Operation Sea Org Messages/Flag/Clearwater Cell

Discussion in 'Projects' started by amaX, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Clusterdux Member

    I think is great that the messages that Anonymous conveys are varied.

    When a cultie realizes that Anon is a disorganization where disagreement is common and accepted, it is a win for us. It shows them a contrast to the thought control they are subject to.
    "If we are on the bridge to total freedom and they are supressives, how come they get to actually be free and we do not?
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  2. anonymous612 Member

    Chillax. Clearwater has a pretty decent mix of lulzfags and moralfags. This happens to fall on the moralfag side. Spreading inappropriate rumors about our Lord of the OSA and sheep falls on the lulzfag side. Balance is achieved.

    I just got back from blasting Sea Orgers with OT3. Feel better now?

    HEY. The position of Clearwater Leaderfag is TAKEN, thank you very much! I called dibs!

    Over my cold dead rotting body.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    A couple of people have mentioned the guard Antonio. I have a theory that he is on a collision course and will soon be demoted or RPF'd.
  4. Anonymous Member

    612 and Ama are the Best Pure n Simple they have done the time and they know the area no one can take that away!
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  5. amaX Member

    Sea Org Alley is different than when we're at the Ft. Harrison or Sandcastle, Oak Cove or the Coachman Building. Sea Org Alley is intense and it's where all of the Scientology slaves get on and off of buses to eat. Slaves are different than publics. Our messages are different to the slaves than they are to the people with $$$. Is that alright with you? Because I feel like you're leaderfagging right now. I never feel that way around Charlie, but you make me feel that way. Do I need your permission to give messages of hope to Sea Org slaves? No. I don't.

    Back off of my fellow protesters who walk in the belly of the beast. No one leaderfags here. We all respect each other.

    Please carry on shutting up.
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  6. anonymous612 Member

    Bullshit, AMA. I leaderfag all the time.
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  7. amaX Member

    pffffft. and does anyone do what you say? NO.
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. lrn2SixTone41 - as demonstrated (think it was in the Sep 1 Postgame thread but can't find it just now).

    In front of Fort Harrison, scilon parked on the kerb/sidewalk.

    'Move the car' commanded Six, and the car was moved.
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  10. Cudgel Member

    The bolding, underlining and color change above are mine, not that of the OP.

    Signs can be weighted for impact according to who they are pointed at.

    Many of the signs we use in Cincinnati Florence are aimed at those few going in and out of the idle borg. When Scary and I work the streets we try to have at least one sign pointed out toward the public and another toward the building. My favorites to aim at the building are:

    Miscavige says
    Anonymous has
    been defeated.
    You've been
    lied to again.

    Why are we here?
    Hubbard says to
    "Look for yourself."
    Have you looked?

    If the OT VIII had any
    real super powers
    Would we still be here?

    All signs end with

    At first, many of those reading the first sign look puzzled at its coloration. Then they see the pattern. Lots of them shake their heads as if to say "oh, yeah".
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So take him dancing:
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  12. Anonymous Member

    This is a bit of a drail, but I saw the below on esmb and thought of how good you are a confronting this type of stuff during your time in sea org alley. I thought you might appreciate the following:

    My bold:

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  13. amaX Member

    All of our signs are two-sided, too. However, it doesn't make any sense to use the public side of the sign in Sea Org Alley and vice-versa. Also, I'm on a mobility scooter and when I attach my sign to my basket then it's just that one side until we move somewhere else.

    We literally have seconds to make an impact on Watterson St.
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  14. Cudgel Member

    As long as it's a mental impact no one gets hurt, right?
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  15. amaX Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Whole Track Sec Checks work and they help brainwash culties

    Anonymous = Intergalactic Psych Implanters
  17. RightOn Member

    "He can’t afford the luxury of free thought"

    from post #52.
    they can afford hundrends of thousands of dollars to crawl up the bridge, but they can't afford the luxury of a free thought.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Kate recently announced that she has been diagnosed with cancer. It is actually a very good idea to put a message from her to her daughter. I will try to contact either her or her girlfriend Barbara Carellas. Kate has no facebook.
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  19. amaX Member

    Our next protest is November 3rd. It's hard for me to make a sign the night before a protest so I'm going to ask that you get any messages to me by November 1st. Thanks.
  20. Anonymous Member

    It's not a bad idea, but it surely depends on the message. If it's Happy Birthday, then OSA only needs to hide this person for one day, because they know when the sign will be held. But if it's something like "Jessica Bornstein, your dad [Kate] has lung cancer", that can be held anytime.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I think a sign saying "freeloader's debt is not enforceable" is pretty good.
    I heard Darth Xander saying it a lot.
    Or "there is no obligation to rout out, just leave!"
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  22. anonymous612 Member

    No. They've transferred scientologists to keep us from talking to them before, eg Fiona Peachey. I'd prefer they do that AFTER the message is delivered.
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  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OSA ^^^^
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  24. amaX Member

  25. amaX Member

    bumping this again.
    We're really hoping to make this happen.
    We are protesting on November 3.
    Please PM me if you have a message for a Sea Org member in Clearwater.
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  26. tigeratbay Member

    What about the whales attending the IAS Anniversary Oct 27-28. Can't some be across the street for that? I can, if someone goes with me. I've got a camera for safety.
  27. tigeratbay Member

  28. amaX Member

    I'll be bumping this periodically throughout the next few days because of the protest this Saturday November 3.
  29. amaX Member

    How about a Thanksgiving message for someone in the Sea Org at Flag?
    There are a lot of holidays in November from around the world. Match a message with the Sea Org member that you know and I'll make the sign.
    Remember to PM me with the message so we can keep it OSA safe.
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  30. amaX Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Good on you.
  32. Anonymous Member

    bump for bumpiness.
  33. amaX Member

    bumpity bump. c'monnnnn, people.
  34. tigeratbay Member

    Bump, bump, debump!
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  35. amaX Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. RightOn Member

    is this cross posted on ESMB or any other site?
  38. amaX Member

    Yes, but there were people over there who argued against these messages saying it might bring punishments of some kind toward the recipient of the message. All I know is that we saw the faces of the Sea Org who saw the first message sign for Gabriel Stefani and it was a good thing.

    Loving this:

    Thank you.
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  39. amaX Member

    Very sad that this signage operation won't be starting up tomorrow.

    Maybe next time. :-(
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