Sacramento Nov 14th

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Rug, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Rug Member

    Sacramento Nov 14th

    our spot is here, will update as soon as i get home -rug
  2. LE Member

    Re: Sacramento Nov 14th


    Don't mind me, I'm on my way to dominating the Pacific Division again.
  3. Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    Scions seemed a little angry today :)
    Sidewalk chalk was in effect.
  4. fisherman Member

    Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    Congratulations! Waiting for more! It's a win, win, win weekend for Anons!
  5. tazor Member

    Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    They're always angry. You guys just made them angrier. Well done! :D
  6. voiceless849 Member

    Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    What were the chalks all about?

    PS: Srsly bummed I couldna make it. Was ready with epic monster signage...
  7. Rug Member

    Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    hey guys, i'll get the video up tomarrow, it was pretty fun with the chalk, if you'll excuse me i'm in a bit of pain cause of my hip, so ima go lay down for the night

    okie it was nice to see you, hope to see you at more protest's

  8. Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    New Anon and Rug decorated the sidewalk in front of the org.

    Sorry Rug to hear about your hip. Hope yesterday wasn't too much for you and the pain has subsided! I appreciate you were there.

    Voicelass, I missed you. We were hoping to see you again. See you in December? Lots to celebrate as this year comed to an end.

    Ananonally - sorry I missed you! I was hopin' to catch up and celebrate all the great news since September.
  9. Rug Member

    Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    alright guys, i'm up and feeling slightly better, i think i might have just overdid myself yesterday, thanks though twin :)

    ok currently transfering the videos from my camera to my laptop to see what's useable and what isn't

    as for words, yesterday was pretty awesome, i got there and aly showed up, i went out infront (right infront of the door to the "church" to see an open house sign setup along with a table that had a few of their pamplets on it, the door was wide open, and after about a moment of seeing me, they went and took everything inside, so i guess they didn't want me at the open house :( lol.

    anywho, we had the new protester show up, which was amazing because they brought chalk, so we decided to write on the sidewalk infront of the building, the new protester mader a little xenu figure, and a chart showing the more xenu you had, the more money you would spend.

    mine was a little more straight foward, the word cult on either side of the doorway and an arrow pointing into the church.. they didn't like that, sent baby douche out to clean it up, so we redid our chalk art before we left

    all in all it was a pretty good day, now if you'll excuse me i have some video to work on, will post it when it's done, just hope most of it is useable -Rug
  10. Rug Member

    Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    hey guys sorry to let you all down, but the video i have is no good, you cant hear anything anyone says over the stupid machine they had in the parking lot tearing up the ground, hopefully next month it'll be clear and nothing like that, cause the camera i have sucks when it does video, if it gets above a certian point sound wise, it kills the audio.. i'm going to start looking around into geting a new camera that does video and should be able to cut through the audio bs
  11. Re: Sacramento Nov 14th

    Oh well! You tried and we can't ask for more!
    See ya next month! With bells on!

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