Scientology DC Org doesn't have Sunday Services every Sunday?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OTBT, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. OTBT Member

    Nice read. Short excerpts posted below.

    About the author

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  2. lostatsea Member

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  3. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Good to see that the cult still knows how to treat a customer. If I was just checking the place out or doing some spiritual research or whatever, I would be creeped out. A lot.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    nice little summary
  5. DeathHamster Member

    According to exes' accounts, about the only time any org has a Sunday Service is if someone off the street wants to attend one. Then they stall while they press-gang Scientologists in the org to be the "congregation".
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  6. Or when protesters are outside and they lie to the police about services taking place in the building being interrupted. But that's every day in some places.
  7. adhocrat Member

    There were three services in my org in the three years I was there. They were all dog and pony shows. I watched as they mocked up an audience for the person they were trying to fool. A real Potemkin village style mock up. Amusing in a creepy sort of way.
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  8. Miranda Member

    Well-written, funny and perceptive.

    That just staggers me. So, you assume they didn't do something wrong? Or, you know they did but you refuse to accept their apology? Or, what--you just repress the whole thing? I'm continually fascinated by Scientology's convoluted and dysfunctional social world. And I don't know why I can only post in italics, suddenly.
  9. At our crappy little center we had Sunday Services all the time. This was because a local SP was making a LOT of waves and in retrospect I now understand that this was done for PR purposes only. It was quite a chore to talk Scientologists into giving up what may have been their only day off from work and Scientology just to come in for an hour or two. The GO was very insistent to us ordinary staffers that we have a regular Sunday Service and probably wouldn't have bothered much if it wasn't for all the bad local publicity we were getting.
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. RolandRB Member

    It makes me think that we need an SP for every Org to attend Sunday service every Sunday.

    What time do they hold it?
  12. I'm not sure.... but my Org in Dallas advertises a lecture on the 2nd AND 4th Sundays:

    Does this count?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Advertises don't count. Stand back a ways (without signs) and video if anyone actually enters the org on those days before 1pm.
  14. AnonLover Member

    she did a great job of making the reader feel just as creeped out as she was.
  15. DeathHamster Member

    Ten minutes after the SP gets there, duh. :)
  16. Doesn't hold regularly scheduled services?

    Mayhaps it isn't a church.

    Alcoholics Anonymous keeps their schedule more "religiously"
  17. Sponge Member

    It seems people aren't supposed to walk into an org and blatantly ask for something specific from the advertised menu of lies.

    It's like the old Mission Impossible TV series where the agents fake up some elaborate set which is a copy of somewhere else and convince the target that he's really there. Then there's great tension and much beaded sweat on foreheads when the target deviates too much from their allowed scenarios or there's technical failure and basically the whole set up nearly falls apart but our heros save the day in the end. Scientologist staff have the mission impossible of convincing you that you're in a real church that does real churchy things but anything that deviates from their script or starts in the wrong order has them fumbling.
  18. Anonymous Member

    i can haz vidz? I'd like to see the scenario you're refferring to. Possible Exploitables?
  19. Sponge Member

    My fav was the one where they convince the target that he had woken up in a submarine that subsequently was in danger, couldn't surface and the air was running out (but was actually an elaborate set-up inside a warehouse). I can't quite remember the plot but it might have been to make the target think he was going to die with everyone so as to get him to reveal a big imporant secret.
  20. StoP Member

    @DarkSpecterAnon Were you one of the people protesting outside the Dallas Org last Saturday (29 January), if I may ask?
  21. Care to explain why you're asking? there were lots of people that said they would be there and couldn't be
  22. StoP Member

    I had been doing some stuff at the org (basically I was getting to know a little bit more about Scientology by talking to the people inside, eventually coming to the conclusion that they don't what the hell is going on in their own "church") and I saw protesters as I was leaving. I liked seeing the protesters, and I'm asking because I would like to get involved in some capacity. I only wish that the Dallas Org wasn't so secluded so that more people would see the protests.
  23. Ahh were you there for the wedding? Well I'm glad you got out there alright. If you want to see what happened from our perspective... check this thread out:

    Glad to see you found your way to the site! Welcome, oh and introduce your self here:
  24. StoP Member

    Awesome, thanks. I actually had no idea that a wedding was going on that day until I got there. I actually told the Org on Sunday that I was no longer going to pursue Scientology (apparently I'm a good enough actor to convince them that I was a serious inquirer), and two people asked if the reason why was because I talked to you guys. I feel like a failure as a college student since I haven't protested anything, so I would love to get on board with you guys.
  25. Well at any rate.... I think you should tell us about your "research into Scientolgoy" and why you were there and what was happening inside. At any rate... I've got questions I'd like to see you answer. Want to elaborate on your story in either thread listed above? and you say you were acting too huh? I'd like to hear more.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Starbucks doesn't have services on Sunday either. They are "open"...You know why? THEY ARE A BUSINESS...JUST LIKE Co$!!!
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  27. StoP Member

    I posted my story in the thread about your protest.

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