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  1. Touchstone Member

    "That must be a shoop..." was my first thought.
    Scientology still manages to surprise me with the depths of their stupidity. Just jaw-dropping, really.
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    Hang on to that jaw!

    "On a baby, run this until the baby looks brighter or happier." - Hubbard.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Whenever I immerse myself in the $cientology ideology, such as found in their published magazines & other literature, I continue to notice how close it is to that found in super-race projects like the German National Socialist Party run by you-know-who. I always find that this is impossible to ignore.

    Not at all wanting to start any discussions on nazism, just sayin'...
  4. I think there's going to be inherent similarities between any group that wants to build "better" humans.
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Full agreement. And (a word I hate - cringe) "perfect" humans.

  8. Maybe we should refer to personal attacks against Scientologists as "ad novo hominems".
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  9. L. Ron Hubbard policies in and of themselves constitute child abuse, imho and require the neglect and mistreatment of children simply by following this abusive fraud's dictates.

    Scientologists are trained to lie and coverup for the "cause" even when sexual and other abuses are exposed. And they fucking do......Mace-Kingsley Ranch was a fine example of Hubbard's designs for children.

    Hubbard's policy: "When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person turning in the report."

    How the fuck can anyone in their right mind follow this policy? That's the major problem with L. Ron Hubbard's mindfuck, despite appearances to the contrary, no long term Scientologist is in their right mind and will coverup some heinous shit they've seen with their own eyes.

    That's staying on source, right, Marty?

    The covering up and tolerating of these abuses by these cowardly scientologists is disgraceful and criminal.

    "Family" time for Sea-Org members was limited to 3 hours on Sunday for members in good standing who needed to be on post 100 hours a week to clear and save the planet, the kids
    brought up in this environment are Scientology's biggest victims.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse

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  10. AnonLover Member

    digging older stuffs out relevant to my newer intrests so i's can find it again...

  11. Anonymous Member

    Yeah! Extremely cool! Thank you for the W.S. Burroughs tip.

    I gotta question; in this astonishing collection of mags, has anyone found any other references to William S. Burroughs? (I'm doing a book-report for my teacher). Thank you in advance!
  12. Anonymous Member

    So...lemme guess at this Latin: "to the new humans" ?
  13. AnonLover Member

  14. DeathHamster Member

    Not Scientology, but if you want some interesting William S. Burroughs time:
    (60s narration of chopped version of a 1922 film.)
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  15. pooks Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    has anyone found that the crowd pics are the same in some areas?
  17. pooks Member


    Celebrity Magazine Issue 402 Feb 2011.pdf
    (14.97 MB)

    You can download the entire magazine here:

    Celebrity 402 circa Feb 2011.

    Cover: Hassam Ramzy

    Pages 10, 11 and 12 -- Article and Pictures of Michael Doven-- Tom Cruise's Assistant.

    Pages 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 -- Interview with Hassam Ramzy and pics.

    Pages 22 and 22 LIVEWIRE-- Scn Celebrity News including Z listers, Robert F. Lyons, Josh Robert Thompson, Izzy Chait, Erin Caruful, Cheyenne Haynes and Jason LaRocca

    Pages 26 and 27 -- Completion lists.

    Pages 28 and 29 -- Ad for the Manor Hotel

    Page 32 -- Sea Org Ad

    Insert 1 Ad for 100th LRH Birtday Event
    Insert 2 Calender of Events at CC Int
    Insert 2a Calender of Events at CC Int
    Insert 3 LRH Library Promo
    Insert 4,5,and 6 Books and Tapes Price Lists
    Insert 7 Price list auditing and some courses
  18. AnonLover Member

  19. pooks Member


    Theta 402 March 2011 New York.pdf
    (6.29 MB)

    Theta Mag 403 March 2011 New York Org


    Page 2: Photo of Karin Beaty ED NY Day and Jerry Indrusky ED NY Foundation

    Pages 4 and 5: LRH article "The Materials of Scientology".

    Pages 6 and 7: Photo of NYC course room with unnamed students.

    Page 8: Photo Ed McCloskey State of Clear

    Page 11: Photo IAS members Johnathan & Angela Hartofilis and their children

    Pages 12 and 13: Completions list

    Page 14: Big News in the Big Apple. Scn happenings. Including ED NY Day
    Karin Beaty and her husband achieved IAS Gold Meritorious Status. (That's a
    million clams to you wogs.)

    Page 15: Glossary

    Page 16 Six NYC Staff members no names.
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  20. pooks Member

    Scientology Service Completions - Theta Magazine 403 [circa March 2011 ]

    TAS : Scientology Statistics : Theta Magazine : Theta Magazine 403

    Theta Magazine 403 [ circa March 2011 ]

    Quick Stats:
    301 completions
    216 individuals

    89 different services

    The entire completion list can be found here:
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  21. whoever Member

    Gosh, Celebrity is even more pathetic than ever. Not even D-listers in Livewire! And who the hell is Hassam Ramzy??
  22. Anonymous Member


    Page 14, bottom right, Richard and Karin Beatty, both OT VIII. They used to have a mission in Hackensack, New Jersey, but it closed years ago. Richard is more Admin trained, Karin is more Tech trained. Although that might have changed. Karin is an Auditor and Case Supervisor. Strange that Karin is on Admin lines, the ED of New York Day.

    I actually like both Richard and Karin, too bad they are still in the cult.
  23. Anonymous Member

    have problems with mediafire download
    can we have a mirror
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Crazy stuff.
  28. RightOn Member

    so these two obvioulsy put out money for the mission in NJ too
    then they donated a mil?
    So many wonderful REAL things could have been done with all that money.
    Wow SAD
  29. Anonymous Member

    Y halo thar
  30. AnonLover Member

    Hey pooks (or anyone else w/ hardcopy mag), sorry to hit ya with this from so long ago...

    I'm trying to pull a fair usage quote from ISN #27 posted ITT's OP for adding another "Evidence" chapter to my applied scholastics info pack dox
    See Pages 21-22, "Putting Every Being On Our Board"

    That last two itty bitty paragraphs on pg21 is slightly chopped off in above fileshare zip, and Imma looking for an hardcopy assist with pulling the fulltext for properly quoting. any chance you still got your copy of this to spotcheck proper wording for me?

    If so - TIA!
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  31. js12 Member

    I really think someone should write an article for a Scientology magazine, employing Poe's Law.
  32. Anonymous Member


    "Theta, Greek for thought, or spirit, or life, or something. Def's nothing to do with ghosts of long dead space aliens crawling around on your body. For realz. Stop back by the org noob, maybe buy some tapes. We've got lots and lots of tapes.
  33. pooks Member

    I should be able to dig it up and rescan it for you this weekend.
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  34. RightOn Member

    I really think this pamphlet needs to be spread far and wide.
    Espeically schools and politicians.
    With the idea of:
    "If you don't think Scientology is after children, with pushing their Applied Scholastics study tech in our schools, this pamphlet should pretty much clear things up for you. The copy of the pamphlet enclosed is about the benefits of "auditing" your baby"
  35. AnonLover Member

    If it helps any, here's the blurb I'm trying to pull, with the few missing bits from original scan cut off shown with ???????
  36. Natter Bored Member

  37. AnonLover Member

    nice find! i can definitely use some bits of that as well, once i get chopped off spots filled in on the passage I'm trying to quote.
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. AnonLover Member

    ^^That copy has what i needed!!! thanks!!!

    Pooks - no need to dig it out dear, i'm all set.
  40. Anonymous Member

    ISN Issue 27 seems to be a treasure trove of direct links of Church of Scientology to it's main front groups, all helpfully published by CofS, in non-confidential hard copy glossy promo magazine.

    Re-scanning and leaking high quality versions of these graphics would probably be very useful.
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