Official Press Pack -- DONE.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by antonymous, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. antonymous Member

    Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    EDIT: See my later post for the list final contents (but please feel free to add). 6.5MB - PDF's (look at about.pdf first) 2.5MB -ODF's (for editing)

    tl;dr: This is a call to all anons. We need you to do the reporters' work for them and discuss/compile it here. Once the compilation is complete it should be stickied at the top-level for easy access.

    Alright :guyfawkes:, the 15th is fast approaching and we need a uniform press pack. The goal is that everyone will have a copy on their person at the protest. This will serve several purposes:
    -So anyone can whip it out on the spot to hand to the media
    -To help during interviews on the street, where people can forget details (which leaves them open to credibility attacks from scientology PR zombies).
    -To encourage reporters to ask questions instead of just asking the ubiquitous "What's your side to the story?"
    by helpfully providing the correct answers to the questions so they don't have to research themselves.

    Ready... BREAK!

    More detailed description of the press pack contents:
    All dox must be sourced and rock-solid!!! We cannot have scilons flippantly dismissing them as fake when questioned by media. The media will not be doing investigative journalism on the 15th - we must do it. Remember, everybody likes having their work done for them.

    Each document in the pack should have a single cover-page with a short (1-2 paragraph) summary and some important points and quotes in bullets. It should also have on it the proof that the document is valid and accurate.

    The press pack should have a list of buzz points & simple questions that arise from the included material, like those a TV reporter would mention & ask in their quickie 2-minute news stories.
    Questions should be innocent and non-confrontational, because local media won't ask the hardball questions like big-timer investigative journalists do.
    Ex: "How much does reaching OT8 cost in the church?" Have the correct answer (if applicable) with its exact source in the documents provided.
    Crushing the balls/ovaries of a scientology PR goon caught in a lie on TV makes the reporter look awesome to his/her boss, and generates lulz and win for us.

    The press pack should have an 'official' statement from Anonymous about our intentions, a brief history of Scientology and the conflict, and simply-worded rebuttals to the kinds of accusations that scilons will predictably make. Ex: "Terrorists and Bigots and Haxzors! Oh my!"
    This is also where we can add the harder, confrontational questions and topics like "Why are there child sec-checks?" "Why do you deserve a tax exemption like other religions but not have to be open like other religions?"
    These are mostly for the major media and print journalists that will research more in-depth, not for the local TV reporters who can't cross those lines.
  2. Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack

    The court proceedings for Operation Snow White. United States vs. Mary Sue Hubbard et al., 493 F. Supp. 209
  3. Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack


    In 1978, L.Ron's third wife, Mary Sue, and other high-level Scientologists of an internal secret police called "the Guardian Office" were found guilty of wiretapping and the theft of government property in a conspiracy called "Operation Snow White." This conspiracy was tasked with, according to the Washington, D.C. district court's introduction [ can we get a clearer case #? ] to the grand jury, "[promoting] the interests of Scientology by covertly identifying, locating, and obtaining all Scientology-=related information in the possession of various individuals, government agencies, and private organizations."
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  5. number 6 Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack

    Now if I printed off these dox for a press packet, how many of each should I print out?

    Also, on the Operation Snow White trial packet, the third page is blank.
  6. antonymous Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack

    You are correct - fixed that pdf & edited the link. The goal was that for each of these documents you would print & staple one together, then put them together in a manila folder for a media pack. So each person would have 1 or more complete Packs.
  7. number 6 Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack

    How many more dox do you have?
  8. antonymous Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack

    FINISHED! - But please add to it or comment on it!

    Mediafire linkage: 6.5MB

    CoS Document: “Fair Game” doctrine
    CoS Document: Operation Freakout
    CoS Document: Children's (Ages 6-12) Security Check
    CoS Document: 2006 Price Listing
    CoS Document: Grade Chart
    CoS Document: OT III
    Court Case: Operation Snow White
    Testimonial: Moira Hutchinson
    Dead Scientologist: Lisa McPherson

    Anonymous for Media Personnel: Explains the Anonymous movement, the background of Anonymous, Anonymous' goals, and how to contact and find more on Anonymous.

    Claims of the Church of Scientology (CoS): Lists several claims that the CoS has made, or is expected to make, and their rebuttals from Anonymous.

    Claims of Anonymous: Lists several claims that Anonymous has made and the rationale for making such claims.

    Questions to Ask of the CoS: Lists several questions that Anonymous would like answered by the CoS, and the answers (if applicable) that Anonymous has compiled through research. These apply to the CoS's tax status and other topics of interest.

    Online Documents: Lists videos, pictures, audio, or documents that were not included due to size or type constraints.

    Where to Find More: Lists websites from both sides that offer more information.
  9. Anonereign Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack -- DONE

    Excellent, will definitely be carrying a copy on the 15th.
  10. Lightbulb Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack -- DONE

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you for making these materials. I do not know how many I personally will be able to reproduce, but I will do my best to produce many of each kind.
  11. anoncommie Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack -- DONE

    I will have at least one hard copy, even if i an't make it to the 15th, as it's an excellent guide to create solid talking points online when discussing with people willing to listen. I also believe these should be forwarded to local media within the next few days in order to prime them for the 15th...yes? no? Maybe so?
  12. anon91-19 Member

    says file not found?

    edit: its an issue with the forum links not working. C+P worked. ty
  13. AnonymousTV Member

    Just a note... This is a 10 page response Scientology made to a list of questions Radar Online sent them when they wrote their amazing story (Click to read). I think looking over this 10 page response, in PDF form, will give us a better idea of what their spokespeople are sending out to media to use as talking points AGAINST Anonymous -- and we can directly respond to the allegations made by their PR staff in our press packet.

    Is it too late to be considered?

    Edit: And a sidenote, at the risk of sounding silly, is it just me or does that symbol on the top of their letterhead response look incredibly Third Reich inspired? :(

  14. A_nonchalant Member

    Dear OP:

    When you are in town, I will personally buy you a beer and a handjob. Local Anons and I put together a press packet for local stations (and we did get a reporter & photographer out), but this is much nicer than what we had, which was mostly summaries with sources rather than the actual documents themselves.

    Going to read this later - for now, am just happy that other Anons are working happily on these things. :D
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  16. twelve Member

    Re: How to relate to the Average Joe

    The main link seems to be broken...or it might just be me. Check?
  17. antonymous2 Member

  18. Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack -- DONE

    [strike]Where is the final draft of this? Has this been compiled? Or should I wait to grab it, I was just in contact with a member of the media, and they want info. Asap.[/strike]

    Nevermind. I'm an idiot.
  19. googoomuck Member

    Re: How to relate to the Average Joe


    you sure do deliver, anon.
  20. fightermouse Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack -- DONE

    Will this be updated for the April 12th? I was wondering if I should dl and print out now or wait and see if there will be an April 12 one.
  21. googoomuck Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack -- DONE

    I have an idea for a project using this press pack.

    The first round of CCHR/LEAF leaks gave us a list of journalists whose articles were targeted by LEAF. AFAIK there has been no group effort to contact the journalists.

    We send the press packs to the journalists LEAF targeted.

    I envision sending an email to each journalist from the LEAF leak, followed up with a mailed press pack.

    Any anon could pick a journalist, copypasta and fill in an email, then send a copy of the press pack. If we get several people in on it, it won't take long.


    Edit: is this the same set of dox as this thread?
  22. eclipsael Member

  23. A_nonchalant Member

    Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    Thankyee. :D
  24. monamia Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack -- DONE

    Yay. Where is this list?
    I'm a PR person in LA.
    Imuna set up a stealth email addy and be back with it soon.
    But still others will want to know.
    (already know about Great VS. duh)
  25. Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    That thing is so Flash Gordon-esq that I almost expect Queen to do a soundtrack for it.
  26. Ulsterman Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    Would it be possible to get the files as a .DOC extension as my computer can't work with the ODF extension?
  27. mko Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE. is free and runs on Windows, if it helps, ...though it should, yeah, be trivial to DOC it...
  28. Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    Actually the Swastica (sp? off my a game today) was stolen from Nordic Runes, and was the symbol for Thor's Hammer.

    It's such a shame that such a symbol got used for such evil.
  29. Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    I'm actually doing a research paper on the CO$ for my writing class, and this press pack is going to be extremely helpful.

    Just wanted to say thanks.
  30. i'mglib Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    HELP!!!! The press pack link on mediafire doesn't work.
    Does anyone have a link that immediately.
  31. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    OP Links busted
  32. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    I'mglib, I have downloaded copies.Check your PMs
  33. Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    Yep busted for fail.
  34. Guerillanon Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    So no fixes on this link? Anyone get it that can reupload it... now.
  35. KatanaRaHmA Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    theres an error when i click on tha links..... any halp? :'[
  36. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Official Press Pack -- DONE.

    Still no fix to the links - can some one reupload or attach it to a PM for me?
  37. Lrononymous Member

  38. wat Member

  39. MikeTheKnife Member

    Re: Call to anons: Official Press Pack

    Ooops. This link deoesn't work anymore. Can anyone furnish a new one?

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