Rathbun in Hamburg - Events Updates

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  2. Anonymous Member

    I only watch these for Mosey now. I hope she does not drink to much koolaid
  3. LocalSP Member

    Fuck Marty.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Super Indie going to clean up Germany
    requesting pic of Marty in a cape with the Indie logo on his chest armed with an emeter.
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  5. sooleater Member

    maybe falsches bild
    aber bin mir da auch nicht sicher.
  6. mongrel Member

    In this case, the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy because he's a delusional fucktard. The only reason why Mahty is not a threat at this point is because he doesn't have the money. He is still building another cult. Fuck him and his lies.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    hope he drops some leaks
    if not he can get hit by a car or so.
    we dotn need lowbuget scifags aka indiĀ“s
  8. Anonymous Member

    marty is a bigger asshole than anybody.

    lol at what hubbard wrought
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I at least have sympathy for the cultbots. all of rathbun's humility is gone. he has no love. I think he'd be worse than miscavige if he had the same amount of power.
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  10. mongrel Member

    You are simply retarded if you think asking about Nazi uniform whilst in Germany is just trolling.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Will the Hamburg Anons be covering this visit? I would love to see some video and get their take on it all.
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  12. anon0004 Member

    I'll be there with my cam on September 7th.

    Hope they'll let me in.

    There will be others, too.

    Gotta work actually and can't stay the whole time.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    To all Hamburg anons: This will be an excellent opportunity to get Scilon handlers on cam acting apeship again. Remember when Miscavige totally freaked out in 2008? Here's the chance to get it again. Don't waste this opportunity. Get out and have your cameras at the ready and then go into full TROLL MODE. I am sure lulz will ensue for generations to enjoy.
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  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. xenu2012 Member

    quote from runninscared:
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  16. Smurf Member

    Seriously, what was Ursula thinking inviting Marty to Germany given his track record so far? Unbelievable. While I found the videos amusing, I was surprised to hear how many times Marty repeatedly told Mark how he was going to "handle" Ursula Caberta and "I've done more to distinguish LRH & recover LRH than anyone else in the last 2 years."
    He never talks about giving a speech... it's all undoing DM's mess and handling Ursula & the others that have ridiculed LRH & the tech.

    Marty refuses to acknowledge that alot of abuse & criminal acts occurred under L. Ron Hubbard's watch & with his approval long before David Miscavige took over the cult. Are we supposed to forget about Operation Snow White & the fact that LRH moved from place to place fearing the FBI was looking for him? Leave it to Marty to rewrite history and disinfect what is already documented fact.

    Marty sez in his blog he was invited by Ursula 2 years ago to speak and he refused given Ursula's speaking out on LRH & Scientology, but says Ursula experienced a change of heart after reading Marty's blog.... so Ursula is open to Marty "handling" her? Has she not learned anything in the last 20 years?

    I hope German anons can attend the speech and address to directly to Marty and get an answer from him? Please don't let him get away with this shit.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Part of the first video was enough for me.

    Crazy people arguing with crazy people about crazy, crazy beliefs.

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  18. Anonymous Member

    So Marty has Jungle Fever?

  19. Smurf Member

    I don't know why Marty has to lie like that. He responded, "Nobody bought my ticket" and "Nobody is paying me to go to Germany". Bullshit. Past speakers get round-trip airfare, room & board, and a small stipend for their time. Why can't Marty just admit to it and that it's relative to anyone being asked to give a speech at a private function.

    It's no big deal, yet Marty consistently evades the question and lies about it. Obviously, something hasn't changed since he fled DM's empire.
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  20. incog712 Member

    What we have is Rathbun's point of view narcissistic self promotion, not Ursula's. Personally if I were to place a bet on who'll be getting handled in Hamburg, it won't be on Ursula. Last time around, Moxon also turned up to "handle" Ursula. That didn't work out so well either.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    You assume that Marty owes any sort of an explanation to them?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Don't be a dick.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Not. I think it's awesome.
  24. anon0004 Member

    On a Sidenote, I hope this will be fun, we haven't seen handlers and OSA or independent Moonbats out for a while.
    This Event looks promising for all kinds of oldschool fun.

    I hope there will be lotta OC for the board.
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  25. Smurf Member

    Yet, when the SQB's said they didn't owe Marty an explanation, he insulted them and called them cowards. He's a hypocrite.
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  26. Smurf Member

    Marty's comments in the article says differently..

    "Rathbun says that Ursula Caberta, a Hamburg politician, invited him to come speak in Germany two years ago, but he declined. Caberta had long been the commissioner of the Scientology Task Force of the Hamburg Interior Authority, which monitored Scientology in Germany from 1992 to 2010, and worked to raise awareness of its concerns with Scientology's controversies and reported abuses.

    Other American ex-Scientologists have made highly publicized trips to meet with Caberta and speak to the German public. But for Rathbun, it was a tricky proposition: as long as criticism was aimed at both Hubbard and the church, he had little interest in helping that effort.

    But over the last two years, he says, Caberta has read his blog and understands that he's criticizing the way Miscavige runs official Scientology while still honoring Hubbard's ideas about the mind.

    "She understands where the real reform is coming from," he told me last night. And once he goes over there on Monday, and begins speaking on Wednesday, he thinks his message -- to focus on the abuses under Miscavige, not the philosophies of Hubbard -- progress in Germany to curb official Scientology will pick up speed. "It's going to go like wildfire across Europe," Rathbun told me."

    It was the "philosophies of Hubbard" that put Scientology on the roadmap of abuse & criminality in the first place - long before DM came into the picture. Miscavige was never indicted for Operation Snow White.. that was Hubbard's folly.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    When Marty answers some questions...then becomes mum for others...I consider that a win for the Squirrel Busters. I bet they do as well.
    He should either answer none of the questions or have handy answers for all. Otherwise, it does iindeed appear like he is hiding something.
    Too bad his Hubbard Tech training is failing him.
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  28. incog712 Member

    Yeah, I get that. But again, those are Rathbuns comments. Rathbuns spin. No more meaningful than anything else that comes out of his piehole.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    They are generating lulz and footbullets.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Via (attempted) 'stalking' disguised as 'making a documentary'.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Oh come on now guys, Marty's still sucking the liquid from LRH's wrinkled ass - but he owned every single one of those Squirrel Chumpsters.

    Looked to me like Nurse Ratchet was gonna cry when Mosey asked about her daughter in the RPF - what's the betting that Miscavige promised he's let her out if she became a Squirrel Buster.

    This is a win. Marty was also correct about the viewing stats too, they tried to yell over him but his blog is the most popular scientologist website on the planet right now, nowhere near as popular as WWP, but that's because the SP's are winning.

    I love watching the OT crumble and forget his lines and all that lack of confront shit.

    There are no OTs. Not one. Squirrel Busters are the best they got.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    How perceptive of you.
  33. subgenius Member

    This ain't Ursula's first rodeo.
    Marty will hoist himself on his own petard.
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  34. Orson Member

    Actually, they do disappoint. Twenty-six minutes of idiots talking in circles to each other.

    HamburgAnons make sure Ursula knows Marty plans on "handling" her.
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. CarltonBANKS Member

    Could it be a strategy to communicate with people still trapped in $cn, like the guy in the squirrel busters cap. (Cos, like, they might an-hero if they realise they wasted their lifetimes?)

    What's fascinating is the that he really got them to contemplate that DM could be the reason $cn fucked up (and he really is going to Hamburg to fix it).

    [stage 1 - short term] getting them to doubt Dear Leader
    [stage 2 - short term] remove the taboo that people can't read "entheta"
    [stage 3 - long term] in their own time, let people weigh up the evidence and decide if LRH was a Messiah or Charlatan. This can happen while Miscavige is jail, and it can take a few years - that's fine by me.

    Fave parts:
    • When they asked him if Carberta was paying his air fare,his comeback was very good. [pointing out that DM pad that guy's travel]
    • When he started questioning the petite lady about her daughter being in RPF

    Did anyone catch the part about his neighbours? when he said they were upset as their parody made them look like hicks. What was the problem - that they were watching the filming?


    In Vid 1 what were those people doing on the roof?


    I thought Scientology working group was being dissolved due to lack of funds (Hamburg gov had no moneyz left?) It's great news that Hamburg govt didn't give up.

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  37. For me, he has the function of distracting Miscavige's attention and taking up OSA resources. That I like. But he is still selling snake oil, still shilling for the cult and apart from talking about DM and himself beating people, he has done nothing. As deputy director of OSA, you would think he would have something to say. Others who have been involved with OSA and left the church have been open about what they have been involved with. Marty doesn't.

    Compare what marty has done to what Gerry Armstrong has done. Gerry has fought Scientology for decades and at great risk financially and personally. Rathbun has some AFTER Anonymous, when OSA was distracted, when many people had blown, essentially under the defacto protection of the distraction Anonymous provided. He came out, when it was relatively safe, he didn't talk at all and is selling the Kool-Aid. That is not my friend. That is a self-serving asshole.

    This is why I don't think he has really swallowed the kool-aid. He is just trying to administer it. He is not taking responsibility for, among other things, Lisa McPherson. If he claims to be ethical, let him prove it.
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  38. Chipshotz Member

    Mosey is the only one in these videos that is not insane.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    The enemy of my enemy is the friend of my friend with benefits.
  40. Anonymous Member

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