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    shameless bump 4 weekend traffic
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    We now got a customized version of the SUNSHINE WEEK - BE A HERO graphic moar suited to our needs...


    Flyers & leaflets using ^^This and other materials coming soon.
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    Better quality versions of the banner image in OP for use on webpages:



    Smaller version of shoop earlier in the thread for use on webpage sidebars:

    (Suggested Link for all the above =, related announcement on that site coming soon)

    All the graphics posted so far in thread:
    (newer/better stuff at the end for repetitive artwork versions)
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    [KewL} I totally almost graduated from [BIG] SUNSHINE CAMP[/not big anymore]
    I met my friend Minty there.
    We had fun
    Some parts were gross.
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    What about taking the "national religion" angle? Just thinking out loud, but somewhere in some of the text you or someone used that phrase.

    Why is scientology America's national religion?
    Did you know Scientology is America's national religion?

    Would that get people's attention if it was plastered everywhere IRL and online?
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    bump for fliers & leaflets!

    Operation Sunshine Week Poster
    (Add your own text to customize to your needs)
    View attachment e8b63e7e3e3e4f16ccda28dc2fedf2e764aacdc9dd671e70fc
    Graphic - Image Album

    Simple Tax the Cult Leaflet from yesteryear
    (Single sided b&w 2x2)
    View attachment 53ef53720babf1e14a6368ba3598083a5e8c0d54e2fd843b91

    Anony Sunshine Week Flyer
    (2 full-size color pages, can be used separately or combined for a dbl-sided tri-fold)
    View attachment 286a9cb3c0ac70ccaaf468e47aeeafb641adffa9f9e41552a0 View attachment 9496a8d4a62775166ded68c5fe078a6bba5bc7be599d5a4901
    Front graphic - Anony Sunshine Week - Fileshare - Image Album
    Back graphic - Top 10 Reasons to Tax Cult - Fileshare - Image Album
    Back PDF - Top 10 Reasons document w/ links - Scribd - Fileshare
    2pg PDF - Both pages in graphic form - Scribd - Fileshare

    Generic FOIA Infographics [native stuff]
    (2 full-size color pages, can be used separately or combined for dbl-sided deal)
    View attachment b0ddae4409e388f6e1815154cfe63d7254b4ff1929f03dccd3 View attachment a62b49807b68cb7201c32ddbc2d71de99b82fc6847cdbd8cd5
    Front - Using the FOIA - Image sauce - Album mirror
    Back - Government Secrecy - Image sauce - Album mirror
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    This thread gets me all hot.
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    Note - Typo Fix'd on front graphic on this flyer,i accidentally'd "Senate" instead of "House" at the bottom.
    Links updated upstream in this thread and below.

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    WANTED for Additional Promo stuff... good protest pix of "tax the cult" and "corporation - not a religion" signage.

    Liek this...


    moar plox?
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    Sunshine week has begun. To see the hot topics brewing this year checkout the headlines on the official blog below & surf google news for "sunshine week"

    The due date for the paper raid challenge on the IRS to release dox by the end of this week is coming due, and TODAY should be the mandated 20day response due date (which means xenubarb may or may not get a written response sent via snail mail before the week is even over).

    If the IRS denies our request - propose US cells start to consider doing additional local IRS raids like DCfags did, and hit 'em hard on Tax Day - April 15th while harpoons take aim at Senator Grassley and the administrative appeal (no lawfag required) step gets filed.

    In the US, Find your local IRS office here:
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    GO GO GO!!!!!
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    Tis the season for greater than 9000 editorials on transparency! a few choice bits relavant to our interests...

    ProPublica: How Statutes Keep Information Secret
    ^^good thing we took preventative measures to explicitly state in our FOIA request that we wanted the finalized agreement only to avoid the tax return blackhole!

    Sunshine Week: Shining FOIA Light on Government Secrecy
    ^^moar at the link including lots of interesting stats

    Obama administration defending its FOIA progress
    ^^ Ed O'Keefe from the Washington Post, one of the "select media outlets" cc'd to specific journalist due to his prior works harpooning the shi- out of Obama's inaugural pledge failing to live up to expectations was cited in anon's FOIA request.

    The Whitehouse blog: Introducing
    ^^Great new resource for ongoing paper raid efforts!
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    Moar updates!
  23. Clearwater Member

    I wish I had navigated this site a little sooner and hopped in on this from the get go. The flyers are nice! Lots of good info, thank you.
  24. AnonLover Member

    a status update on the operation sunshine week ftw!!1! paper raid is now in order.

    Anons filed the initial request on Feb 17, 2011

    And altho the IRS didnt rise to challenge to respond w/ dox for the sake of sunshine week. We did get an initial reply dated March 21 (3days after sunshine week ended with added lag for snail mail delivery). There wasnt much other than boilerplate to see here, aside from the fact it made past the GA clearinghouse offices it was sent too and got transferred to what may be the federal branch in MD. So we kept mum to see how the final reply would play out.

    The final replay came in this week, dated March 30. And we got the expected answer, REQUEST DENIED - but with a twist...

    What twist? The NO U reason stated is not quite what we expected & had been somewhat prepared for - "Materials originated with the IRS".

    Instead they enacted ye olde "Personal return information is not disclosed" excuse (that has also been given before) but conveniently dropped the "personal" bit and expanded the scope to claim closing agreements are equivalent to exempt return info.

    So phase 2 paper raid followup begins now. We have 35 days to file a fairly simple administrative appeal in the form of another letter. Except we need to redo some homework and find an angle we that can troll further to debunk/dispute their assertion the closing agreement dox = third party return info.

    Paging all available researchfags, taxfags & lawfags to the round table ITT, we need yer swords. The relevant bits to unravel & reravel into some kind of leg to stand on for forcing the issue to next level are these bits:
    Relevant tax code in question for further scrutiny is here:

    Regarding the FOIA exemption (b)(3) is here (and quoted at end of final reply):

    Other historical FOIA cases against the IRS re Scientology is indexed here:

    Suggestions wanted on possible ^^admin appeal strategy... even if its just to be a dick and blow some halfway decent sounding hot air so as to let someone higher up the food chain know the dox are wanted and that we think the IRS is gay for not giving them up.

    We also ask that further harpooning efforts (phone calls, letter writings, etc) be kept on standby for time being. The time to commence the serious rukus raising and congress critter trolling is AFTER the admin appeal is denied, and we still need time to work out next steps strategy and get it filed before the deadline.
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  26. AnonLover Member

    ^^Good question, answer unknown at this point. Since we were expecting that limiting the scope of our FOIA request to just the final agreement only would eliminate the "personal return info is exempt" reason for denial, we gotta dig a little deeper than anticipated for a workable song-n-dance reason to appeal this.

    stay tuned, i should have some angle atleast halfway cooked up to proceed with by the end of this weekend.
  27. marktomles Member

    Just a few thoughts:

    First- thank you. This is extremely important, and a refreshing action, versus the all-too-common "slacktivism" that we see once in a while.

    <wall of text>

    The Congressional Record, V. 146, Pt. 18, November 1, 2000 to January 2, 2001, reads in part "Clarification that return information includes closing agreements and similar disputes resolution agreements". That's the part that they're echoing. However, the record also states that, "it is not intended that the closing and similar agreement exception be used as a means of avoiding public disclosure of determinations that, under present law, would be issued in a form that would be open to public inspection. Thus, technical advice memoranda, chief counsel advice or other material clearly available to the public under present law section 6110, would not be exempt from disclosure by virtue of the fact that such material is contained in a background file for a closing agreement. For example, if a revenue agent seeks technical advice in connection with a pre-filing agreement, such technical advice would remain subject to the requirements of section 6110." Skipping ahead a bit, I also see, "This provision is not intended to foreclose the disclosure of tax-exempt organization closing agreements to the extent that such disclosure is authorized under section 6104. Since section 6103 permits the disclosure of return information as authorized by title 26, a disclosure authorized by section 6104 is permissible, notwithstanding the fact that a closing agreement is return information." (

    </wall of text>

    That might be a good place to start, with some of the items SPECIFICALLY mentioned by the congressional record.
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  28. AnonLover Member

    ^^shi- where have you been all my life... i was stuck on where to start.

    thank you!!!
  29. RightOn Member

    thank you AnonLover for all your hard work
  30. marktomles Member

    Got lucky with Google is all, you're doing the awesome part! I'm agonna keep keep searching and feed you what I find.
  31. marktomles Member

    Not that i LIKE it, but case law and appellate court decisions seem to support the irs' position, as in the case of the foia request for the closing agreement for the Christian Broadcasting Network,

    I think we need to determine what we CAN obtain and try to "reverse engineer" based on that. I'll try to look into whether or not there's a "declassify on..." type date for such agreements
  32. AnonLover Member

    and therein lies the point where i got stuck on crafted an appeal to the initial filing.

    ^^This was my thought too... and i was trying to find some comparable example where financial values / personal return info were redacted on a closing agreement that did get partially released.

    but i found nada, got stalled in the trenches i dug and then my attention was pulled away by other projects i got going/waiting on other fronts and i couldnt manage to get a good grasp on where to start for next round of paper raiding on this front.

    so your extra set of eyes/hands/brains is much appreciated!
  33. marktomles Member

    AnonLover, you're making me feel all warm and gooey inside :) Can't you see my face? I'm clearly blushing.
    I don't think we should completely give up on obtaining the totality of the agreement, as there may be some way to obtain a redacted version or something.
    But in the short term, I think that starting with some basic SUPPORTING documentation might at least give us more to go on and help up better plan our approach. I don't know if it would take a new request or not, but I'd highly reccommend that we submit a request and actually reference the congressional record, and ask for those items specifically mentioned as permitted, eg the technical advice memoranda and chief counsel advice. I'll take a close look at the code and try to think of what else we could ask for as related to that closing agreement.
    It seems to me that starting there would at least give us more than we have now, and help us formulate a better plan.
  34. AnonLover Member

    i was expecting a completely different reason for denying the request, and setup my supporting dox for defending it in one direction. but when the NO U came back, it came back from a different direction.

    so - yeah, i'm torn too as to whether we should appeal the original (if dam good reason/angle can be found) or start over with a fresh request now that we know what their official reason for not granting it is in 21st century.

    altho were pushing the time limit on appealing the first one, so that might already/nearly be a moot point already.
  35. marktomles Member

    Well, this is your show, and I'm gonna support you either way, but I think that we hold in place on the original request. It would take up too many resources that we're not yet sure how to apply.
    Instead, I think that we come up with the list of items that we CAN have and request them as related to the closing agreement, SPECIFICALLY noting that we're not asking for the agreement itself. At least that's progress.
    Concurrently, we research the law about closing agreements, maybe go to harvard and get ourselves a law degree or two, and attack that once we have our ducks in a row.
    But, like I said, it's your call.
  36. marktomles Member

    I hope we can turn this into a running list, anonlover, but I think that we need to document the items that we KNOW for a fact that we can have and create a request for those, perhaps with a justification as to why we can have them. If we have a reference for each one, I think it should be smooth sailing, and we won't risk a blanket fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    We know about the technical advice memoranda and chief counsel advice (reference, congressional record). We must make sure to include emails, as supported by the successful FOIA request by the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena (

    Notes related to the investigation, including interviews (previously provided by the IRS under FOIA requests from Alaomo Ministries,

    Need also Related "IRS Case Chronology Records" (same as above)

    More to follow...
  37. AnonLover Member

    let me stew on this for a day, re-orient my brain on this project and re-acquaint myself with nuances.

    ATM: I'm not willing to give up on getting a redacted closing agreement, which doesnt mean we have to appeal original request (we can re-file on same dox however many times we want). But if we go after different dox then we definitely need to start anew (cant amend a request on appeal to get different stuff else they throw it out by default)
  38. marktomles Member

    I agree that we must NOT give up on obtaining the full agreement, whether redacted, full or released to the public, I dunno. And, like I said, I'm with you to the end on that one.

    I do think that we need to, in the meantime, get a request in for the supporting documents. In essence, two concurrent efforts, with one we can do now, and another that needs more research.
  39. AnonLover Member

    i liek the idea of concurrent requests, methinks the harder we hammer at it from different angles the better chance we stand of getting a bone thrown at us in hopes we go away.
  40. marktomles Member

    I think you're right there, that's the way it often goes. I'll keep researching requests that have been successful in the past and are backed up by law or precedent. That way, if they say "no" to any element, it would raise certain questions as to why they're giving preferential treatment to one entity over another. They'd either have to provide the information or face that question.

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