San Francisco Chanology 2014 - All-You-Can-Eat Entheta Buffet II (Just Desserts)

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. RightOn Member

    Epic signage Sir Moogus!
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  2. Chipshotz Member

    Excellent raid SFAnon. Great music as always Moog.
    Only drawback is I couldn't understand your Tone scale talk.
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  3. MOOG Member

    thanks Chipshotz! glad you're diggin the video. the wind was just fierce that day, and now i'm inspired to learn how to add closed captions or something to this on YouTube. meanwhile, here is about 95% of what was said in that section of the video:

    @9:22 ~

    PTS: how was it?
    man:it was bizarre. but i'm gonna try it.
    man:ya. for about 1500 dollars.
    man:but i'm not really clear on what it's about.
    me:that's the trick to Mystery...Hubbard said to sell them a Mystery Sandwich, that way you never know what it really is.
    man:interesting...i don't get it.
    me: that's a good review.
    man:the films i watched, they don't really go into the details of all the weird stuff that...about thetans and all that crap.
    PTS:oh he already knows! that's good.
    man:that IS part of the.. i mean all of that... some of the <wind>
    me: well, it's complicated. here's my take on it: Scientology has a thing called the Tone Scale - The Emotional Tone Scale, which is meant to...obstensibly to raise a person using the Technology, on the Tone Scale. Really what it's used for is to spot strangers who are i was, when i was 13 years old, shopping with my parents for chrismas presents right. (motions off-camera toward Union Sqaure) out pops a pretty girl. "wanna take a Personality Quiz?" and it sounded great and she looked happy, i'm like OK . so before i know it i'm handing over all my Christmas money for Dianetics. and they won't give it back.
    tourists:oh no!
    me:i mean but that's nothing, there are way worse things. but that's just how they do.

    TL;DR , the Tone Scale is used to spot people who are vulnerable and easy prey.
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  4. TMOT Member

    We need a new sign: "Scientology: They Will Take Your Xmas Money!"
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  5. Chipshotz Member

    Thanks for the transcription Moog. I heard '13 years old' and was interested in that. Great story, the cult will never change.
    It's beautiful you ended up going to dinner with them. Well done!
  6. skeptic2girl Member

    Subtitled, (in italics): "Ask me how!"
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  7. skeptic2girl Member

    Dinner... with the cool couple, you mean? That didn't actually happen. Haven't had any guests in a while.

    Which reminds me:

    Confidential to awesome person who gifted me a camera:

    Ravi! After next raid, if at all possible! I'll contact you the usual way to let you know next date and time.
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  8. TMOT Member

    Una mas from last time: basically, POV from the poor "Tone 40" dood who attempted to stare me down.
    "Scientology Drinking Game: You Blink, You Drink!"
    2014-05-03 15.18.42.jpg

    Guess what: I no blink.
    SF Anons: Fuck yeah!
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  9. Chipshotz Member

    ahh yes, I see I interpreted that wrong. Thanks S2G.
    Always good to see a SFAnon raid.
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  10. MOOG Member

    'sup Ethics Trouble <3<3

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  11. MOOG Member

    Scientology Protest - San Francisco August 26 2011
    Friday Night Raid with Arnie Lerma

    Published on May 25, 2014

    here's a freshly edited throwback video from August 26 2011, featuring special guest star Arnie Lerma. this is from back in the days when we would raid for 6 or 7 hours, from day into night, so this video is on the long side. first half of the video shows one lone Scientologist leaving the Org with a brave face on, and us dancing and clowning with the public. second half is mostly Scientologist staff peeking out the front window, taking pictures and making a big show of &amp;amp;quot;calling the cops&amp;amp;quot; (aka Angry Phone Tech), tho no cops ever did show. kinda anti-climactic, but sweet.

    THIS VIDEO IS DEDICATED TO THE SCIENTOLOGISTS WE NEVER SEE 'Jennifer 2' - she's in this video, but no longer do we ever see her at the Org anymore. SFAnon says congratulations! and have some cake, you've earned it, J2!

    for help leaving Scientology call toll-free: 1.866.X.SEAORG

    love, peace, and thank you for watching!

    original thread


    Give Me The Night - George Benson
    Grease (Main Credits) - Frankie Valli
    Do It (Let Me See You Shake...The Camera) - Barkays
    Boogie Oogie Oogie - A Taste Of Honey
    Do It Again - Steely Dan
    Blow Your Head - Fred Wesley &amp;amp;amp; The J.B.'s
    Family Affair (Special Edit) - Sly &amp;amp;amp; The Family Stone
    Pussyfooter - Coco Electrik
    Never Gonna Give You Up - Barry White
    Tell Her She's Lovely - El Chicano
    Jungle Fever - Chakachas
    Non Line - I.M.S.
    Brass Ring / Scratchin (Bootleg) - Magic Disco Machine
    Ike's Mood (RAID JAMS Edit) - Isaac Hayes
    Stomp! - Brothers Johnson

    axutDd3.gif axutDd3.gif
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  12. tigeratbay Member

    A+ Classic! Thanks
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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    6 or 7 hours? No way, man... I only contradict, lest there be a false impression that though we used to rock, now we suck.

    Those raids were probably longer, but maybe more like 3 hours. Also, they involved cannabis clouds, and usually someone barfing at the end.

    Carpe NOW...but, it was fun. :)

    PS: love the GIF!
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  14. skeptic2girl Member

    I'd like to contradict my contradiction, please!
    It turns out, moogie was speaking about a time before my time.
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    PS: I friggin' love that gif.
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  16. rickybobby Member

    Some of you guys, come visit me. No Orgs, but maybe a vacay. Unfortunately, NC is not nearly as fab as the Bay Area, but know you have a spare bedroom here if needed. I am only four or five hours driving distance from DC...
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  17. TMOT Member

    That August 2011 vid with Arnie Lerma was awesome! Good work SF! I'm proud to be continuing the tradition.
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  18. tigeratbay Member

    Thank you RB. You and others I've met are welcome in Florida too, anytime. I'll be in DC for a few days. but no car, and sure a nice idea.
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  19. RightOn Member

    awesome as always guise
    Howdy Moog-a-loog, Skept and Adho!
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  20. MOOG Member

    wee raided today!

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  21. MOOG Member

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  22. TMOT Member

    You guise look fantastic! And our flag, flying so high and proud. Very well done!
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  23. RightOn Member

    And thanks for the List love as always
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  24. MOOG Member

    Scientology Protest - San Francisco June 1 2014
    12 Noon Sunday Service

    Published on Jun 4, 2014

    SFAnon goes to Sunday Service at the Scientology Ideal Org of San Francisco, where all are welcome, and the front doors slam shut as we make our approach. one Scientologist invited Lady M inside, but she's too smart and knows Hubbard's tricks - Fair Game Policy and all. The Big List was up to number 2386 and printed on goldenrod for the Scientologists.

    LOVE & PEACE to you and yours! thank you for watching!!


    I Want To Thank You - Alicia Meyers
    Jeep Bonus - Masters At Work
    Take That To The Bank - Shalamar
    Street Corner - Ashford & Simpson
    Time (12") - Stone
    Let's Get Closer (Chopped & Screwed by Drobitussin) - Atlantic Starr
    Beat The Street (KISS Mastermix) - Sharon Redd
    Genius Of Love (KISS Mastermix) - Tom Tom Club
    Raid (12") - Lakeside
    Pleasure Of Love (KISS Mastermix) - Tom Tom Club
    Apache Acid Groove - Drumdrops Volume 5
    Never Gonna Give You Up (acapella) - Rick Astley
    Genius Of Love (instrumental) - Tom Tom Club
    Give Me Your Love - Sylvia Striplin
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  25. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Great pics guys, and aweshum raidage! TBL on goldenrod, wonderful, I so happy seeing the numbers updated too :)

    Haz a cake! ~
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  26. RightOn Member

    sneaky two girls are sneaky.
    so what did they do? go into the org, and then go out the back and walk back by again?
    The first time they walked by, the one girl with the Trader Joes bag was so nervous she was holding the bag handles with her scarf stuck in them
    Slow down the vid frame per frame... the girl with the bag has something stuffed in the back of the top of her shirt? You can see it when she walks into the org @ 2:27 and 2:28 and then again when they show up later and go by the org and then go in again. @ 5:37 and 5:38 look at the top of her back. Unless she it totally deformed and has a hunch back.
    Was she wired or something?
    Right before they go into the org the first time she looks like she is adjusting it right before she dropped something.
    Spies I tell yah

    Sign love= lovus maximus
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  27. RightOn Member

    what do you think Moog? IS she wired? Or was it the light playing games on my peepers?
    When she walks past the pole the first time her back looks down right angular.
  28. MOOG Member

    ya i'm not sure what it is. at first i assumed it was those two girls going round and round looking for the guy that's just hanging around us, like they all were to "meet outside the Church of Scientology". i didn't notice the hunchback tho, good editor's eye RightOn. i wonder what it is.
  29. RightOn Member

    they also don't "walk" or talk like friends either when they are walking. Body language suggests other and also hijinks ;)
    besides, that guy walks in the org and then they walk in. That guy was also a spy IMO
    Not sure about the guy leaning up against the building down the block near the girls in the beginning. He seemed suspicious too.
    If I am correct they failed miserably at trying to be "covert"
    Their second pass by is laughable.
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  30. MOOG Member

    this was a surprise raid - no one knew in advance that we were coming, except for at least one Scientologist who was in the Starbucks where we were drinking coffee for a few minutes, sitting there with flowers and stuff. i think that's why the Org doors fly shut at the beginning of the video, someone made a call.

    as for the two girls, i think they're trying to meet up with the Loitering Guy so they can go to Sunday Service, and they just keep missing each other. they go inside, and Loitering Guy comes in and really looks to me like he's waiting for someone, trying to remain nonchalant, while also being curious and a little perturbed at what we were doing. he goes inside, and the girls come back and go past the front door, check the other side of the building, and then one girl checks her phone. i think it may be innocent. the hunchback may be due to carrying all that stuff, and wearing a bra?

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  31. TMOT Member

    If nothing else I suppose we've finally been given proof that the orgs DO provide TP! (about 3:20 in on the video)
  32. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Whats in the bag tho. Card reader? Video cam?
  33. RightOn Member

    meh I am not buying the meeting the guy thing Moog.
    After all they ALLwent into the org at some point. How hard could it be to me up with someone? And she had her cell.
    Maybe it is just the light playing tricks and her back is very rounded at the top, but you have to admit from the time they were down the block through their second pass by, they didn't walk or chat like friends at all. Their body language is suspicious to me.

    If you take a still of her right when she is in front of that column , it looks bigger.
  34. RightOn Member

    Love analyzing this
    Wonder why BOTH of them are putting their hands in the red bag while they were up the block?
    That thing she drops? I thought was her phone, but it is red on one side and white on the other. I can't figure out what it is. It falls out of the red bag close to her. not on the outside.
    Her phone is green. Notice when she drops it and bends down to pick it up the other one doesn't even flinch. Strange.
    When I rewatched the vid, a Scientology ad came up LOL!!!!
  35. RightOn Member

    1:03 - to 1:12 isn't that the guy with the red bag standing on the sidewalk to the left of them in the beginning of the vid?
    I do believe that is him. If so, they were not there to meet him, that's for sure.
    ok lunch is over.
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

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  37. TMOT Member

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  38. Lost my PW and too damn lazy! Just dropping a line to let you know I'm still out there, things are changing, and you should keep dancing.

    You no troll Trolllllvolta why? (so skinny and cute here. Don't hit his hair!)

    Oh, and ET, whazzzzuppppppppppp.

    <3 you JustNoise,

  39. MOOG Member

    we raided Scientology SF's Staturday 2PM Wonderama today! with Free Hugs. 8RKnkLm.jpg
    RightOn's flyers were printed in reverse on color paper a9zS6kb.jpg
    2,390 out and telling today!!! 5ypxICR.jpg
    LRH was extremely chubby, pass it on NPP4DFI.jpg
    meeting and greeting friends and neighbors v6bsggl.jpg
    Lady M XCErNWP.jpg
    the wind blows my coffee over and i cry
    3 Scientologists burst out the front door, two using Phone-Tech.
    Scientology Window Spit Tour 2014
    Grab Your Wins And Run
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  40. White Tara Global Moderator

    LRH was extremely chubby. :p

    Well done awesome anons.
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