San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by The Goddamn Pacman, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    I'm saying it before it even starts:



    FOUND: A blue sweater, left behind on protest site. Pullover, zipper down to a few inches below the collar, size Large. PM me if you think its yours.

    EDIT!!!! again

    New vid up of the global, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.

  2. birdlegs53 Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    You're going to the one on Saratoga Ave? It doesn't really have THAT much activity (at least when I've gone by).The one on Lundy has cars in the parking lot during the week. The Great Mall of Milpitas has a Dianetics kiosk. Now there's a spot to get people educated.

    Long time ARS lurker and now enturb lurker,

  3. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Because the org on Saratoga has more car traffic, it makes it MUCH easier to bring out the word to people and to quickly flash our URL's on signs. There are no sidewalks on Lundy to protest, and by law we can't protest with masks on inside the Great Mall, although a few of us do spend free time flyering the shit out of that booth when the Scilons there aren't paying attention.

    Plus as of late, we've gotten the Scilons inside the Saratoga Org to come out and act crazy/stupid on camera for us, so I think its worth the once-a-month raep.
  4. Anonse7en Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    + Freeways is like half a block away, could probly get < 9000 views just by holding a sign in the overpass. Their is one good thing about Cupertino buttloads of car traffik
  5. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    The failure of the sprinkler tech and fishy smelling brown shit will never cease to amaze, san jose anons know how to make shit happen. Will def have to make my way down there again. i think we got very close to >9000 seeing us break it down white boy style!
  6. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Summation said it well, I can't begin to start on how awesome today was.

    In total, we had 16 anons and OGs out on the street today with signs, music and cake. This is definitely the best raid that San Jose has ever seen in numbers, and I hope it keeps growing.

    Video was taken, will have up by tonight or tomorrow. Everyone else, fill in the gaps (discussions with Scilons were had at the end).
  7. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    I can't wait to see how things went for you today. You guys rock!
  8. PuppyNuts Member

  9. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    ^ post that shit up on the ning, fish tech must be shared
  10. tofuman Member

  11. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Look at the light-brown liquidy shit thats poured there. Thats what makes the entire block smell like fish, in an obvious-OSA tactic ti drive us off.

    The pic before has it surrounding a light pole where our stuff usually goes. It smells the most after sprinkler tech is applied. Didn't make us move, though.
  12. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    it was truly disgusting, got that shit on my arm. i smelt like that for about 7 hours til i could take a shower and my car smells like a cheap whore house now.
  13. tofuman Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Oh. If your lucky that stuff will attract lots of cats or seagulls and they'll shit all over their lawn.
  14. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Cats, maybe. But SJ isn't as close to the shore as it looks on a map, so I've never seen any seagulls.

    ....Maybe we should start collecting raccoons from the area, and just let them loose on their org one night. I'm starting to like this idea more and more.
  15. Outside-in Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    That looks like catfish bait it's mostly illegal to use in Calif.

    If it smells like a cross between rotting fish and sewer gas thats the stuff, it's harmless.

    Vinegar followed by soap and water will get rid of the smell.

    That's some Hubtard tech cat fishing on a sidewalk!
  16. PuppyNuts Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    What do you mean post it up on teh ning?
  17. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Sign In to UPLINK_ - UPLINK_ Need to register
  18. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Yeah, its the website you've already signed up for. There's an app where you can submit your photos for the rest of the bay area anons to see, its one of the tabs on the top or through your profile page.
  19. TCbulldog Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !! Keep up the good work ..
  20. xenubarb Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Okay, so besides the sprinkler tech and arm-flailin OT, San Jose has employed some interesting, yet fail tactics.

    1. Ants and brown sugar, amirite?
    2. Did they not dump some sort of liquid poo one time?
    3. Stinkbait...ORLY???

    Wasn't there something else too, that was kind of hazardous? I forget. Seems there was something...
  21. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH


    Srs tho, wp SJ
  22. Daisy Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Yeah, that was fun. Great turn out.

    Oh yeah, and they used that mosquito ring tone. Since I'm old I could hardly hear it.

    What kind of tech should that be called?

    Discussions with scilons at the end? Can't wait to see video.
  23. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    They did indeed try something new. You know those high-pitched buzzing sounds that businesses used outside their building to get teens to stop loitering, because only they could hear it? Well, many of us could definitely tell that one was set up near their front entrance. It wasn't that terrible and it didn't drive us away, but one could see how after a few hours there it could be annoying.

    Also, we found a simple way to counter the sprinkler-tech. We just stuck empty plastic bottles over the sprinkler heads on the ground. This will be seen in the video.
  24. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    i think the failed sprinkler tech worked in our favor. seeing a bunch of masked people dancing in "the rain" brought more attention to us than the fag scilons in the org wanted us to. the bottle tech is one of the few techs that actually worked as planned.
  25. PuppyNuts Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Aight they're up on ning
  26. meatpin Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    They seem to be downstat on their anti-weed tech too....

  27. adhocrat Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    The Bay is only a dozen miles from Saratoga Av, as the gull flies. Heck, there are sea gulls in Salt Lake.

    There are flocks of seagulls (insert band picture-weren't they a one hit wonder in the 80s) in the area. They love schools, where food is laying about.

    Just don't look up at the wrong time

  28. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    i wonder if there is a way we could have spun the smelly fish shit into a form of destruction of public property or public nuisance since it was bad for us but could be appalling to civilians walking by.
  29. Miatanonymous Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Hey gang. Sorry I couldn't make it to this one again (though I did drive by a couple of times!), but I have a couple of comments to make:

    It's AWESOME that the SJ numbers have not declined in nearly a year of enturbulation, instead they have grown! Keep up the great work.

    Second: The guy with the "Scientologists are knuckleheads" was, I think, counteractive to our cause here. We are not protesting scientologists, but rather certain policies of the Church of $cientology, such as fair game and whatnot. Labeling them as "knuckleheads" comes across more as a religious persecution rather than the Internet Love Machine that we are trying to project. Our mission is one of love, lulz, cake, and education of the masses.

    lastly: the "stench tech" that I have observed and you all have experienced is likely illegal and must be used against the scilons as soon as possible. If someone would have the time to camp out a bit before the official protest begins and observe from the other side of the street or something, to catch one of them dumping it on the sidewalk, that would be for great justice. Especially if someone gets a sample and turns it over to law enforcement. You can't just dump stuff like that on the ground, even if it is non-toxic. it's like dumping garbage in the street. There's an apartment complex right next door to that place and I'm sure they didn't appreciate that.


  30. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    its a pure sign of desperation. They know they cant win in a head on conversation with us, so like anyone losing in an argument theyor debate, they start to reach out for any means to help them out. If you can to force the enemy away before they can confront you, the battle has been won. but the power of anon is stronger then any fail "poo" tech they can throw at us. if they try the wak shit again....Ammonia tech!
  31. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Dumping MORE shit on their property would most likely be counter-productive. The best thing we can do about this is to show evidence to any law enforcement or city code dudes that can stop them from doing all this crazy, wacky shit. We know they do this at the Org so far:

    1. Sprinkler tech, all over the sidewalk AND over one lane of traffic
    2. Pour smelly fish shit all over the sidewalks and their plants nearest the sidewalk.
    3. Set off the high-pitch buzzing used to ward off young loiterers from businesses. Since we're in fact not loitering but exercising our rights to free speech and protest, this can turn back around against them.

    All we have to do is catch them doing the above (pouring fish stuff, turning on sprinklers, etc) and BAM! Herpes.
  32. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Edit, OP has video of global raid now
  33. Daisy Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Great video. So there was some heated exchange between Mark Warlick and Anons? Do tell!

    My husband does not think that is scilon property where we used the counter-tech of bottle over sprinklers. They are obviously in control of those sprinklers but I think that is SJ city property (easement) I believe their property probably starts where the wall is as it does seem to line up where the bus stop bench is stationed.

    One other thing. Scilons are really into statistics. There is no doubt that they must report statistics regarding anonymous, like how many showed up. If our numbers are up then Mark Warlick, John Allender's statistics are down. No wonder Mark Warlick was so pissy.
  34. adhocrat Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Buzz tech?

    Except, they did it wrong. Proper buzz tech involves a weed...
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  35. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    its just another footbullet for scilon fags, it would work better if it kept away us poor people that cant afford to get thd bullshit they sell
  36. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Everything they do is footbullet, but it just makes me curious to see what they do next....

    I'm only quitting Anonymous if they release a fucking Siberian Tiger onto the sidewalk.
  37. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    it prob would eat them first by the looks of it, those fat fucks. They practice the kristie alley diet tech in there
  38. Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    Oh yeah, we did this too:

  39. adhocrat Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    You guise rock when you dance
  40. Sailor Venus Member

    Re: San Jose Post-Raid JAN. 17TH

    I dunno why, but that dance never gets old.

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