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    General Information: Protesting Scientology

    WhyWeProtest is the worldwide hub of anti-Scientology activism (often called Chanology). Several years ago, the loose collective of activists called Anonymous chose Scientology as a campaign target because of its aggressive attempts to remove the now infamous Tom Cruise Scientology video from the internet. Today, Anonymous along with ex-Scientologist and other activists continue this crusade. Since the anti-Scientology campaign began, activists have exposed many serious misdeeds, including the following:
    • Free speech violations
    • Human rights violations including suspicious deaths, torture, coerced abortions, the deliberate separation of families, and human trafficking
    • Illegal actions such as harassment, slander, libel, extortion, and vexatious lawsuits
    • Fraudulent activities including questionable tax exemptions, unsafe drug rehabilitation practices, irregular business practices, bogus educational and charitable organizations designed to infiltrate schools and recruit young people
    More Information on Scientology Abuses

    Visit the pages and sites below for more information on Scientology abuses:

    Guidelines for Scientology Protesters

    Following a few basic common-sense guidelines at raids will help you to avoid problems, to protest effectively and to enjoy yourself.

    • Don’t raid alone.
    • Before planning a raid, always check local laws regarding public gatherings, and get a permit if one is required.
    • If this is your first raid, contact your local cell and arrange to meet beforehand. Stay together.
    • Consider protecting your name, face and identity for safety's sake. In general, WWP encourages protesters to avoid sharing personal information even with other Anons.
    • Film the raid so you can share a post-game video, and particularly if you expect any trouble or problems.
    • Avoid behavior that can be considered aggressive or annoying. Be polite at all times.
    Harassment, violence, and legal actions against Scientology protesters are less common now than they used to be, but they do still occur. Use common sense and conceal your identity from strangers and even from other Anons, and follow these guidelines:
    • Stay across the street or on the other side of some other barrier from the org. Don’t go inside the org.
    • Film the raid, particularly any interactions with Scientologists.
    • Don’t use real names or WWP nicknames while raiding or socializing with other Anons.
    • Keep backpacks, purses, and pockets closed, and check their contents. Consider leaving cell phones home or using disposable phones.
    Working With Police
    • Be especially polite, low-key, and cooperative when talking with police. (This includes providing identification if requested.) Thank them for their involvement, even if decisions don’t go your way.
    • Contact the police immediately if anyone in the group is harassed.
    • If police are unavailable, film any suspicious behavior and leave.
    Consider this advice from an experienced Anon:

    Never place the police in the position where they have no choice.

    • If they are attacked, they will have no choice.
    • If there is vandalism/looting, they will have no choice.
    • If there is violence between factions in the crowd, they will have no choice.
    • If they are allowed to choose, and they choose to attack, nothing has been lost.
    • However, if they choose not to attack and to watch, then you have won.

    What to Bring

    Consult your local cell for advice about what to bring (and not bring) to a raid. A few things are essential, though:
    • Cash for transportation and food
    • Identification in case you’re stopped by police
    • Water
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Seasonal clothing
    • A sign or pamphlets
    What to Wear

    Clothing What you wear can change or conceal identifying physical characteristics. These suggestions will help you to dress anonymously.
    • Cover your hands.
    • Women, pad up or strap down.
    • Don’t use the same disguise or clothing items over and over at protests. Avoid your usual clothing styles, brands or logos.
    • To avoid buying multiple winter coats, have each anon in your cell buy a couple of oversized, different-colored waterproof ponchos. Snip generous vents and wear a warm base layer to avoid hyperthermia. Randomize who wears which poncho at each protest.
    • Don't wear the same shoes to raid after raid. Vary shoes’ sizes and styles—but keep them comfortable.
    Face Coverings A Guy Fawkes mask is the traditional Anon face covering, and it's a good one. Before buying a mask to protest in, though, check your local ordinance and consult your local cell—in some locations masks are not permitted. If you don’t have a mask, can’t wear one because of local laws or don’t want to wear one, any face covering will do: theatrical masks, surgical or dust mask, scarves or bandannas, face paint and veils are good alternatives.

    To find a Guy Fawkes mask, ask your local cell or check out online vendors:
    Hair Coverings Always cover or change your hair while raiding. There are lots of ways to change or your hair:
    • To avoid showing any hair, tuck it into a skullcap (easily made with a pair of pantyhose or purchased at a beauty supply store) and wear another covering over it. You may also find hairpins, spirit gum and double-sided tape helpful.
    • Wear a wig to conceal hair, hairlines, ears and other identifying characteristics. Choose a wig that is a different color and style from your hair.
    • Wear a hood or hat.
    Additional Disguises There are a few other steps that you can take to further ensure your anonymity:

    • Make sure to disguise any unusual features.
    • Use make-up or clothing to cover all tattoos, birthmarks, and scars—not merely those that are immediately visible. To disguise tattoos, stencil something elsewhere, and do a similar decoration over your real ink.
    • Disguise distinctive piercings and add fake ones—the bigger, the better—by using nose, lip, and eyebrow jewelry.

    While it’s not very likely that you will be followed by Scientologists seeking to identify you, it has happened many times in the past, so you may as well be prepared.
    • Use public transportation whenever possible. If using public transport, travel to a random destination, then change routes. Leave the vehicle, then re-enter it at the last moment. Consider parking at a stop you don't normally use, going a stop past, and walking back to your car.
    • If you drive, park some distance away from the raid location.
    • Assume you are being followed when leaving a raid, and take evasive maneuvers habitually. Take a wide, unpredictable route so it will be hard to confirm that you’ve entered or left an area. Cross roads, underpasses and bridges. This makes you harder to follow and forces anyone who tries into revealing themselves or taking another route.
    • If on foot, don’t leave alone. Walk through large, busy buildings with multiple exits. If possible cross to adjacent structures overground/underground. Walk in the opposite direction from oncoming traffic, and cross large empty spaces (parks, carparks, public squares, shopping malls) so you’ll be able to see anyone following you. Don’t go into parking garages or other empty areas alone.
    • Pack an extra disguise and decide beforehand on a changing spot (subway stairways or any business with a bathroom, for instance). Stop there on your way home to change your appearance by adding or removing clothing and headgear.
    If you have questions, contact your local cell for advice. Protesting Scientology is generally not dangerous these days, but being cautious will ensure your safety.

    For additional information about WhyWeProtest and related topics, please consult our FAQ and browse the New Members Discussion Area as well as the main forum.

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