Raising awareness of this site

Discussion in 'Projects' started by anonanonanon, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Raising awareness of this site

    These forums are a great place to organize the protests, but we need to make more anons aware of it.

    I have posted a comment in this digg link that links to this forum:
    Please digg the comment & reply in support so we can direct more people here.

    Also please discuss any other ideas to bring more people here.
  2. LE Member

    I'm all for bringing traffic to the site, but unfortunately that was not an official video.

    Once we get a little bit more content on the front page, and the new theme for the forums polished a little further, we can digg this place, and do whatever else is needed to bring in traffic.

    Server resources are a different story, but I'll figure that out as it comes.
  3. rogue Member

    LE hit the nail on the head :) Once the site is a bit more complete and our forum theme is ready to go, we plan to Digg this site to spread awareness but not yet!
  4. First, thanks for putting this together. I think it doesn't really matter if the video is "official" or not, if we post comments about the site, it will help draw more people here.
    It couldn't hurt to have a few more people here before the site goes officially public.
  5. local media outlets

    ok well I am currently in a city with no scientology activity (to my knowladge sacramento) but I would like to help in anyway I can. I believe that the best to push this cause is to get as much public media coverage as possible.

    I think we should start contacting local tv station in our areas to air a story about what's going on in this war. (or atleast a video from anon with links to this site perhaps) there are so many people who watch local news eveyday it will get us more allies in this fight.
  6. chatman Member

    Be careful who you invite, the other site got ddos'ed quite bad for some time due to him advertising in mIRC
  7. OsloAnonymous Member

    It's kind of a sticky situation either way. We need more people, definitely, because the more we can bring out to the protests the better we'll be able to make our stand. At the same time, though, new people outside of the usual sites might end up either not getting what we're doing or making asses out of themselves at the protests (which we definitely don't want). If we don't advertise the site, though, we run the risk of not reaching our real potential in numbers.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  8. Jude999 Member

    Re: Raising awareness of this site

    I joined because of that digg comment.
  9. I sure did join because of that post to.... Anons want to do something but arent aware of the correct resources.
  10. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Share with care - quality participants, not quantity. Word of mouth amongst those you trust is the best method, done right noone could ever trace you. For the next few days, we might continue to err on the side of caution - the site may reach critical mass with modest efforts on our part.
  11. If complications arise about hosting and funds, I'm sure a quick donation could help. Not all of us are basement dwellers; in fact I run a fairly profitable religion you might not have heard of...
  12. thequeue Member

    Good work on the vid! Currently we're still refining content and organization, but another day or two and the site should be ready for the masses. Thanks for the support!
  13. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    A good tip to f*** with YouTube for our own gain would be to hold a couple videos for a day or two, and not upload them until an agreed time when we all could load and watch the video. Yes it's akin to clickfraud but it's not really a TOS violation, and I recall reading that movie studios and record labels use this tactic to promote their content.
    The goal is to get on one of the many top viewed pages, at which point the vid will take off on its own.
  14. JinTian Member

    Anytime you need a link to the "site" for the war on scientology, link here. As long as this forum remains confined to legal discussions, it won't be taken down due to Scientology.

    As for server and hosting expenses?

    Anonymous has your back.
  15. Atomosk Member

    linking to is probably a better way to start. from there, they can try to find us. I wouldn't recommend putting enturbulation on any sort of flier, since we should only want participators here on the forums.
  16. EsotericTim Member

    Call a Radio Talk-show

    I know that a few talk shows have Open-line Friday:

    Armstrong & Getty on 650AM has one
    Tom Sullivan who moved from Sac to go national is on KFBK1530

    so on...

    Not every one can come here, we need to go there to get the word out.

    GO! Anon Go!
  17. tamphex Member

  18. Amomynous Member

    My quick two-cents about recruitment:

    2/10 is almost upon us, I think we're fine as we are (not saying -don't- recruit, just putting a super emphasis on quality over quantity).

    I'm thinking we shouldn't be making too many concrete plans for -after- the 10th until -after- the 10th.

    How things go, imho, will strongly shape our near-future tactics.

    We may not be getting any big surprises out of all this, but...

    I'm just saying, expect the unexpected.

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