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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonxmous, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    There was a couple of people in the East Grinstead thread who said they live locally... could approach them.
    I live like an hour and a half away, so... yeah, not me =P
  2. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    I'd say do it! But keep SJ in the loop...
  3. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Yes hello I'm still here. Hopefully we'll get somewhere with the land stuff on the 31st.

    EDIT: And yeah I'm fairly local to Saint Hill so anybody wanting to lend a hand give me a yell and I'll let you know if theres anything you can do.
  4. Vir Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    In case the plans fail, but you're still on the good side of the farmers:

    It's important not to damage any crops, as any vandalism and other illegal shit will get you b&, v& and made to walk the plank. ARRRRGH
  5. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Bump for justice.
    We didn't get any further with this during our little trip to Epic Winstead, did we?

    ...It may be that I'm delusionally hungry or whatnot, but I sense fail looming.
  6. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    We did get further, in the sense that we know it won't really happen. All the good fields were crops, and the only other possible one was owned by the people who let us walk through their land as long as we didn't make any noise or piss off the Scientologists - so I can't really see them letting us have a goddamn concert there.

    I think this needs to be shelved for now.
  7. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Aw, fuckity boooo ;_;
  8. Orderous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Maybe not.

    I have noted down a couple of names of the sports clubs in the area. Won't give us the proximity we wanted, but will definately give us proximity enough. Although they might be just as scared as everyone else
  9. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Well, does proximity really matter anymore?
    When this was originally thought up we had pretty much zilch media attention and so it was necessary to plonk it next to Saint Hill in order to make it obvious what we were campaigning against.

    Now, people are somewhat more aware of us and the location may not matter so much.
    Only issue then being where and how much will it cost...
  10. fm104anon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Since this seems to be falling through with the original plan, anyone support this idea? I brought it up earlier but said it might not be wise since we would have to put all our attention on this.

    We organise gigs across the globe in smaller venues on the same day for great justice.

    Before you dismiss that as laughable or impossible, hear me out. As stated before, I organised an event called Tab-Aid when guitar tabs became illegal. We had gigs going on in Europe, America (and Australia I belive) during the same period of time. They where attened by a massive amount of people and those who went liked the fact that the same gig was happening somewhere else in the world. It can be done VERY easily.

    Almost every town has a venue, be it a hall or otherwise. Most of them will give you the venue for free and take a cut of ticket money. Bands will play for free and sound &light guys can be gotten very cheaply. Some venues will provide them for you so you don't even need to worry about them.

    How the day could work is quite simple. Begin the day with the protest as usual, advetise the gig to passer-bys as well. We also make it known that anon will be getting NONE of the ticket money. Basically the tickets will pay for sound, lights and venue. Anything left over should go to a poor box or getting the bands drinks, whatever. The gig could start around 8, giving everyone who attends the protest and wants to help out with the gig time to get dinner or whatever before coming around to help.

    It's an easy but effective idea that we inform more people about Co$ and, more importantly, generate great lulz.

    Y'ah or n'ah?
  11. lol9000 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

  12. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

  13. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Y'ah for sure.

    Especially since SPs are supposed to be too low on the tone scale to be able to creatively express themselves, IIRC. It would be spectacular if local cells are able to put it together effectively.
  14. Vinonymous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Y'ah... fo shizzle.

    There's a hall in Fleet (which is on the London Waterloo, Basingstoke line, so easily accessible) which me pater has rented out before for carboots etc. Capacity of about 50 peeps, with a stage for a DJ. I do some am-dram shtuff once in a blue moon so know the names of some lights and music guys.

    It's about a 10 minute walk from the station (those who went to Epic Winstead, say nothing), so flyers could be given out to a curious public, and if it's Saturday night then the town'll be buzzing, lots of slightly inebriated peeps to give leaflets to xD

    Also, I work in a brewery, so drinks be no problem.

    My thinking set a date and time, and if enough Enturbfags PM me with the promise of a small monetary donation, then I smell win.

    Y'ah or N'ah?
  15. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Too small.
    50 won't be enough...
  16. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    A London club would be better.

    I suggest Elektrowerkz.
  17. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Elektrowerkz is a fucking horrible venue. Please, anywhere but there.
  18. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    It's not a great venue for bands, true, but they wouldn't bat an eyelid at us.
  19. Vinonymous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Meh... I was kinda banking on the novelty value (of having fifty Anons walking down the highstreet) persuading peeps to get informed, etc. Also it would take the protest out of London... which'd mean people'd be more likely to pay attention, maybe. I dunno.

    Please, someone say it was a good idea =/

    EDIT: But I'd be up for a London club too, I guess, it just depends... are the parties part of the protests? or just going to be lulz factories for the Anons... cuz if the latter, then numbers don't really count, it's just having a party with other Anons.

    Which'd be fun.
  20. PresidentIke Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    I say Ya'h as well. I'm fairly new to Enturb, so I'm sorry if what I'm saying has been said before (I scanned the posts in this thread real quick, didn't see it, but I could have missed it), but it's much easier and faster to organize events at established venues, because it's not just about moving in equipment and talking to land owners. There's also a really major issue of legal liability - when events are held on private land, it costs the owner or event host a fortune in insurance in the event that someone is injured while on your land. Having that many people go to a farm for a concert is just opening up a whole lot of liability that no one should have to shoulder for something like this. Logistically speaking I just don't see how we'd be able to overcome that liability without spending loads of money that we just don't have.
    With venues already set up for this sort of thing, the liability isn't as much of an issue, as everything is already set up for performances and things. Plus I think we'd get more attention for a global type event rather than repeating the same ole' Woodstock/Glastonbury type vibe.
  21. Shifter Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    I say Yar to the multi-gig idea. Using clubs known for live music is the best bet because you reach a whole audience who might otherwise not know anything about Anonymous and/or $cientology.

    And another thought has occurred: Rickrolling this summer's festivals. Glasters (among others) is broadcast on the beeb, just imagine the effect of dozens of V-Masks appearing in the crowd right before the headlining act. If all anons with tickets to festivals did this it would be epic win. Sadly I'm not able to make it to any festivals this summer, but I thought I'd put the idea out there...
  22. bloccz Member

  23. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    this is tl and I dr it all so cocks and all that...

    I may be able to get American talent to attend, but I need to know if we can cover/help with airfare/hotel/food for them. Also, is a date set in stone yet?
  24. bloccz Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    we havent got a venue yet
  25. drillerkiller Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Goddomit! I haven't browsed this thread in ages, hoping something would be sorted :(
  26. misskittie Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Speaking as someone who is within the farming community (sadly 300 miles too far north), farmers plan crops years in advance so to get anything sorted this summer, you would have needed to ask Spring 07 (they get paid contracts for the harvest which are signed that far in advance). So if you want Rockanon 2009/megacult sign, you need to get asking sort of nowish. Also the biggest arable trade event of the year has just happened where contracts are discussed, plans made etc so I'd say you've got about another 4ish weeks max before they start signing for 2009.

    WHat I would say as a subsitute is the great Anon-walkathon. Very much like what you already have done with a record breaking (yes we can see if we can dig up Roy Castle and fuck yes it will get Press esp with every member in a V mask!) conga around St Hill but what about meeting on a beach somewhere afterwards for fire & bbq & impromptue mini gig thanks to musicanons bringing guitars etc etc. Perhaps a big party for the end of the Summer of Lulz before the Autumn of Srs Bznz and the Winter of Scilon Discontent? Appreciate that town centre beaches are a nono for this sort of thang (fat boy in Brighton leaps to mind!) but surely there is a beach near Winstead with the necessary access etc? Man, we ran huge free parties next to a large high security government building in Yorkshire for best part of a year before po po caught on, we can manage a one night Anonfest or whatever without too much illegalities and trouble?

    TL:DR? Too late by a country mile for Rockanon 2008 thanks to farmer planning but not too late for Record breaking Conganon then Beachanon 2008...
  27. drillerkiller Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Misskittie, you are a genius, I'm definitely well and truley up for that :D
  28. misskittie Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    A small amount of googling proves me to be not quite the genius I first thought. Unless this is the mother of all Anon recruiting parties, we're fucked

  29. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    rofl yeah, I don't think we have that many protestfags worldwide. You'd have to talk the other anon factions into joining the protest front to even consider getting those sorts of numbers in motion.

    as far as planning this for 2009, I personally expect the $ci to have crumbled or reformed by then.
  30. Vir Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Thanks for the post misskittie, but have you thought about a post-harvest concert? If the land gets turned into mud in an autumn concert, it won't be a problem for the farming, right?

    Also if you plow a message into the land after harvest and leave the rest of the field unplowed, that'll make it quite visible too, right? If we're talking about making crop art for the summer, then we might already be too late.
  31. misskittie Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Has anyone done crop circles before? Is a huge V possible if we set up a fund for the damage? A massive GF head on the field next to St Hill would be mint, visible for miles around (including any high bedrooms which look that way) and very very press friendly!!

    A post harvest would be possible but again you'd have to speak to the individuals regarding what is going into the ground next in that spot. Some farmers get a winter crop in the ground pretty soon after the summer. Planting an exclusive message in a 10ha field will cost Anon more than most of us will earn in 2009, so I reckon that is a non starter, good idea tho.

    A day long Anonfest is NOT out of the question though still. If anyone on here is 100% serious about organising this then you'll need a proper commitee of sorts to get the ball rolling and a martyr for face/namefagging purposes to get council etc on board. Charging £50 isn't outreagous providing it's a proper job. Getting £50 from 3000 people plus catering pitches etc etc would yield about £200k, a budget to start with! Happy to offer advice where I can but I'm way too far north to get properly involved
  32. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Guys, there is a reason this idea died- we reached a dead end with the venue (fields around Saint Hill).

    Seemed to be agreed that if anything is to happen then it'd be to do lots of small thingys all over the world simultaneously (well, you know what I mean).
  33. misskittie Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Like John Peel Day but less Radio 1 involvement? Sounds like a plan.
  34. anonymous299 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Lets just say, 2 people trying to make a roughly 300 square foot crop circle in the dead of night with only 2 planks of wood tied to bits of rope, and 150 feet of string isn't ideal.
  35. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Like with Live Aid I guess... but y'know... more "Raid" than "Aid".

    Hence it being called "Live Raid" (which it is btw- there was a consensus earlier).
  36. Winsteadian Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Hiya, looking at this thread, if you think you can truely raise that much cash from people who would come to see the event wouldn't it be a better idea to try and raise the same amount of cash to actually buy a field around saint hill, does anyone know how much a field costs ? Personally I have no idea. Or didn't people walk through woodland lastime they went down there, surely woodland isn't much use to a farmer.
  37. vegnej Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    I could have a guess and say not cheap, but if the scilons got wind of the idea i'm sure they would counter bid, a sort of ebay auction. LOL
  38. Winsteadian Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    True, I doubt it could ever happen. Is it the EG rugby Club Opposite saint hill manor or EG sports Club, they're both on Saint hill road, both offer private hire of their facilities, EGRFU even tout for sponsorship of team, clubhouse etc, not sure if they'd wear 'CULT' or 'Xenu was here' across their shirts though, worth a thought though. Now that I'd like to see !!

    East Grinstead Rugby Football Club

    East Grinstead Sports Club
  39. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Winsteadian... I lol'd rather manically at your suggestion... then just showed people either side of me here, and they did the same.

    Thanks for the lul. But... srsly.

    (Though it would be funny to make Scilons bid really high, then drop out the auction, hehe.)
  40. vegnej Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Make them waste their money LOL. Maybe a possible strategy ??

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