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  1. AnonLover Member

    My lurve for Zhent is this BIG...

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  2. Zhent Member

    No the clear tally is from Issue 15, ie 3432 clears in 1972.
  3. Thank you for the clarification!

    3432 clear in twenty years. Remains unimpressive to me.
  4. Zhent Member

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  5. AnonLover Member

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  6. telomere Member

    What I find more impressive is how the numbers went from:

    1976: 5100
    1977: 6253
    1978: 8731
    1979: 19602
    1982: 32125
    1985: 38960
    1986: 33086
    1987: 33088
    1992: 47967
    1995: 49656
    1996: 49880
    1998: 40446

    srsly wtf is going on here???
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  7. The list implies that there were 33,086 in 1986, and 40, 446 in 1998. Where is the ambiguity in this for you?
  8. telomere Member

    5,900 Clears jumped ship in 1985?
    9,500 Clears bailed in ~ 1997?
    Or did they die off?

    These are Scientology's self-reported stats, of the total number of attested Clears.
    Those numbers aren't supposed to be decreasing.
  9. I don't know if the numbers in the chronological list are accumulative or singular to the year.
  10. telomere Member

  11. Okay, if that is the case, then it's a case of missing clears, or OTs or whatever the fuck they're supposed to be.

    If they're missing I won't miss them.

    I've never been one to put any kind of trust in numbers that have been manufactured by scientologists. All I know about them is this; they have five distinctive traits:

    1. Cowardice.

    2. Deceptive.

    3. Deceitful.

    4. Deep in denial.

    5. Intellectually dishonest (claiming to know what nobody knows).

    Bottom line? Stone evil motherfuckers. Every last one of them.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    The way people could go Clear was redefined.
    Up to 1979 you could only go Clear by doing the Clearing Course at an Advanced Org (there were only 4 or 5 AO's at the time).
    Then an issue called "Dianetic Clear" came out which basically said that you could go Clear while getting Dianetic auditing.

    The idea of going Clear through Dianetics had been shelved in the 1960's. Instead you were supposed to use special Scientology processes to go Clear, not Dianetics. This issue restored the concept.

    Since most of the Dianetic auditing was done at lower orgs and missions, people all of a sudden decided that they had already gone Clear. The huge jump in numbers is all those people all of a sudden attesting to being Clear. Some of the nuttiest people were being allowed to now claim that they were Clear. It's not that a bunch of new public all of a sudden got into Scientology.

    My personal opinion is that it was just a PR move to get those public to do their next step, the OT Levels which cost a lot more. It really was a foot bullet since it emptied out the orgs and put a stop to most Dianetic auditing that was going on.
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  13. telomere Member

    Great. Thanks!

    But... how does that explain the numbers from 1986 and 1998?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Miscavige got drunk and redefined Clear yet again?
  15. Anonymous Member

    I remember in the late 1990s they 'UNCLEARED' a bunch of people. People who had previously been declared as Clear were now being told "You're not Clear. We made a mistake" and were being put back onto NED so they could "become Clear". Maybe this is part of why the 1996-1998 numbers went down.

    Remember... 1996 was the year they came out with The Golden Age of Tech. And then late that year they had The Golden Age of Tech for OTs. A bunch of OTs were told they had not ever been Clear and they were given an "Advance Program" (translation: Had to pay an exhorbitant amount of money for special repair auditing to get them to true Clear so they could continue with their OT programs). This was a big money maker for C of S.

    And the 1985-1986 downtrend... L Ron Hubbard died in January 1986, so it's possible someone readjusted some "false stats" that year.
  16. Zhent Member

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  18. AnonLover Member

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  19. "True Immortality Awaits You On The Advanced Courses Of Scientology"

    Amazing! Who knew???

    This is another one of those threads of never-ending-lulz. Thank you, AL. Much appreciated!

  20. AnonLover Member

    Don't thank me... i just do the shuffle hop relay. Thank sekrit leakers that give me all this shi- cuz I do intresting stuff with it ;)
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  21. I'm not gonna un-thank you! :) Please convey my appreciation to your sekrit agent leakers! ;)
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  22. carsondude Member

    I would like to see Advance Issue 85 for LA. this one is AOSH-UK. If anyone has the LA one I'd really appreciate it.
  23. Zhent Member

    I have an original, you still want the missing pages?

    Funnily enough I have the ANZO and LA versions. Along with the UK edition they are all identical except for the address.
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  24. AnonLover Member

    Oh yes please! <3 <3 <3

    FWIW, I've noticed that pre 1990's, they always seem identical. But then at some point, some of the pics of featured people started to change while the articles were still the same. And then after another point somewhere between 2003-05, things occasionally get skewed for an issue (eg with made-up numbers: LA 182 is the same as ANZO/UK 183)
  25. carsondude Member

    Thanks for looking.
    Thats interesting I figured they would use local wins and comps.. Pretty lazy to not use some local flare.
  26. AnonLover Member

    beep boppa a lulu, a wop bam boom...

    Advance UK #65, 1980


    ^^Interesting comparison to previous mag leak (Advance 36, 1975) - the LRH feature essay on "Miracles" aint quite the same thing & shows how they fudged shi- over the years.

    Advance LA #185 2005


    ^^Example of what I mentioned few posts ago about their being a time period somewhere around 2003-05 2005-07 that the issue numbers got skewed between the different publication regions. Note Zhent recently leaked the ANZO #185 that was from 2007 and IS NOT same theme/basic-stuff/timeframe as this #185 from LA.
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  27. AnonLover Member

    So whaddya waiting on handsome? I can haz pgs 14-17 (or whatev the spiritual history coverstory lands on) + a better coverart + TOC page scans from santa anon plox? Or should I crawl up in yer lap, wrap you in a big ol femanon embrace and whisper sweet leaky leaks in yer ear??

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  28. telomere Member

    I don't have any mags, but I'll send you a like!
  29. Zhent Member


    Hmm, sounds good.

    Advance 85 1985.pdf


    Anything else, dear?
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I'd like to know which SP was responsible for that screwup,
    and how much Marcab paid them for their trouble.
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  31. AnonLover Member

    Mwah!!! And Yes, but not tonight... i need to revisit your stash index & i'll followup after i get some sleeps.
  32. AnonLover Member

  33. AnonLover Member

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  34. AnonLover Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. AnonLover Member

    Not just WINS... but MIRACLES! In the 90's they was smokin some heavy "miracles" instead of "wins" shi- & I've got a couple of almighty ripe samples pulled from several samples including this last leak, for use in my dox project.
  37. carsondude Member

    Nice dox project
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  38. AnonLover Member

    You've made many donations to it ;)
  39. AnonLover Member

    bump 4 love note to all my sekrit leaker birdies out there.

    I have now harvested all the easily gotten christianity-themed Advanced mags I could get my virtual paws on, from hardcopy stacks sent to me or given to other anons, plus via various email & PM trails with peeps who scan stuff for me to hand off relay in this thread.

    But there is still a short-list of christianity-themed Advanced mags that I couldn't get a hold of. A couple were found but didnt materialize yet, while several others never turned up.

    So if your a lazy faggot (or just extremely busy w/ other things) who likes what I do with this crap & has Advance mags buried somewhere but never bothered digging them out yet - now is the time please. A few of the christian feature articles i have kinda suck, and there are better ones not gotten yet that would make a nicer fit into the last "abrahamic faiths" themed volume of my religiousity series. So why not root thru your old cult crap and see if maybe you can hook me up before next weekend gets here?

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