Orlando 2/2 protest - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Camille, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Camille Member

  2. lermanet_com Member

    just started another thread on it...

    REPOST from an old Timer Picketer of Scientology for ten years

    I watched the stick cam feed, thank you, quite enlightening
    I'm sorry, this is disappointing

    The big thing is getting people to get up off their butts and DO something, but after you have accomplished the hardest part, don't waste the effort because you did not prepare on the easy stuff.. pleasee!!!

    These guys need to PREPARE
    they need picket signs than can be read from far away
    here are some images of our pickets and signs

    A picketer in Washington DC
    an ex members picket sign
    above is yours truly with beard, in Washington DC

    Note MY sign (the one being held in first image) even said XENU.NET And I run!!

    Why would I do that!?!

    XENU.NET is the SHORTEST LINK! and he links to all of us, and his site is good for introducing people to this war, My site is sort of advanced studies, legal archives and aimed at deprogramming current members..You are asking a passerby to remember, one short link, ask them to remember two three or more and they wont remember anything All should say XENU.NET

    why? cause when you make that text BIG and BOLD it can get Bigger and bolder and be seen from further away, and is easier to remember, than
    composite image from our Clearwater pickets[img]
    above, guy on left is Andreas, who runs image London

    [url=""] ... picket.jpg[/url]
    this is a friend in clearwater

    1) Most of us have signs on a stick to get them above our heads

    2) All the text is in BIGGEST BOLDEST lettering the shorter the message, the larger the textthe farther away it may be read by passers by.

    So now on the 6 oclock news what will the Roll Footage show?
    Instead of, an easy to recall URL for more info..
    will we have

    Xenu Eats Babies?

    on the 6 oclock news??

    eyes rolling..


    guys and gals, you gottah prepare, the hard part is getting people to get up off their butts and show up, that's the hard part, preparing is EASY, and fun, especially in a groups of 4 or 5 people..on the floor of the livingroom

    On signs, generate them in a graphics program print at 8x11 and then goto Kinkos and hand it to them and tell them how big you want it. A 48" wide Black white costs $4 to print.

  3. Wow your Kinko's is a ton cheaper for signs than mine was saying they were. Maybe the one in Castleton that can print on cardboard is cheaper...
  4. Camille Member

    Yeah, it sounds like you were watching the same thread I was. I was watching a link to a webcam feed, but I couldn't really see enough to see what was going on in it. It's kind of mortifying that on one hand, they're successful on getting that many people, but on the other hand, it sounds like they weren't organized at all. Hopefully the 2/10 protests will have the same number of protesters but more preparation and less typical LULZ stuff.
  5. WTF! Xenu eats babies???????? are ppl trying to get us laughed at or what? Ppl need to get there heads about them
  6. Camille Member

    And apparently someone had "Lulz" on their poster. GOOD GOING GUYS. D:
  7. donotstalk Member

    I'm going to assume that the "XENU EATS BABIES" crap won't be there on the tenth.
    If it is, I assume someone will have enough sense to tell them to put the sign down and hand out fliers instead.
    Other than that, holy snakes, 70 people!?
    I thought the constant stream of 30 people to each of the pickets (so partyvan leads me to believe, I only went to one of them, but there were about 5 thus far) was a lot, but Orlando has shamed us.
    They have shamed us good.
  8. Camille Member

    Yeah, seriously. I understand maybe wanting to be relaxed during a protest and hanging out, but some of that online crap? Please leave at the computer if you want to be taken seriously.

    I'm not sure on the official numbers yet, this is all hearsay. But that's what I heard and holy SHIT at that. I mean, the turnout is impressive. Now they just need to clean up the actual, uh, protesting, and the Feb 10th thing might be kind of awesome.
  9. lermanet_com Member

    This is plain paper, then you spray it
    with some spray adhesive and stick on your placard..
    and away you go

    I have a dozen signs I'll be bringing to the DC demo on the 19th
    I doubt Ill see them again... but thats ok, they will be in good hands.

    The greatest number of leaflets we ever handed out
    was when we once had a gal dress up as a guy dressing in drag..
    and the leaflets were hot pink
    There's a lot of gay clubs in that area, one could see a sea of hot pink flyers all the way up and down connecticut avenue..
    And The locals describe it as "The MARTIAN EMBASSY"

    Ive even on two occassions, this is how disliked they are in DC, had people come up and press a 5 or 10$ bill in my hand and say thank you, where have you been, I wish youd come out more often.. I'm thinking I wish this guy would stop talking and get off HIS ass and DO something..

    People are afraid of retribution.

    And they have had people online whose job is to call me names.

    The gal that runs came up with this great line...

    "Why should I care what someone says about me who believes their body is infested with the spirits of dead space aliens?"

    good point...

    All they really can do, IS call you names... because...of the net,

  10. tamphex Member

    Hi Arnie,

    Thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated & I think everyone has a lot to learn from your experience. I hope people are paying heed to your posts as they are indeed very valuable!
  11. Camille Member

    Be careful guys. Be smart about the protest, be legal and be mature. And thanks for the sticky, tamphex. :)
  12. Anonymous128 Member

    While it's cool so many people arrived, it's a failure in terms of credibility.

    For God's sakes, there were people with "LULZ" and "SUP /b/" signs.

  13. anonEmouser Member

    Alright, its an epic forehead-palm moment, we're clear on that.


    We should be using this as a test run case for what to expect.

    Tips we've already gleaned from the post mortem:

    1) BRING EXTRA MATERIALS - signs and fliers. This allows you to purge out any "bad crap" for "worthwhile material"

    2) Run off 50 copies of the "Rules" to distribute to anyone who shows up. At least they'll have had to read it once.

    3) Among your fliers, have at least a few tl;dr informational ones--these can be used for passing out, but their primary benefit would be to distribute to people who show up without knowing what the hell Xenu is, for example. This gives them a few initial talking points if asked.

    4) Bring snacks, and take up a collection if you want to get pizza. Accepting food from scientology isn't going to give you cancer or kill you, but it will give THEM one HELL of a photo op.
  14. Camille Member

  15. I can has youtube now?
  16. Camille Member

  17. anon13 Member

    Holy shit, that's a lot of people. I hope all of the protests are that big. If they see this as "dry run" or whatever, the CoS is probably freaking out right now.

    Also, more "" and less "Xenu eats babies" perhaps.
  18. Camille Member

    Yeah, especially considering how the last Orlando one was just a teaser. I swear one of those guys though is the same Orlando one (long hair dude?). :p There's a lot of shouting, seems almost like a party atmosphere. Althuogh the part with the girl approaching them was...awkward.
  19. Heyanonnyno Member

    Ugh. We really need to cut out the net signs. *head-desk*

    The number of people is really promising. Perth is a small place but we're getting a good bunch of people considering. :)
  20. Camille Member

  21. It looks amazing! A lot of good stuff, and some less serious people doesn't hurt. Everyone who participates makes it more difficult for CoS to harass their enemies.
  22. Exactly, Apon....the CoS can't handle a large amount of picketers like this. The more the better.

    Go Anonymous!!! :)
  23. So the lessons learned from this is:
    * Bring serious signs that non-anon can understand
    * Write in fat bold letters that can be read from a distance
    * Scientology is scared shitless of us
    * Anonymous is legion
  24. Tel

    Wow, that's awesome guys!
    A little work on the signs and the 10th will be epic.
  25. L.the.Anon Member

    Well, I wasn't really surprised that people were not all out serious. It looks like they did have loads of fun though, and that's always a good thing. Sure, they could have had a bit more to say about why they were there, but we'll just have to make sure people know at the tenth.
  26. Camille Member

  27. AnonMomAnon Member

    my sign was colorful and more visible, but this wasn't my first protest.
    however, i had "honk" on my sign and we had to put all those down.
    it sucked because i had the first and thirteenth amendments listed on the back side of it.

    anyway, i'll have more time to make more colorful, visible signs with only something acceptable and NO honking.

    i read on partyvan that "there are no OTs" on a sign is pretty affective?

    any other ideas on that?
  28. effective to whom?

    effective to the general public who has never heard of OTs and all they know of Scientology is that Tom Cruise is strange ( & probably harmless)?

    effective to members of scientology who might have doubts, and have been warned that protesters will be spreading lies?
  29. AnonMomAnon Member

    by the way, those young people were so polite and did EVERYTHING the police told them to do.
    if there were a few signs that were out of sorts, that's no reason to say this was a complete failure!
    at least these young people were out there doing something.
    btw, i think i was the only older person out there picketing along with them.
    they were funny and informed and polite to me.

    some of the signs may have been offensive, but they tried and you shouldn't completely condemn them for their efforts.

    let them live and least they're embracing a worthy cause.
  30. AnonMomAnon Member

    thanks ever so much for all your help with my question, his_GF_left_him!

    i take it from your answer back to me that we should all just stay home?

    listen, i saw on partyvan that someone suggested that sign and i was wondering if anyone else knew if it was fucking effective or not.

    save your sarcastic comments for someone who's not trying to get the word out on this shitty cult.

    don't bother replying back, i'll get an answer from someone else.
  31. donotstalk Member

    While I agree that particular sign might not be best for raising public awareness, you have to keep in mind that we want to get under their skin, too.
    So while the general and sci public might not be terribly irked by it, you can bet OSA will be, and that's reason enough for me to enjoy the sign.
    (For the record, my sign will probably just read "XENU.NET - PLEASE")
  32. lermanet_com Member

    OK... I also would use a sign with"NO OTs In Scientology,
    or you would not see this sign.."

    on the side facing scientology,

    and on the side facing the public Id go on about

    The FRAUD of Scientology
    and a big LINK

    or even just Scientology Hurts People

    Common sense rules:

    Can you read it quickly from far away?

    Would someone who knows nothing know you objected
    to scientology for whatever reason?

    Did you give them a LINK for more info.



    worked well too

    Scientology has been working for YEARS to spam, and using keyword spam, and sporge, to manipulate google rankings, so folks would NOT find certain websites..

    Thats why a LINK is essential..see 2nd post in this thread

    Thank you for reading

    rose2.jpg [/url:3siqgvhw]
  33. maybe it wasn't such a bad job

    Perhaps you would like to know how the Orlando protest was seen from an outsider... because I am an outsider to all this. First off, I don't care if people have "lulz" or whatever written on their sign, because I don't know what the hell that is. I happened to ride my bike by the protest saturday. Of course I thought, 'what are these kids protesting? don't they know that isn't going to work?' I knew a little bit about how crazy scientology was before hand, but one of these guys with a suit on handed me a flyer with on it and I read more. Really, I think the point is that most people know that scientology is crazy... but they (like me) are also curious about it... and it seems to me that is the dangerous part. I would suggest that it doesn't matter what your signs say (although the less IN YOUR FACE the better) as long as you are able to spur the people to look into it a little deeper via safe outlets rather than walking into the "church."
    Anyway, that's my thought about it. Like I said, I don't know all that much about this whole thing. I am just a guy on a bike who went to a website.
  34. Camille Member

    Re: maybe it wasn't such a bad job

    Wow, that's pretty cool. Thank you for your input. I'm guessing if they managed to get your attention and curious enough to check out the site, then that's a success. :3
  35. This thread should probably get moved to the 'review' forum. Its exactly what that place is for.
  36. Are there any pics? It'S very hard to read signs or see any other details on video.

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