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    AL i cleaned out my cellar and found you some Adv mags not leaked in this thread. Is the the list above the only ones you are still looking for? I dont have any of those, but I have other issues that would fit in with your subject index but are not listed under the magazine catalog section.
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  3. AnonLover Member

    Nice! Thank you -- i want 'em ALL!!! :)

    The ones red flagged above i want the worst. Howev, any Advance Magazine that has a "spiritual history of man" article that looks like it fits my topical/subject matter index but is not listed under the magazine catalog section is still fair game.

    Altho I haven't updated that project outline on scribd in awhile, and i have a few that I havent gotten around to scanning & relaying ITT... so its not listed in my outline dox yet.

    brb - updating project outline to list all the ones i have so far. recheck it tomorrow (within 12hrs from this post) to see if you got any newly found ones to add.
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  5. AnonLover Member

    Lawl almighty help me - the "Acquisition of Bodies" essay by Hubbard in ^^Advance LA 47 is some motherfriggen CREEPY shi- yo!

    Its one thing to hear/read that crap in the lectures & books when its being instructed on in endless droning. but it gets downright slimy to read it in a form intended to be positive promotional PR to get people to want to continue on their OT levels for feeding the $$$ mill.

    brb, icky-hubbard shower needed.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Just to confirm, the mags added to the latest project index,

    that you have a copy lined up for, but its not gotten leaked ITT now includes these:

    This knocked a few off my list of possible mags to donate to the project. Here's what's left:
    • Advance La #91 1986 (cover missing) [Ancient Egypt]
    • Advance LA #92 1986 [Vedic Hymns - songs of Golden Dawn]
    • Advance LA #93 1987 [Old Testament Elijah - Chrisitan Traditions of Reincarnation]
    • Advance LA #99 1988 [More Egyptians]
    • Advance LA #100 1989 [Cybil, Part4of4 on ancient Mystery Religions]
    • Advance LA #102 1989 [More Vedic Hymns]
    • Advance LA #103 1990 [Ancient India & Alchemy]
    • Advance LA #106 1990 [Christian views on tortured souls, angls & demons]
    • Advance LA #113 1992 [Dragons / Creatures of the Mist]
    • Advance LA #120 1994 [Aborigini Dreamtime again]
    do u still want all of these? and in what order? (my old scanner has no feeder, so i can only punt one at time and will take while)
  7. AnonLover Member

    oh thats a lovely list! yes yes yesss'm yes! i want them all, eventually, if you can manage it. PM me if you need additional halp.

    best order for leaking is to follow the topical sequence in each volume in my project index.

    So gimme all the Christian stuff first, followed by India/Vedic stuff (that spans volumes I thru III and/or a few others in the middle of the list of subjects)
  8. Random guy Member

    If I have understood Hubbard's drivel right, the furry is supposed to be "Piltdown man" eating his wife, or rather a picture to restimulate the engram of him eating his missus. It’s the same ideas as behind the exploding volcano on the dianetics books.

    The funny thing is that Piltdown man never existed! The find was a fraud from the early 20th century, bits of a heavy human skull, parts of chimp jaw and a filed orang-utan canine. It was suspected of being a hoax for a long time, but only formally exposed with much brouhaha in 1953 (not sciences fines moment I’m afraid). Hubbard’s book is from 1954, and I think the Pildown story is still there.
  9. DeathHamster Member

    Yes, but the hilarious thing is that the cover (especially the earlier version) is clearly someone wearing a bear costume!

    The fact that Hubbard talked about Piltdown Man even after it was debunked is funny, but representing Piltdown as a furry in a bear suit? Priceless!

    Didn't Arthur Hubbard do a set of covers for the books? Perhaps no one wanted to say "WTF is this? I don't even..."
  10. anonamus Member

    Arthur Hubbard? Is that Elron's brother or sth? ;-)
  11. DeathHamster Member

    One of Elron's sons. (One who didn't change his name, or "kill himself".)
  12. anonamus Member

    Ah thx. Never digged much into the Hubbard family..
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  16. AnonLover Member

    after a 10day fascination distraction on other things, i'm finally getting bak to the unreleased Advance magazine stockpile fwd'd to me i swear :)

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  17. AnonLover Member

    not my leak, just relaying & this one is jam packed with full-on weirdness!

    Advance Magazine LA 44, Jan/Feb 1977

    View attachment 4fc0c6c09ccf3d5690f1948d696cf659a286253f72073e8816
    ^^High weirdness starts with cover photo credit - real panther!

    Major Highlights include:
    LRH explains whats wrong with the universal, The Riddle of Ahkenaten, 10 extra pages with a middle supplement on the "NEW" "super standard" AOLA training lineup with weird ass noose-around-neck pic that i cant even begin to fathon. And OT Symposium w/ pix of Heber Jentsch, Yvonne Jentsch, Ingo Swann & Chick Corea.

    View attachment d64c4e94e75b7dace53fc6b7c3ef94b3d4d191cb43787dcc70

    Added Bonuses:
    The infamous Scilon Spaceship w/ Tinfoil Hats lulzcow Ad in its original context and full 2pg spread!! Also, the age of steadily upward sliding prices officially launched w/ "Special Notice on Donations" (to be captured in my scribd fee schedules collection in near future). Lots more names/faces too - way more identifiable people than most issues. And absolutely batshit insane "OT Poetry" by Dean Blehert that is nearly as lmao as Xenu himself!!

    View attachment 46c387da9bad3e495a49f41539c9e15f336a217f9555cbfc51
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  18. Anonymous Member

    The OT Phenomena (pages 15-16 of the actual page numbers) is great. It is so important to known who is calling you before you pick up the phone and to be able to audit an injured dog from far away.
    The main person quoted is Joe Hochman. Found him on facebook...he is still very very very much in.
    Meskimen wished him Happy Birthday

    Can't believe the pic of Ingo Swann. LOL

    This stuff will be shared.
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  19. AnonLover Member

    Those are always hilarious - the older they are, the moreso. We haz a whole thread of greatest hits here
    "OT Phenomena"
  20. AnonLover Member

    From the latest/greatest project outline on my Advance Magazine dox compilation stuff that I just updated:

    These are the Advance Mags in the pipeline to be leaked as I work thru da stacks from various donors:

    AOLA publications:
    • Advance! Issue 49, 1977 [Greek Gods]
    • Advance! Issue 52; 1978 [Shinto/Death]
    • Advance! Issue 55; 1978 [Crystal Gazing]
    • Advance! Issue 196; 200? [Samurai]
    • Advance! Issue 93 1987 [Old Testament Elijah - Christian Traditions of Reincarnation]
    • Advance! Issue 106 1990 [Christian views on tortured souls, angels & demons]
    • Advance! Issue 92 1986 [Vedic Hymns - songs of Golden Dawn]
    • Advance! Issue 102 1989 [More Vedic Hymns]
    • Advance! Issue 103 1990 [Ancient India & Alchemy]
    • Advance! Issue 91 1986 (cover missing) [Ancient Egypt]
    • Advance! Issue 99 1988 [More Egyptians, Part 3of4 on ancient Mystery Religions]
    • Advance! Issue 100 1989 [Cybil, Part 4of4 on ancient Mystery Religions]
    • Advance! Issue 120 1994 [Aborigine Dreamtime again]
    AOSHUK publications
    • Advance! Issue 111; 1992 [Anasazis & Ancient Aliens]
    Advance Mags - MOST WANTED LIST
    If anybody happens to have any of the following and wants to make an essential leakage donation to my project, please feel free to PM me if you need help leaking it and I'll make things easy for ya.
    • Advance! LA Issues #1 MOST WANTED: #26 from 1974, and
    • Other Advance! Issues WANTED: 31, 62, 95 [Origin & Year Unknown, cover stories are re: Buddhism]
    • Also - Advance! LA Issues 97 & 98, 1988 [1st half of Mystery Religions series]
    I'm also interested in anything NOT listed in the Magazine Catalog section of my project outline on scribd, that has a "spiritual history of man" feature article that looks like it fits in with the subject matter listed under Topical Index section.
  21. whoever Member

    Thank you for sharing this stuff, AnonLover!
  22. DeathHamster Member

    The rest of the galaaxy has been stuck with 1950s tech forever. No one ever had Caller Id until now.
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  23. AnonLover Member

    your welcome... but the real thanks go to the leakers - imma just a conduit :)

    ...insert usual shuffle hop relay disclaimer here...

  24. whoever Member

    Well, as an admitted leaker, I am very happy that there are people like you who do the work to get this stuff out!
  25. pooks Member

    Fun stuff. Old Scn Celeb mags. Enjoy!

    Celebrity 240 244 1990 1991.pdf
    (9.75 MB)

    celebrity 245 247 1991.pdf
    (6.55 MB)

    celebrity 260 264 1992.pdf
    (12.43 MB)

    celebrity 265 269 1993.pdf
    (12.82 MB)

    celebrity 270 274 1994.pdf
    (13.21 MB)

    celebrity 275 278 1994.pdf
    (9.24 MB)

    celebrity 286 288 1995.pdf
    (8.02 MB)

    celebrity 325 328 2000.pdf
    (14.78 MB)

    celebrity 330 2001 image.pdf
    (4.36 MB)

    celebrity 330 2001.pdf
    (1.08 MB)

    celebrity 332 2001.pdf(3.43 MB)
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  27. AnonLover Member

    sweet! PDFs coming right up...
  28. AnonLover Member

    Advance LA 93, 1987 (PDF version)

    View attachment a3e7f7c18dc32581a84062521767c24bda841a2cdc1c777469

    Major Highlights: The surprising tradition of Christian Reincarnation (The prophet Elijah was such a big Thetan he was reborn as John the Baptist - Who Knew!). Also, LRH on The Nature of Time & False Standards. And Lots of Lulzy Promotion for Dissemination Course + New OT IV being MAGIC!

    heh. shi- makes me see red when i read it & i haz to walk away from the drek for awhile... sorries for turnover delay. next PDF from recent leak coming much later today (after work).
  29. AnonLover Member

    ^^Scientology - is shown in Advance #93 as holding true to form on being full-on new age psuedoscience gnosticism.

    "The surprising tradition of Christian Reincarnation" is 100% christian gnostic blather and yet they pimp it as "Christian tradition"


    Remaining PDF from last AdvanceMag leakage coming soon ITT. I'm nearly done spending more time spitting & spewing, rather than slicing & dicing, on this one.
  30. AnonLover Member

    Advance LA 106, 1990 (PDF version)

    View attachment 6e23f105ee2e828869c7ae68fa4278a1410b1affa312b44ec5

    Major Highlights: Aberration & the 6th Dynamic + What is the Wall of Fire by LRH. The Fallen Spirits Part 1of2 (Christian Angels & Demons).

    And ohhhh my goodness looky there... a young Leah Remini Going OT!!! (pg2)

    View attachment f61e060ca0582af0c3bbc80658628bdf038845487f42b68d22
  31. AnonLover Member

    ^^Imma definitely wanton & yearning for Part2of2 on "Fallen Spirits" chapter of man's spiritual LULZ history!

    Here's my updated Advance! Mag wish list... issues where i will <3 <3 <3 somebody a looonnnng time if they hook me up!

  32. AnonLover Member

    (happy dance) ^^Wishlist item fulfilled!!! (not my leak, just relaying)

    And.... We have yet another HubBudda illustration!

    Advance! LA Issue #31 May 1975 (OCR'd)

    View attachment 1410fb295e9fde1c29cf8fa1210f672c6b851759672ffe3eaf

    Major Highlights: Despite the 5part Buddism/Maitreya series leading up to HofA Release in 1974, this one says its Part3of3 on Maitreya. (so this will knock one off my wishlist, but add two more - sigh).

    Also - LRH Articles: A World Without Insanity, Criminals and War; and Para-Scientology

    Plus a special Letter to Editors... &quot;Operating&quot; Thetan aged 6 :/
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  33. Anonymous Member

    144,000 'true believer' Christians are going to be reincarnated in heaven, right?

    Or will they still be sporting their decayed, rotting corpses and chilling with Jesus, zombie style?
  34. AnonLover Member

    LOLwut?? u mad crazy bro? (rhetorical question... crazy talk is quite crazy)
  35. Anonymous Member

    Serious questions were/are serious.
  36. AnonLover Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. AnonLover Member

    Not my leak, just relaying... another golden oldie Advance! Mag from the 70's!

    Advance! LA Issue #49, Nov/Dec 1977


    Major highlights: Homer's Illiad spun in a whole new light, WHO KNEW - The Greek Gods were really OTs! Also, How to have a Game instead of a Case & The No-interference Area by LRH.
  40. AnonLover Member

    Not my leak, just relaying...

    Source mag 217 (Sep 2011).pdf
    (Completions at end)

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