Rape culture projects

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Apr 12, 2013.

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    Three separate issues
    Party-goers that watched instead of helping her.
    Bullying- threats after she came forward
    Humiliating the victim- sending around pictures of her and loling about it online
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    This thread is win.

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    "What can Anonymous do?" ^^^
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    Answer in pic:

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    Subject: Re: Bullying and anti-Rape education

    Hello xxxxxx
    Thank you for your email regarding this troubling issue. Our staff work
    constantly with students regarding bullying and harassment issues,
    beginning in elementary school. This is in support of both district and
    state policy around this issue. We address personal harassment as well as
    electronic harassment, as does our policy.

    The unfortunate issues recently reported in the media, in my opinion, is
    both a family and a social issue. We certainly explain to students the
    dangers of drug and alcohol use, and the reduced decision making skills
    that inevitably occur. We also discuss the ramifications of video
    recording unfortunate events for the victims and the perpetrators.
    However, I also believe this is a discussion that must occur at home as
    well. Students need to hear these warnings from multiple sources,
    understand the potential ramifications, and be prepared with refusal
    skills when opportunities arise.

    Hi and thanks for your reply.
    My concerns are two
    1) Teacher and coach training. Sometimes the problems have not been reported. They need training in "rape culture"and mandatory reporting.
    2)Education of students in "Rape Culture" and not encouraging or allowing that.
    I agree students need education about drug and alcohol. The education needs to be addressed at home, but I am concerned about what happens at school.
    It is not "Refusal Skills", it is knowledge about rape and the culture in society that allows it, and education to stop it.
    Thanks again

    "Refusal skills"
    OMG the ignorance.

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    That seems a rather slippery statement to me, in the context of rape.
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