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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    nope. not jelly. he was as ugly inside as he was outside.
    he ripped up his human card and betrayed the humanity of his own people for whom he was pretending to help. he was a terrible tyrant who abused his own, abused children as a pedophile and kept Humanitarian Aid donations of great sums of money to himself and slipped it away in Swiss bank accounts. While his own people were living in slums, His "wife / beard" he was known as notorious homosexual despite his pretending to hold some punitive religious muslim pulpit), lived a life of absolute luxury in Paris, France, shopping in the european equivalent of Rodeo Drive. He used money to bribe and control his people, and the more Loyalty shown to him, the possibility of more money - and this would be for basic survival needs, mind you.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Years ago, the rumour was that he had contracted HIV / Aids. srs.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I have it from a rock solid source than in a past life he built a planet destroying machine and used it ruthlessly on enemy civilizations. He murdered ten thousand trillion sentient life forms, not to mention the destruction of all life on 17 planets, and the loss of 263 billion species.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    He was a turd. No, turds have more redeeming qualities.
    They tried to give him "the benefit of the doubt", and pump him up by giving him a Nobel prize which was an absolute joke, rendering that award worth less than a kid's baseball trophy.
  5. Boris Korczak Member

    Any form of hate is wrong. Israel is a master of hate and so are the Palestinians. If we join them in this we shall be as hateful and stupid as they are. Occupying someone else's land is a pure hate and creates hate among the occupied people. Helping the occupiers is even greater hate and evil and proves stupidity. Civilized people do not hate nor do they occupy anyone else land.
    Stay safe.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Luckily for you you don't live on occupied land in the USA. Oh wait.
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  7. Boris Korczak Member

    Half of my life I lived in an occupied country - Poland, and my heart goes to the people over there - in Palestine.
    I spent years in a communist prison and I still have nightmares.
    Stay safe.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Boris, you are full of shit when it comes to Israel.
    And, my family is Polish.
  9. Anonymous Member

    You post these simplistic platitudes. Where is your "sage wizdumb", Boris?
    You know that there are grey areas when confronting evil people who want to act like Nig*ers.
  10. Anonymous Member

    He hasn't wasted his wisdom on hatred, as you do.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Excuse me, capusto, but it is crystal clear who it is that land belongs to, and who it has always belonged to since time began. History. If any form of hate is wrong, Boris, then why do you not temper your hate for both America and Israel. You are getting really crotchety these days. I get better "insights" from talking to my own dad. I know it is very exciting for you to tell everyone that you are some KGB/FBI whatever seekrit spy, but it doesn't mean that you have an absolute clear angle on every foreign policy matter out there. Have some humility, uncle.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Yes, it is indeed. The current occupiers and would-be landlords all came from elsewhere. Meh.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Not true honey. There were 12 Tribes. Native peoples. Ancestors.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Where did your ancestors come from? Even if your relatives came here on the Plymouth, you have origins from most likely somewhere in Europe. Should someone tell you that its their business to make rules about where you are allowed to live?
  16. Anonymous Member

    LOL@"holy books" as bona fide historical accounts.
    How old are we here, 12? :D
  17. Anonymous Member

    I live in a place where I am welcome, not where I have to ethnically cleanse the native people from the land.
    Godwin in three posts, two posts, one...
  18. Anonymous Member

    Dude.. There are carvings in caves and rocks, ancient structures and maps, ancient coins, artwork, etchings. groves of olive trees hundreds of years old which have sustained peoples living there. It is living, breathing Archaeology.
  19. Anonymous Member

    this is a dumb comment i am not going to respond to.
    go buy a slurpee.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I never said no one lived there, Moishie. It just wasn't your people.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Of course. "Israel" would never resort to ethnic cleansing.

    oh, wait...
  22. Anonymous Member

    My people lived there, Schmendrick. ;)
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Hey, not that i'm interested, but I saw no thread about Syria where they are critiqued. Nothing about Egypt, either. Do you get to selectively pick and choose who you are going to cast as the bad guys?
    I'm bored, now.
    Have a good day.
  25. Anonymous Member

    The rules are the same for all, so it will depend also upon your answer.
    Patience is a virgin.

    <tips hat>
  26. Anonymous Member

    And as with just about every country in the world there were people there before your "tribe"

    You have been taught that it's your people's your people.
  27. I am glad that TT didn't have any offensive anti jewish images,like this.
  28. Galdakano Member

  29. Galdakano Member

    Have a good night.
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    my mom looked like her.
    and this was one of her favorite albums.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Cultists think they can get by with good PR... oh, wait.
  34. Anonymous Member

    There's politics and problems, and then there are totally regular, normal people going about living and loving like every other human being.
  35. Anonymous Member

    admit you liked it. lol
  36. Anonymous Member

    Er, no stealing land from other people is a crime.
    Holding them captive in the world's largest concentration camp and shooting and bombing them like fish in a barrel are crimes against humanity.
    You can try to (PR-wise) inject all the normal-sounding into it that you like, but it ain't.
    Israel is rapidly becoming more of a pariah-state than North Korea.
  37. Anonymous Member

    and then there are my personal preferences.
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    I'm just not attracted to the horse-faced.
  40. Anonymous Member

    I think natural is beautiful.

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