OT suffocated her terminally ill mother

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by nonames, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. nonames Member

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  2. LocalSP Member

    Mrs. Kervorkian?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    no name mentioned, but that it happened 17 years ago in Maryland, USA.
  4. an0nim0uz Member

    That's not disturbing at all, is it?
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  5. RightOn Member

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  6. AnonyVix Member

    Terrible but no surprise.
  7. Anonymous Member

    There's no statute of limitation on murder.
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  8. "Mr. Moxon's client could not afford to pay for mom's care with all of the family assets being needed to pay for more Scientology processing. Clearly, this was a case where our client was merely helping a thetan escape from an uncooperating wog body. This was done for greater good of our church."

    BTW, Our investigators have been quite busy looking into your past, your Honor, perhaps we could discuss in chambers?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists would rationalise it by thinking they're helping another thetan to drop the body. Fucking loonies.
  10. Anonymous Member

    cult of death
  11. amaX Member

    Has anyone figured out who this guy is yet? Find out and I'll call the authorities myself.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    do it, they probably have the possibility to find it out. Some facts: 17 years ago, Scientologists, Maryland, elderly and terminatly sick woman.
  13. eddieVroom Member

    That statement alone suggests the ordeal was neither gentle nor agreed to.
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  14. amaX Member

    I promise I will report it, but we're going to need someone to cough up more info about this guy. The guy said that he protested with Pooks. I wonder if she knows something?
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  15. veravendetter Member

    OY NOY!
  16. PresidentShaw Member

    I like how there is no call of dox or gtfo in this thread....

    I also like how this community then goes and claims it's pro at critical thinking and tearing appart retarded crap.

    Don't get me wrong, but we are talking about some ex-scientologist on a forum saying that his ex-wife told him something.
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  17. Nick_Nolte Member

    ^ This
  18. Anonymous Member

    He's doxed his ex wife and 3 kids on ESMB. Should be easy enough to figure out. He doesn't have a lot of posts so it's easy to skim through and dig out plenty of info.
  19. amaX Member

    If this guy is saying his ex-wife suffocated her mother then he needs to be found out and someone needs to make sure that we get DOX on whether his story is true or not. It's murder.
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  20. PresidentShaw Member

    It's murder only if it's not some invention from a lonely ex-scientologist out to get some attention and cuddles on esmb.
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  21. vaLLarrr Member

    Anonshaw speaketh truth, verily.

    Verify before we villify.

    Valour before vendetta and all that.
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  22. PresidentShaw Member

    Also we are not the FBI
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  23. LocalSP Member

    Maybe you're not...
  24. Anonymous Member

    Is it a federal murder case?
  25. Just another tax-exempt Scientology front group for the "public good" (NESI) that simply wants to help aging thetans shop for new bodies.
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  26. amaX Member

    IMO he needs to be outed if this is a lie. It's an outrage if this woman smothered her mother. It's also an outrage if this guy is lying. There was more bitching about Brave Agent Pubeit.
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  27. amaX Member

    No, we're not the FBI. But I'm not a fucking scientologist who looks the other way at murder OR the suggestion that there's been a murder. The guy isn't a /b/ tard----he's a fucking ex-sci and they're known for not reporting illegal activity.
  28. Anonymous Member

    The exes over at esmb are trying to convince the OP over there to report it himself.
    That i think is the best course of action.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    No you're just a retarded with an retarded child.
  30. an0nim0uz Member

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  31. amaX Member

    Flunk, fuckhead.

    I'm really not sure who you think I am or what you think you know about me, but I don't have a child with any disabilities.
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  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Scatman Member

    Attention demented OSAbot. During my time in scientology, I found it interesting that many scientologist parents had autistic children. Is it the massive doses of niacin? The toxic calmag? Or is it the barley water formula that interferes with brain development of infants? Your violent, paranoid, and rip-off cult needs to get disbanded and shut down.
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  34. PresidentShaw Member

    Retarded trolls are not OSA by default.

    GTFO my internet you moonbat
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  35. Anonymous Member

    So the thread that got started 12 hours ago with barely 40 replies constitutes failure of critical thinking? You must be a god to get better results
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  36. amaX Member

    Dumbass trolls are sometimes OSA.

    Congratulations on your new position as Dictator of the Internets. I'd bow, but I don't want to break a hip.
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  37. Yes on the current decrepit body paying in full and yes on the deposit by the old thetan for a new body until such time as the new body has access to assets / credit of any kind.

    Anyways in Scientology you pay in many ways, always.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Guys, please, let the butthurt flow through you but don't let the mongoloid anon posters troll you like this.

    If he's OSA he's already smelling the shit, if he's just a regular retard he'll be eaten soon enough. Chillax.
  39. PresidentShaw Member

    I'd prefer it if you would call me president 4 lyfe
  40. Nick_Nolte Member

    No trust me. Just a retarded troll. Get the tinfoil off your head.

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