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  1. Anonymous Member

    Gentlemen, lazers were charged, politico harpoons fired and a paper raid has been officially launched to take one small step towards unraveling the ball of yarn that is the Church of Scientology's Tax Exempt Status & Special Tax Breaks in the USA.

    At the end of last week, Project Chanology Anons with the aid of xenubarb as the honorary namefag, have filed an FOIA Request on the I.R.S. to release the finalized Closing Agreements of the 1993 settlement in the Church of Scientology vs. I.R.S. affair. The public domain versions of the dox in said paper raid are indexed under the FOIA section here:

    Although we have the unofficial draft copy of the final agreement leaked to the Wall Street Journal long ago, prior FOIA requests and subpeonas for the FINALIZED agreement and all other related IRS investigation files on scilons has always been b&.

    However, we have requested the finalized closing agreement ONLY, plus leveraged a recent series of footbullets by Senator Grassley when he dropped the ball on his 3yr investigation into media-based ministries, with an added twist of exploiting the upcoming Sunshine Week national platform for promoting FOIA, sunshine laws and our right to know.


    The gameplan goes liek this:

    1. File IRS FOIA request calling for the release of closing settlement agreement by the end of Sunshine Week. CC key players [DONE!]

    2. Apply pressure as we wait for IRS rejection **
    3. Get Rejection, Richochet it right bak into Senator's Grassley's lap with open letter presser
    4. ...
    5. Profit.

    **Your HALP needed on step 2 to promote sunshine & lollipops faggotry, "TAX THE CULT" and "GIVE UP THE DOX" adlib themes in your upcoming protests & harpooning efforts. Moar on this in next post.

    Note: we fully expect the FOIA Request filed on the IRS to be Rejected. That's part of the plan, although its a mighty fine request - the point is for it to FAIL so that we have a spark to ignite a fire. The time is right, the coals are hot AND with this FOIA request we have a poker in the firepit to stir up some flames under the cult's special tax priviledges that violates the establishment clause. See for all the important facts you need to know on this matter.

    Once our FOIA Request is denied, we will gain a hardfast 21st century clarification of the exact reason why the I.R.S. will not give up the dox on the closing settlement agreement only - all while keeping the sekrit investion files sekrit. This will atleast give us a firm starting point for pursuing further actions on the IRS tax front AND help to greatly ease the current which comes first, the chicken or the egg situation we have surrounding where the ball of yarn that needs unraveled begin.

    And who knows, if the stars align with rainbows in a land where the unicorns lay down with lions -- we might just to actually get DOX on this initial attempt at sticking our big toe into the murky waters of politicized FOIA favoritism. In which case we a firm starting line drawn in the stand instead of just a meager starting point.

    But for the sake of keepin it real = Chances our this initial filing is just for lulz of shining the light of day on the fact that everybody prefers to ignore the issues surrounding the cult of Scientology. Besides, if u see lions - suggest you get in the car, nevermind the unicorn.

    So we say to our chanology brothers - SUNSHINE WEEK FTW!!1! **Let the IRL Raids & Pooning begin!!

    Also - Lookout IRS & Senator Grassley... HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!! Plox Let the Sunshine In or else moar FOIA related faggotry will ensue on a larger scale.

    Sunshine and lollipops for ALL! Which of you glorious bastards are bringing the caek?


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  2. Anonymous Member

    Related Suggestions & Inspirational Thoughts for Sunshine Week Raids:

    Promote as much you can

    Hubbard's birthday coincidentally falls on the first day of Sunshine Week - Sunday March 13th. We have challenged the IRS to release the dox by the end of Sunshine Week. So plox considering adopting the adlib theme of sunshine & lollipops = tax the cult into your existing LRH birthday festivities on the weekend before Sunshine Week.

    Considering having a rally outside of your local IRS offices, OR outside of your American Embassy from other lands abroad, at the end of the Sunshine Week - Saturday March 19th. Use sunshine and lollipops to target the general public with raising awareness of Scientology's special tax breaks.

    You can even haz pretty flyer/poster/sign template, compliments of xenubarb - just add text that suits your needs:


    CHALLENGE: +10 internets to the first faggot to show up in a vid wearing a Jimmy Dean's breakfast shining sun or similar costume and licking a gigantic lollipop. (RIF & Glibby: we're looking at you babe)

    Yes themes are gay. And so is the IRS so its all good. And this is a call for an adlib wing-it theme for general lulzy faggotry of epic proportions while spreading the word of "tax the cult". Do with it what you will - Sunshine & Lollipops For ALL! FTW!!1!


    Lots of other sunshine week stuff ripe for reuse & shooping is readily here, check out all the options under "Toolkits"
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  3. AnonLover Member

    Hot diggity bump - the post paper raid operation is officially launched! I haz a happy!

    Dear IRS, Let The Sunshine IN!!! kthxbai.
    <3 Anon

    Also - still looking to get a shoop on this sunshine week graphic from initial think tank thread that lead to all this glorious FOIA faggotry:
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  4. adhocrat Member

    Some lovely Gore

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  5. Orson Member

    *********STANDS AND APPLAUDS*************

    Thank you to these anons taking actual action. It's so nice to see a thread like this again (wipes away tear).

    Seriously, this is excellent and you are congratulated and thanked for your initiative.

    Over-used old meme alert (Herro, prepare to insult me): You have my sword.
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  6. xenubarb Member

    LOL like you're srsly gonna get any dox from the IRS.
  7. Anonymous Member

    herro just called the midget to let him know of this horrible development..."oh shit, another fire to put out...someone is going to get slapped for this one!"
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  8. Orson Member

    Nice to see the FOI requested cc'd as well:

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Got No Cult To Protest? Well here's the perfect opportunity to demonstrate for the cause in other ways.

    Go Protest the IRS (or US Embassy) and let them know we think their gay - like sunshine & lollipops - and that its time to give up the dox!

    In the US, Find your local IRS office here:

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  10. amaX Member

    This will piss us off as it goes along, but this still makes me very happy. BTW? I carried a sign today when we raided Clearwater.
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  11. COREarg Member

    Someone called for a sun logo with a Anon Mask...?

    btw: This is almost near the birthday of ElRon, amirite? SPECIAL DAY TO PARTY
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  12. AnonLover Member

    Actually, a Senator Chuck Grassley Mask - like the aaron saxton cutout face masks of last year would be lulzy as hell.

    AND Yes - Hubtard's 100th birthday = March 13th = The First day of Sunshine Week. Exploit dat shi- to max plox ... tis destiny.
  13. Anonymous Member

    The cover letters the CC'd parties all got are priceless! bwahahaha
    Even if the major outlets dont touch this, perhaps Ortega will atleast be amused enough to poke fun at us for being such lulzy faggots.
  14. AnonLover Member

  15. Anonymous Member


    You're a bad man. You're a very bad man.
  16. Anonymous Member


    Could we (and by we I mean someone who knows who has admin rights to that site) get the missing video on the front page fixed?

    And, would it make sense to include the latest cult tax advice info from the other thread on the site as well?

    Along with adding these FOIA requests?
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  17. AnonLover Member

    It greatly helped having a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN specifically for FOIA RIGHTS so perfectly timed and ripe for pwning.

    Sunshine Week, Starting on Hubbard's 100th birthday, FTW!!1!
    btw - does your sword come with possible wwp mail blast powerz?

    I was thinking maybe once we get freshened up for sunshine week happenings, perhaps a spam blast to compensate for no "threads you should read" feature on new wwp2.0 to help reach out to distant parts of the chanology hive that might be down with sunshine & lollipops faggotry for old times sake may be in order.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    But therein lies the beauty of Operation Sunshine Week - even if we get no DOX, its still WIN because:

    I. The reason WHY we get no dox becomes a firm target. Firm targets stay still and allow for future heat seeking scud missile harpoons to be launched endlessly.

    II. The IRS has to openly admits it is gay and its full of FAIL, and essentially rolls out the red carpet for lulz lasting a longtime at their expense.

    III. Firm Target + Open Admission of Fail = a lulzapalooza platform to hound both congress AND President Obama until they too admit their gay and full of FAIL when it comes to Scientology. Then we can use that platform to entice John Q. Public that thinks scientology is batshit insane to join in the ridicule of said FAIL on neutral ground of Sunshine Week (so they dont actually have to be one of us to protest cuz its wide open for anybody to do their own thing and still be on the same general bandwagon)

    IV. Sunshine Week happens once a year, every year - and perpetually gives us a national campaign we can pwn. Although we'll just wing it this year with adlib sub-themes, just imagine what we can do for 2012 Sunshine Week with an entire year to prepare.

    V. And beyond 2012 - Chanology can haz their very own annual spring fling week-long celebration event of epic faggotry. Sorta like Mardi Gras except the carnival happens outside the IRS.

    VI. We can eventually make Sunshine Week synonymous with national loathing of the IRS & International loathing of the US if we need too... and turn the national campaign into a shrine for showcasing the US government's hypocrisy of not admitting that Scientology is essentially the national religion due to their special tax breaks.

    VII. Grassley gets mocked for now - for starters, since he already got his pants down waiting to be spanked with his nose firmly pressed to the crotch of the religous right. But lots more congress critters can be targeted for mocking later. Every politician who opens their mouth about open government, more transparency or FOIA rights can forevermore be made to run the gauntlet of "O RLY??? What About Scientology?" ridicule which provides ample reason & letter writing fodder for repeat pooning throughout the year.

    IOW - all we need is the IRS' 21st century reason for rejection, and its GAME ON at a whole new exciting level of play. Chanology can then graduate by osmosis from being crayon toting tards into being fully enabled punk ass kids on the street corner heckling the IRS, congress, and the President on behalf of the american public who already fully hates scilons thanks to us. We can then become the true embodiment of the Sunshine Week motto - Be A Hero, Get the Dox, Its YOUR Right To Know.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Excuse me Army of Lovers Version, imma let you finish but the 5th dimension has the best version of all times. For the oldfags in the audience.

    While we at it

    Also, sunshine is the one thing that can defeat snow. Anonymous wins twice!
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. AnonLover Member

    ^^Too good not to embed...

    There are soooo many happy happy gay songs about sunshine, who's gonna make a mp3 playlist for ease of noobs with no cult that wanna go solo protesting @IRS ???
  22. Anonymous Member

    Oh hai scifag J-Lo - so nice of you to join in the party,

    we gonna tax your cult babe. Its just a matter of time.
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  23. Anonymous Member


    Besides, when the IRS does refuse, we fork Grassley.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    A little cream with your sunshine & lollipops?

    I've. Been. Waiting. So. Long.
    For Cult To. Be. Going
    In. The. Sunshine Of Your LAAAaaaaaaawwws
  25. Anonymous Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    This looks relevant to our interests - from the Sunshine Week 2010 activities:
    Sunshine Week: Help Get Public Information Online

    O RLY??? Doe the "entire Admininistration" include the I.R.S. ??? If so, What about Scientology special taxes breaks that violoates our First Amendment rights Mr. President?

    How about telling the cawksuckers at the IRS to word clear "transparency" and then GIVE UP THE DAM DOX? Maybe then we discuss how the Gov'ment will go from no-transparency when it comes things that protect evil cults, and actually have a serious discussion on how far away from "unmatched levels" of transparency" we truly are.
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

  32. AnonLover Member

  33. rof Member

  34. AnonLover Member

    Be A Hero - Get The Dox shoop nao gotten:

    Thank you kindly xenubarb!
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  35. adhocrat Member

    Here's the yin and yang from the same band and album (Elephant Mountain)

  36. AnonLover Member

    Quick fixes done: broken vid & broken flyer link replaced, and a new link to the FOIA stuff on Research: Church of Scientology vs. IRS added to bottom section.

    More stuff for recent tax advice & a sunshine week announcement coming soon.
  37. AnonLover Member

    There is also lots of cool cafepress Tshirts & shi- available here with the national campaign logos to send the message loud 'n clear why your there:
  38. ravenanon Member

    love this!
  39. AnonLover Member

    U b Atlfag rite? been a waiting for u guise to recover from recent clearwater venture and show up.

    (grabs Orson's proffered sword) I hereby knight you lucky bastards marcabian commanders of the frontline


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  40. ravenanon Member

    Hi I'm Raven and I'm recovering from CW ;)

    Info is getting passed around and plans being discussed.
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