'm a writer, speaker and chronicler and a system critics who, for the past 20 years, have been analyzing the power structures and standards of the West - my driving force is a strong belief in humanity and in a kinder society.

    I just released my book "Colliding Worlds - An arising will for change"

    Personal political opinion: None, left the ordinary left to right or democratic to republic span of political identities 15 years ago as politicians are administrators of status quo rather than visionary and I want a change.
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Max
  17. Hello,

    I do not like evil in all of its forms. While i try and eliminate it from my life i want a more a active role in removing it from the world. I do not have hacking skills, but i have others that could be helpful.
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi there. Please register.
  19. TreeHugger Member

    Hi all, I am here searching for like minded individuals as I am fully and utterly aware of what is happening to our people and our planet and can not express the sadness and anger I feel for the injustices infringed upon the many on the few. I am interested in learning how I can assist in bringing about change. I feel that we as people deserve to be free. I am open to hearing what anyone has to say or provide me with guidance at a time like now.
  20. I'm new here who started by using wireshark, CMD and notepad Who has started with banning people of
  21. Hi all. I created a web app to help protesters organize, vote on the best protests, set and reach goals, etc. I'm just a programmer tired of feeling powerless. I'm not dialed into a community such as this, yet. Where do I start? Is it legit to let people know of my website? if so, where should I share it?

    All the best, friends.
  22. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hey TreeHugger,
    wwp is a great place to discuss such things. Its an open forum so all comers are welcome. We have a few set initiatives as you will note on the main page, but our general discussion section is a good place to educate and inform on topics that are of particular concern to you. You can use the search forums button above to search out if a topic of interest has already been addressed here, and join the convo. Some feel its a good idea to lurk about a bit and get a feel for the place, but when you feel inclined feel free to jump in and discuss. I will link you with to our introductory threads below. Enjoy your time here. :)
  23. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hi and welcome to you both,

    You both may like to consider registering an account to get the most from your time here. Given we do support other sites that aid people interested in protest generally, i see no harm in you posting your site rocketsqrl, provided its non commercial that is. Post it in perhaps the how to section? (You will need to be a registered user to start a new thread)

    While you consider registering an account take a look through the links below. Above all enjoy your time on wwp :)

  24. hi im voic3less

    someone needs to message me. i was raised in scientology...
  25. When are we protesting next at the Toronto Org???
  26. Sockofleas Member

    Register first, and welcome.
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    What Sockoffleas said. Please register. You are welcome here!
  28. Thomas M&M Member

    Hola a todos mi nombre es Tomás, tengo el deseo de poder cambiar las cosas en mi pais y ayudar a las personas que necesiten de mi...:):):)
  29. 600z73r Member

    Hi people, I'm Booster, Norwegian (if that matters in any way .. hehe), and I'm just looking into this to check for a place to contribute to the cause and share my wiews and knowledge.
  30. Hi everyone.
  31. RossyJohn Member

    Hello everyone!!
    I am Rossy, I would like to share my views and ideas. And also, would like to get the valuable information from you people
  32. hell boy Member

    hi im new here
  33. hell boy Member

    oh and i relly dont know about anything
  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi all, welcome here. Why We Protest is an international forum. There are sections for languages but for some technical reason I can't link to them right now.....
    Look around here, read topics about your areas, general look over everything . This is called lurk moar. When you find an area you want start posting and we can talk. If you have questions ask a mod or look at the Ask Questions Here thread
  35. Ola Everyone. I was in the cult of Scientology for many years. I left a little while ago.

    I am working on deprogramming and recovery from the mind fuck of deceit, manipulation and fraud from Scientology.

    HOLY MOLY - did we get boondoggled and hornswoggled!

    I am happy you have this forum.

    I have learned a lot about what Scientology is and what it is not.

    Thanks for all you have done to help people like me. smile.png
  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here! When you start discussing here you will find many to answer
  37. Hey, I'd Like To Introduce Myself. I'm iiArch. I've Been Supporting Anonymous For A While, And Now I'm Here.
  38. br@w Member

    my name is Br@w ive been following anonymous for a bit and finally learned to get into the deep web
  39. br@w Member

    im trying to learn coding and hacking and hope i get good at it
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