Next Edmonton Raid?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous44431, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Next Edmonton Raid?

    When is the next Edmonton Raid?

    Seems to be losing steam in Alberta in terms of protesting the cult - time to kick it back into high gear and get people the information they need to make the right choice.
  2. Anon9 Member

    Re: Next Edmonton Raid?

    hello edmonton anons. i find mysel fon this end of the country wondering if there any raids for the month of august taking place?. i protest with my fellow anons in halifax but sadly am missin a raid on the 13th being that im in alberta. :p
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Next Edmonton Raid?

    The anons in Alberta are either:

    Too scared to protest


    It is no longer "cool" anymore to protest and they are now doing the new latest cool thing to do.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Next Edmonton Raid?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Re: Next Edmonton Raid?

    Isn't there always a protest going on in front of the CoS in downtown Edmonton every Nov 5th? Thought there was.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Next Edmonton Raid?

    The Church of Scamology is dead in Edmonton, the aliens don't go that far north, it's far to cold.

    No worries!

    If you run into a scilon on campus or otherwise, just give him or her some lutzey shit.
  8. Re: Next Edmonton Raid?

    damn... whatever I can always hand out pamphlets.. good to know though.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Next Edmonton Raid?

    It's not like the org closed down or anything. See for yourself.
  10. Belgium17 Member

    Re: Next Edmonton Raid?

    Is there anybody who wants to do an edmonton raid for halloween or the 5th? Ill go alone but its just not the same.
  11. yea I absolutely agree !! they are the true and only enemy if you ask me
  12. I think its because the are miss informed ..... but oil has fallen and if we have a chance to open their eyes is now .
  13. dear anons . i am new to this group how ever I am not new to the movement .
    my personal view is the unanimous as its strategy all wrong .
    We are at war ........ its a war of morality and there is NO POLITICAL solution to the moral desecration of our values with has taken place over several generations .
    WE OUR SELF'S are tainted and stained with their immorality and we don't realize that the change will never come in a large scale !

    The change must FIRST be a personal change .

    a personal development to become leaders and to teach others how to be leaders .
    to REEVALUATE each others values and views on the world and sink up
    we need to understand that our view in society is a fabrication ... a farm .
    unless we so we will fail .
    we should be spending more time preparing for battle and less time blindly running out to the battle field
    there is some core knowledge and skill every senior member should have in other to be recognized as a true anon or fighter for freedom :

    -you should be very well acquainted with plants and growing food and try to have a garden were you can teach others

    -study what it takes to be a leader and recognize that personal changes need to be made to be a effective leader

    - you should know what the federal reserve is .

    - you are are always digging around to fund out what IS TRUE AND WHAT IS NOT and you .

    -make social meeting groups at local coffee shops or library's to discuss economy, business , and personal life

    this is a worth to mouth movement . and I leave no soldier behind
    support one and other even when things get tough , develop caring honest relationships with other members helping each other with at least one personal task per week .
    My favorite is potlucks or spring clean up .

    -they cant take us apart if we are truly united ! and that's not a physical union but a union of heart

    -know what the NWO and the 1WG are , study the symbols and know how to spot them and call them out to others

    -DON'T be a push over and vote with your dollar.
    do buy from companies or services who we consider "questionable"

    - go camping .... rather you like it or not .

    -develop community groups and become valued members of you community thru kind acts and offering help to the ones who need it and expect NOTHING in return !

    - spend at the very least 1/5 hour a week picking up garbage

    establish relation ships with the elderly in you area . even if its just the odd smile and help with snow cleaning in the winter and such.

    and the list can go on and on .

    and we should have ranks that are not given but earned thru recognition by vote and ranks should be reviewed in a yearly bases to maintain consistency and honesty .

    they are organized and trained with a hi degree of discipline and driven be power and money .

    let us then be organized and train to a hi degree of discipline and let US be driven be our care for each other and our covenant to our community and our families .

    let us prepare for war !! not have some guy in a tub drinking wine showing the world we are " a lose cannon " .
    yea we have jacketed some crazy shit ...... so what .

    we are no ready for change ...... cuz we haven't changed

    come on guys ! lets make Canada proud !!!
    lest go down as heroes , and let us be remembered with tears for our actions not our words .

    I love you Canada ! i love you all

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