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Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Bumblefuck, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Those are just regurgitated lies from a few bitter apostates who are out to make a buck smearing their former religion.
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    when i wanted to leave one osa staff member - who had been assigned to watch me - physically held me while another osa staff member opened my purse and removed my passport. this was then held in a locked filing cabinet. they're a bunch of bastards. last laugh will be mine.
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    Did this happen recently?
  5. Anonymous Member

    You know we're in it for the lulz so you have come to the right place.
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    this was at osaint where i was staff. define recently. osa int likes to sue people. as much as i like you people this ain't the place for micro detailing.
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    If you were assaulted, held against your will, and had your passport stolen from you it is a crime.

    I am not a lawyer, but if it happened to you in the past year or two you can report this to the police. There are people with experience in these matters who visit WWP and who can help you get justice for this and any other abuses you were subjected to.
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    it's beyond two years by far but mike rinder was in charge. and rathburn was there too. ain't that sweet?
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  9. moarxenu Member

    Welcome to WWP, anon!

    You can help deliver an effective blow to David Miscavige by sharing what you know about OSA Int organization, policies, and procedures in general and particularly in the matter of the death of Kyle Brennan on February 16, 2007.

    If you are not familiar with his story you can read it and get much other information on the blogs Justice For Kyle Brennan and The Truth For Kyle Brennan.

    There is a sub-forum here on WWP called The Kyle Brennan Situation Room for additional info and comments by anons.

    Here is Kyle's story in a nutshell:

    Kyle was 20-years-old in the summer of 2006 when his Scientologist father Tom Brennan in Clearwater discovered that he was seeing a psychiatrist in his hometown of Charlottesville for a case of mild depression.

    In May Tom had just gotten permission from OSA to be audited by David Miscavige's twin sister Denise Miscavige. Since he was now PTS he was forbidden from being audited by her and any further training until he handled Kyle.

    He lured Kyle to Clearwater under false pretenses to handle him, and Kyle was there August 15 - September 7, 2006. Kyle resisted every attempt at handling which culminated in Tom threatening him with physical violence on September 5.

    In response Kyle decided to set out on a Mission to the FBI to get them to investigate crimes of embezzlement from a family business, probably to pay for auditing and training at the DC Org, and a possible arson at the Ivy Gardens apartment complex in Charlottesville on April 6, 2000, right before tax returns were due to be submitted.

    Tom started a fire by throwing a lighted cigarette into a wastepaper basket and the fire destroyed his and three other apartments, destroying the business papers of the family business, and renderding eight people homeless.

    Tom moved to Florida and became a West Tampa org staffer in 2005. He met Denise Miscavige, who hired his as a handyman for her nine rental properties in the Tampa-Clearwater area, and became Tom's patron, friend, and Scientology mentor.

    Kyle set out on his mission to the FBI in late November 2006 traveling to Iowa, where he met with an FBI agent on January 5, 2007, and then to California, and Maui for the rest of the month. In February he decided to return to Charlottesville and stop off to visit Tom in Clearwater.

    He arrived on Wednesday, February 7 and died of a gunshot to the head under very suspicious circumstances involving Tom, Denise, and her husband Jerry Gentile on the night of Friday, February 16, 2007.

    When Kyle was in Clearwater he called both the FBI and the Ivy Gardens apartment complex.

    Since Kyle had successfully resisted Tom's attempts to handle him as a psych SP six months earlier, Tom was under great pressure to handle him and extinguish his PTS condition.

    He immediately attempted to handle Kyle. The first thing he did was to buy vitamins to replace Kyle's Lexapro anti-depressant, but Kyle refused to take them.

    He then schemed with Denise for her convince Kyle's mother Victoria Britton to place him in Narconon Arrowhead, but she was incensed and shot that down in a phone call with Denise while she and Tom were having Sunday brunch at Denise's home.

    On Tuesday Tom discovered for the first time that Kyle was calling the FBI, and Kyle refused to tell him why. By Wednesday night Tom was hysterical when he called Victoria to find out why Kyle was calling the FBI.

    His situation was dire and an embarrassment to both him and Denise. For six months they had failed to handle Kyle., and stats on his handling of Kyle were due in at 2:00 pm the next day.

    On Thursday, the day before Kyle's death the Student MAA, i.e. Sea Org Ethics Officer at Flag issued a redadcted "Sec Check KR Handling" order to Tom.

    In 2009 the Britton family filed a wrongful-death law suit against Tom, Denise, Jerry, and Flag, and Scientology's wog lawyers, who operate under the direction of OSA Int, presented the document to the court.

    Though ethics documents are not protected by priest-penitent confidentiality, OSA Int redacted the seven-line order leaving only one ambiguous sentence, "Get your son moved out and get him set up somewhere so that he can get handled."

    The document almost certainly must have contained orders on finally handling Kyle and his medication and handling him on his contacting the FBI.

    The only other document OSA Int allowed to be released to the court was Jerry Gentile's KR dated the day after Kyle's death reporting on him and Denise showing up at the Tom's apartment within five minutes of the police arriving at the scene. OSA Int did not produce KRs Tom and Denise would have been required to write.

    Jerry's KR gives clear internal evidence of having been edited by OSA Int. Kyle's apparent suicide should have been a local matter to by handled by Flag OSA, but this KR is addressed to OSA Int. and the copy posted online and submitted to the court bears a handwritten routing to the External Situations Prevention Officer, OSA Flag Land Base. I would love to know who this person was in February 2007.

    On Thursday morning Tom seized Kyle's Lexapro and locked it in the trunk of his car. Also on Thursday he had his last conversation ever with Victoria.

    He told her Kyle had to move out of the apartment because he had rented it to someone. Victoria was furious and offered to pay a week's rent because she and Kyle's brother Sean were coming to Clearwater the following Tuesday. Tom backed down, and Kyle slept there Thursday night and was going to sleep there Friday night.

    Kyle is estimated to have been killed around 11:00 am on Friday night. Within 24 hours of Kyle's death Tom told Kyle's oldest brother Scott that he had come home from dinner with friends between 10:30 and 11:00 pm and discovered Kyle dead. He also instructed Scott several times to tell people that Scientology had nothing to do with Kyle's death.

    He did not call 911 until an hour later shortly before midnight and shortly after calling Denise.

    Clearwater Police Detective Stephen Bohling investigated and attempted to delay the investigation beyond the statute of limitations to prevent Kyle's family from filing suit. They had to resort to the US Congress to get him to close it.

    He also blocked processing of a Gun Shot Residue test that could have determined whether Kyle pulled the trigger on the weapon that killed him.

    His investigation was a travesty at best and at worst most likely carried out under the guidance of OSA. He went so far as to falsify Kyle's diagnosis to make him appear suicidal, changing Kyle's psychiatrist's diagnosis of mild depression into "incipient Schizophrenia with signs of paranoia and delusions".

    He also falsified the reports of every single person who interacted with Kyle on his two and a half month journey including an FBI agent in Des Moines, Kyle's two aunts in San Diego, and the Maui Police.

    The family's lawsuit ultimately failed on appeal in September last year. There are several reasons for its failure, mostly Bohling's falsified report, OSA's withholding and fabrication of documents, and much lying by the Scientology defendants, none of which US Federal Court Judge Stephen Merryday noticed though it is evident in the documents.

    OSA falsely claimed priest-penitent privilege for communications of Tom, Denise, ethics officers and OSA for 12 documents listed in the Privilege Log, including four from Denise and five from Flag Ethics Officer Matteo Rosetti.

    There would have been numerous KRs from Tom over the six months he was PTS to Kyle, and these have most likely withheld from the Court.

    In addition to Bohling's report, and the withholding of documents by OSA Int, Tom, Denise, and Jerry all lied in interviews and depositions, as is clearly evident from analysis of the depositions.

    This is massive obstruction of justice to protect the name of Miscavige. Judge Stephen Merryday unfortunately did not see through the deceptions played on him by OSA and the defendants, and he dismissed the case in December 2011.

    There is solid ground to re-open the case, and Kyle's family is seeking to do that. What would really make this case is for just one person at OSA Flag, OSA Int, or RTC who has knowledge of OSA's handling of Kyle in the period 2006-2007 to come forward to tell what he or she knows.

    Beyond that the family needs a good lawyer who will take the case pro bono on a contingency basis and a litigation fund of about $50,000 for travel, deposition, and court costs.

    Since no investigative journalist has yet dug into Kyle's death and none have even requested an interview with Victoria Britton, the only press reports have been incomplete, inaccurate, and misleading; and it is widely believed among anti-Scientologists that Kyle committed suicide.

    It is an open question whether he committed suicide or was murdered since there are no finger prints on the weapon found at the scene. There is no suicide note. Evidence was removed from the scene before police arrived.

    Within two hours after Kyle's death, someone, most likely OSA, accessed Kyle's computer and continued to access it every day for the next six days, and it was returned to Kyle's family with all the documents deleted, which are undoubtedly now on hard drives at OSA Int and RTC.

    There is so far very little information on the organization and personnel of OSA Flag and OSA Int, and I therefore encourage you to share as much as you can here at WWP anonymously, and with me by pm if you feel comfortable.

    Anons almost alone have championed Kyle throughout the last six years, though now a few exes are waking up to the realization that the truth of Kyle's death will strike a blow against Miscavige because his name is involved through the key role Denise Miscavige played in handling Kyle and particularly in the events of the night of Kyle's death.

    In addition to posting information on OSA organization and procedure I ask that you let other ex-OSA Int personnel to share whatever information they have with Kyle's mother Victoria Britton.

    Here is her email address:

    Thanks again for posting here at WWP.

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  10. Anonymous Member

    No info on this young man at all. The above request is up to the wwp gods/mods.
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  11. moarxenu Member

    Thanks, anon. Please keep Kyle Brennan in mind as you talk with other exes and particularly ex-OSA personnel.
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    since we're all anon here no emailing anyone. as mere members we're as trustworthy as each other, no? wwp mods, hopefully, are moar trustwrthy, no? (all we're all screwed). go through a mod?
  13. fishypants Moderator


    Actually, mods don't have any access to members' personal info.

    So you're not screwed, even though I for one am a proud employee of OSA, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA and the Better Business Bureau.

    Sue and da5id (and possibly other admins? not sure how much access they have) are the ones who you're screwed if they etc etc....


    Either use a private message here on WWP, or use a disposable email address.
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    tks fishypants.
  15. tigeratbay Member

    Luv Fishypants even before being a Mod or confessed to above. :p
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