No CoS Local...what to do.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Meatywand, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. No CoS Local...what to do.

    I live in Louisiana and surprisingly we haven't been overtaken with CoS anywhere in the state. But I do want to help the movement because CoS goes against just about everything I stand for. I was thinking of perhaps spreading fliers the common areas of my college and maybe even seeing if my Poli Sci professor (I'm a Poli Sci major) will let me promote the cause in class or start a debate about it. The nearest CoS protest site is 3 hours away in I won't be making that, but does anyone have any other suggestions of things I could do to help the cause? I'm also looking to see if anyone has any examples of letters written to government officials, because the Tax Exemption revocation would be amazing, and I know several local area reps that are deeply religious Baptists that would probably jump on board this type of thing.
  2. donotstalk Member

    I know it's sort of a bummer that you don't get to do the protests, but you can be thankful about the lack of cults in your neighborhood, followed by putting up posters and doing whatever you can to raise awareness so that they won't ever be able to enturbulate you with their presence.
  3. plainjanelane Member

    x posted:

    [...] Start email blasting your senators and house reps, governor and local reps with the news that Scientology as a religion is BS and getting tax exemptions unfairly.

    Use better language than that, of course, but it takes all of ten minutes to fire off a few emails. Use IRL secondary addresses and maybe first names, your congressional reps can be trusted to some extent. (except maybe Florida and California) Do this now, and tell them of the up coming protest. The follow through. Who knows, maybe someone governmental will come out. Get the idea in the heads, then let's have a legit lawyer follow behind with some legalese.

    Send those emails now. I already have.
  4. Anonymoist2 Member

    I don't have a cult center in my area either, so I've been offering photoshop support, flier design and backup, plus going on any forums I possibly can and stating our case.

    Make videos, throw up fliers in your area, print stickers, and make sure that your neighboorhood knows about Scientology.

    Hang out in IRC - a lot of the protesters and others there need lots of help with various projects.

  5. williams1007 Member

    I don't have a CoS in my area either. It's too bad, but I'm doing all I can to spread the word amongst fellow college students. I've talked to my family about it as well, told a few friends, most of whom have joined Anonymous on the CoSplay website and plan to protest on the 10th.

    I'm leaving business cards and flyers around campus late the night before or super early, depending on when the buildings open up. I forget.

    Once I get my laptop back, I'll be on IRC to discuss things with other protesters.
  6. editordrone Member

  7. MarkSherman Member


    Leave cards that say on them.

    I have no CoS nearby so that's what I've been doing. I just keep a few in my wallet and leave them on busses or by the candy at the grocery store.
  8. random Member

    maybe you donĀ“t know that there is a mision or something like that

    educate your community about the dangers of the CoS. you have some time ahead before they land there
  9. anon78941 Member

    1) Get envelops

    2) Address them to every politico you can think of

    3) Insert a "youfoundthecard" into each envelope (I'm going to get mine done at kinkos so that they look professional. They aren't that expensive if you get the cheap ones)

    4) Seal, stamp and mail

    It may just be mysterious enough for them to look at.
  10. Edited b/c not a good idea to keep my former employer out there

    If you're not willing to put your name on any correspondence, then you aren't serious about your issue. You expect someone to listen when you don't sign your letter? Do you reply to spam and junk mail?

    Also, do not send a form letter. Congress receives about a billion form letters on an issue. Generally, it's a lobby group paying seniors x amount to sign and mail form postcards or letters. People see right through that.
  11. CZGrey Member

    Hmmm...maybe I can do something after all...

    I live near the city where Katie Holmes lived, Toledo... maybe some folks from there would like to help post fliers and such...
  12. SmellDriver Member

    If you have enough people, you can still stage a demonstration if you wish. I posted this in another thread. People have long been protesting wars that are being staged thousands of miles away; your protesting Scientology even in the absence of a local chapter is not strange in the least.

    I'm not saying that posting fliers or dropping off cards isn't helping -- it is an amazing and effective way of raising awareness. I only mean to say that you can still march around with signs, no matter how far away the CoS is.

    Keep up the good work!

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