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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sue, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. sue Administrator

    Okay, TL;dr time.

    For the past few weeks -- as you more than likely noticed-- apc and php-fpm were throwing file not found errors at seemingly random. This meant you were served those annoying search pages much too often. I've been contending with it for some time and after repeated "success" (only to see the symptoms resurface hours later) I went ahead and moved everything to a new node. Since then, the file not found errors remain absent.

    There's still some ironing out to do re APC, but it's starting to get back into shape.


    There's a new default theme. You can if you really must use the old one by clicking on "metro" at the bottom left of the screen. I would recommend against doing so. There's some tweaks to be made to this one but it should be a much needed step up from what was there.

    TODO in case you wonder:

    Fix the wiki: My bad, I should get around setting up a new install for that tomorrow.
    Tweak theme: Clearer indication of read / unread threads. Oh and the joy of finding hundreds of images that neatly portray the forum name. ETA: 6 to 8 weeks.
    Fix Frontpage: Once the above is done.
    Other misc things: to be added.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    A little Facelift never really hurt. You do what you gotta do to get things rolling smooth. Cheers Sue. Have a cold one on me:

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  3. DodoTheLaser Member

    You just answered my questions. Thank you. I will try to get used to it.
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  4. Anonymous Member


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  5. HOC Member

    Awesome Sue!

    Thanks very much :D
  6. Anonymous Member

    "customize" doesn't seem to be working quite right: The color setting only seems to apply to the thread I happened to click customize from.
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  7. snippy Member

    Please don't kill the old theme and color scheme. Please.
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  8. ZeroC Member

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  9. The thread titles top left have gone weird, looks like something is overlaid on the top but not visable. Where is the funny button gone:mad::p:rolleyes::D
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Bolding of the .unread topic titles seems to not be working in
    I find that where this css is:
    			.discussionListItems .unread .title a
    				/*padding-right: 18px;
    				background: transparent url('styles/metro/xenforo/widgets/discussion-new.png') no-repeat right center;*/
    when I add
    into that, it works.
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  11. sue Administrator

    screenshot please?
  12. sue Administrator

    Speaking of which, if any of you fine people feel like contributing, I could use some (hundreds!) suggestions on which images to use for the forum categories.

    Images should be resized to 175px wide 75px high. Numbered as the forum they are for.

    e.g would be 16.jpg
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  13. OTeleventy Member

    I usually browse thru the recent threads from my tablet (ducks), and when I get to the bottom, I use the "top" button to, well, get back to the top. It no worky anymore. It only works if I press it and HOLD it, and then tell my TAB to open it in a new window. Not convenient...
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  14. Orphée Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Even the "likes/dislikes" buttons are inaccessible in Opera. I can see likes/dislikes given, but not the buttons.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Sue, colour customisation now appears to be working. For the nostalgic, light grey/dark grey combo may work for you.
  17. I understand now,this is better then getting 500 errors/cloudflare pages every 5 seconds.
    But the forum layout is visually overwhelming.
  18. BigBeard Member

    Do not like! :mad:

    Page layout is wonked:

    instead of
    And "Initiatives" forums all mixed in with "Anonymous vs Scientology".

    Also "Scientology Discussion" forum seems to have vaporized.

    Trying to find anything is a royal pain compared to the old layout, and way to much clutter on every page.


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  19. Anonymous Member

    Don't worry, Opera is switching to the webkit engine so you'll be just like Google and Apple :D
  20. Anonymous Member

    Education, Research and Inside Reports 4.jpg:

    CoS Front Groups 5.jpg:

    Translation and Text Composition Projects 7.jpg:

    Situation Rooms 435.jpg

    News and Current Events 17.jpg :
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  21. HOC Member

    Relax everyone, it's not the finished product yet.

    Give the man some time to work :p
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  22. Profanity Member

    The blue looks like I accidentally caught my mouse and highlighted parts of the screen.
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  23. fishypants Moderator





















    I like that links are now in blue. Good for us hard-of-thinking types.
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  24. Have you changed? were you always "a"less?
  25. Anonymous Member

    I like the new color scheme, but the default style is easier to read (think Safari's Reader).
    Also: buttons (I guess those are a work in progress).
  26. amaX Member

    new layout skeers me.
  27. fishypants Moderator


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  28. [IMG]:):p:D;):(:mad::cool::eek:
  29. A.O.T.F Member

    <3 what you've done with the place - The Regional section Flags look Awesome! nice work - An All Round :cool: Job
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  30. RightOn Member

    Too much blue all around. .
    Couldn't find the "log in" right away and it is not prominent enough.
    Don't care for the starkness of the layout or the blue around the avatars
    I will have to surf around and see how that goes for other stuff
  31. RightOn Member

    Blue text for threads I find hard on the eyes when you go to Whats New
    Also do not like the blue text under the avatars
    An ocean of Blue
    Less is more
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  32. nevarmore Member

    okay... I understand, we must fix the things that do not work, and in order to do so, we change the things that do work... I prefer the previous scheme.. easier to navigate, read, and with stuff missing, the interactive experience is less enjoyable... now it looks just like everybody else's site. One of the reasons I registered was to be able to participate in the forum experience. That's not as enticing as it was prior to this mess... thanks, but this doesn't strike me as an improvement. Sometimes I prefer to differentiate between agreeing with someone as opposed to liking their post. Underwhelmed, and sorry for the negative review. I like what goes on here, but the visual environment just nose dived as far as I'm concerned... but then, I am a chronic malcontent. Carry on.
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  33. Tourniquet Member

    A Sea of Green would be better, natch ;)
  34. Boris Korczak Member

    I personally don't like the layout: It is difficult for the eyes, confusing and ugly. Loging button is hard to find and I wish you leave the old design the way it was.
    But, if the majority likes it - I will like it too, though I will not visit it as often as I used to. It causes a vertigo. (LOL)
    Stay safe.
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  35. nevarmore Member

    I agree with you ... sans button
  36. nevarmore Member

    I agree with you also, will not be visiting as often...
    sans "agree" button
  37. RightOn Member

    ok, so I surfed around.
    And WOW it really is hard on the old peepers! Kills your eyes

    also wanted to add that it looks less professional and WAY too blocky
    sorry Sue for all the debbie downer comments, but it's just not perty here.
    I also think visitors to this site will have a REAL difficult time navigating around. I don't think anyone would want that?
    I didn' tlike the gray in the beginning when that first hit, but I would take the old look back now all day long.
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  38. riggymortis Member

    nice job looks great i will donate all of my money now.
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