Richard Robinson, Pres of Assoc of American Publishers - datamining to be sure

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    Richard Robinson, Pres of Assoc of American Publishers - datamining to be sure

    Is this gai...

    About Scholastic Board of Directors

    Richard Robinson - Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Scholastic Corporation

    Richard Robinson Profile |

    Richard Robinson: Executive Profile & Biography - BusinessWeek


    "Richard Robinson has been Chief Executive Officer since 1975; President since 1974 and Chairman of the Board since 1982 of Scholastic Corp., and its subsidiary Scholastic Inc. Mr. Robinson serves as Chief Executive Officer of Back To Basics Toys Inc. He has held various executive management and editorial positions with Scholastic Corp. since 1962. He has been a Director of Scholastic Corp. and Scholastic Inc. since 1971. He serves as a Director of Association of American Publishers."

    Weather Index -- Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

    A Perfect 10 Storm for Google

    Stephen Dang, Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic, February 27, 2006

    Abstract: Storm clouds gather as a court found Google’s image search, which generates thumbnail-sized image reproductions from websites, to infringe Perfect 10’s copyrighted photos. The holding potentially weakens Google’s ongoing litigation over its Book Search Program, where the Association of American Publishers (AAP) claims Program search results providing short “snippets” of copyrighted books infringes the copyright holder’s rights. Google raises a fair use defense, arguing that the snippets are transformative and do not harm the copyright holder’s commercial interests.

    . . . . this gai?

    Richard Robinson - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Common name error or ?


    I'm prolly being tinfoil-hatty, but Andrew S. Hedden - Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP is also on the Board of the company and they used to be $cilon lawyers til they dropped them.

    My reason for asking is I saw this thing on the national news tonight:

    The 39 Clues

    Books connected to video games in order to get the kids to read. May well be the neatest idea since sliced bread, and may be in competition with "Applied Scholastics," but I thought I ought to at least bring it up. I don't find any service completions matching the remainder of the board, and the websites look too slick to be Co$, but better safe than sorry because the idea has clout / staying power.

    edit: His resume reads too smart to be a $cilon, but then again he was born into the family business and $'s.

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