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  1. AnonLover Member

    Hooorah -- Wishlist item fulfilled!!! (not my leak, just relaying)

    Advance LA #107, 1990


    Major Highlights: Part2of2 on Christianity + Fallen Spirits that was needed for Vol II of my scilon religion project.

    Plus Class VIII successes (in addition to the usual OT Phenomena crap) and once again we see the same Leah Remini ad on pg19. Also - goofy grin Commodore pic on pg17 that i dont think i have evar seen used before, shoop masters will likely smile when they sees it.
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  4. AnonLover Member

    an oldie but goodie Advance Mag has also come in as a contribution for my ongoing scilon religion project.

    Advance LA 42, Sep/Oct 1976


    Major Highlights: What You Didnt Know About The Bible (ZOMG Moses had a comm line to Jehovah Lulz!), States of Identities by LRH, Clear Successes, a look at OT VI (w/ handwritten OT Levels image) and some ever so lovely (gag) OT Poetry.
  5. Sponge Member

    Do want scan of Impact 127.
    This came out only recently (I think 128 is actually the lastest) and issue 127 apparently contains pics of LA Sheriff Lee Baca and Assistant Sheriff Cecil Rhambo. In uniform. Shilling for the cult.
    The OCMBer reporting this doesn't have any easy means to scan and post it so if anyone else has Impact issue #127 in their pile of things to do then can you bring it to the top of pile plox and post the two tits.

    Edit: Nevermind. I got it from over the page ( ) but don't have the time to grab the pics and post myself.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Little more gray there Davey! Lookin frosty.
    And is it just me or does L Ron look really high in this pic?
  8. Anonymous Member

    ^Thanks for posting the pictures of Los Angeles City Police and County Sheriff promotion of Scientology.
  9. AnonLover Member

    oh look, more Advance mags gifted from benevolent donors of the interwebz for specific use in my ongoing scilon religion dox project.

    Advance LA 20, Aug/Sep 1973


    Major Highlights: Scientology, The Current State of the Subject & Materials by LRH that includes (drumroll) bold statement that there are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII fully developed in unissued note form. Wheeee!

    And... "A Philosophy about Good and Evil." Yet another exploitable "spiritual history of man" extravaganza of lulz - Zoroastrian style. And as was common in this era - OT stories with full names, and the gayest of gay OT poetry evar.
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  10. AnonLover Member

    bang! another ripe and juicy old Advance Mag (as usual - not my leaks, just relaying)

    Advance LA 33, July 1975


    Major Highlights: "The Word of God" on Muslims, Allah and Muhammad w/ his black meotorite and book (the Koran) that supposedly failed. Ahh yes folks, we nao haz something for everyone - "Mohammadans" equally smeared, check!

    Also "Making an OT, Part 2" by LRH, where it sounds like he was sniffing the same powerful shit being snorted on the cover above.
  11. AnonLover Member

    pow! last one for now...

    Advance LA 36, November 1974

    View attachment efad67fbdc9b2d83560cd845556844e2d5d77c65cfb70cef03

    Major Highlights: Cover photo by LRH himself! Is it just me or does it look like the camera angle is trying to look up dude's robes. But i digress... The Dead Sea Scrolls, with the Essenes being missing link between Judaism, Christianity and - Who Knew - Buddism! Plus "Miracles" by LRH that truly nails Christ to the cross like only Ron can.

    brb - i need my tap shoes, smoking horns and a happy dance liek none other!!

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  12. AnonLover Member

    ^^Oh the lulz! Page 4 - letters to the editor, includes one from Skip Press of The Morton Report claiming that "Starman's Song" by Hans W. Lippeck "Totally keyed me out" (and it sounds like he's referring to a poem in the previous issue)

    If it wasnt for the fact Skip has written some really great stuff lately on Scientology, I'd be posting /facepalm shoops here. However, I'm sure glad he got away when he did cuz jeebus - there's no doubt from this letter he was avid kool aid drinker in the early 70's.
  13. Anonymous Member

    OMG Pooks, do you have any of the magazines from the time that Paulette Cooper's affair was taking place? In her harrassment diary she mentioned that she recognized names of some of her "friends" on the lists published in Scientology mags. I wonder if you have any of those.
  14. AnonLover Member

  15. mirele Member

    Wow, is this just cheesy or what?

    Thanks to everyone for preserving this dreck for future generations to snark on.

    ETA: The mosaic of Empress Theodora (above issue from 1990) is distorted. The original mosaic is actually a fabulous piece of religious art. Scientology would have you to believe differently.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    I wonder if this one was taken in the same session:

  17. DeathHamster Member

    This one? I should turn the rolling eyes from javascript to a gif.

    (Mad Eye Hubbard, although I'm sure that I did that page before the Harry Potter book.)
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  18. AnonLover Member

  19. DeathHamster Member

    Oh well, there has been a bit of shooping and whatnot...
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  20. AnonLover Member

    Another oldie but goodie Advance mag gifted from benevolent donors of the interwebz for specific use in my ongoing scilon religion dox project.

    Advance LA 43, Nov/Dec 1976


    Major Highlights: Another hokey cover photo (plus additional full page photo on pg8) by L. Ron himself, portraying The Moslem-Christian wars in the Middle Ages in the gayest way possible. Spiritual History of Lulz article - Sufism, The Moslem Search for Truth.

    And two LRH feature articles: Exteriorization and Communication; & Scientology: The Philosophy of a New Age.

    Plus Extra's - AOLA Christmas Gift Catalogue, and a part 2 of some freaktacular space opera fiction called "The Search"
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  21. Anonymous Member

    (thanks for posting the link in Mediafire instead of Megaupload)

    Back page promo from ^ mag. There is a matching image for this already somewhere, with space guys wearing tin foil hats and exiting the spacecraft onto an alien world.


    and here's a closeup of Scientology's Starship 824 Panel #7, with Gyro Stabilizer control.



    The 60s called, they want their Alien Space Cult back.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    related pics

  23. AnonLover Member

    Another golden oldie Advance Mag, not my leak (as usual) - just relaying

    Advance LA 70, 1981 70.pdf


    Major Highlights: The Freedom to Win by Hubbard - yet another warped manifesto on survival. Spiritual History of Man on Angels - immortal spiritual beings w/ greater than human power and ability, gee guess where that's going.

    Extras: pic & blurb from a young Trey Lotz from the indie circles on pg18 of PDF, and an overview of Happiness Rundown release that looks rather useful at-a-glance on pg20.
  24. AnonLover Member

    and one more but of newer vintage...

    Advance LA 148, 2000


    Major Highlights: Searching for the soul of Ancient Petra; Intelligence, Ability & OT by LRH; and an excerpt adapted from "The Ability Congress" lecture series.

    ^^This spiritual history chapter is quite a doozey: From ancient Nabatean religious practices, to neighboring Baal worship with child sacrifices in Canaan and on into banished heretics of the Roman Church being sent to Petra where they worshiped a different brand of Christianity. (eye roll)

    Extras: Also seems to be a larger than usual amount of OT sales propaganda, plus Releases & Graduates on PDF pg29.
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  25. NCSP Member

    Wow! I just found this. Thanks for all the old Advance mags -- they're amazing!
  26. AnonLover Member

    Note - I've been FAIL at pointing out awesomeness of OCR'd state on the last couple of waves of Advance Mags I've relayed along.

    /hattip sekrit leakers & Mucho <3 !!!

    and this is just too far over the freaking top for me to let slide by...

    Why is it, that it ALWAYS comes back to being about religion = pscyhology exery chance they get in these Spiritual History of Man articles. pssssffffffttt.
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  27. AnonLover Member

    misc. offerings... not my leaks, just doin' the relay shufflehopstepper thang.

    Catalog of materials, Dn & Scn, Holiday 2011.pdf **
    Probably the most comprehensive list of "materials" that Scientology Corp is selling at any given time. A good document for historical archiving.

    Celebrity 406 (Oct 2011) Jim Meskimen.pdf

    The Auditor (AOSH UK 362, Oct 2011) Completions.pdf

    IAS IMPACT 128, Oct 2011.pdf

    ** added to my growing collection of scilon fee schedules (that hasnt been updated with the last month or so worth of old Advance Mag adverts for old pricing... but will be eventually)
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  28. Zhent Member

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  29. AnonLover Member

    ^^hot damn!!!

    That first one is THE missing link in the Hymn of Asia 5 part series release, from when HubBudda's spiel of I am Maitreya was first enfurled... that I've been searching for all year! Part 4of5 haz finally arrived!! (swoons). #1 item on my wish list, now fulfilled!!


    <3 U So Hard it hurts! Yer wish... my command.
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. AnonLover Member

    Not my leak, just relaying...

    Advance LA #96, 1987


    Major Highlights: A religion of Truth versus Evil (Zoroastrianism), and Clearing, Memory and the Road to OT by L. Ron Hubbard
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  32. Tangerine Member

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  33. AnonLover Member

    bump for rootchewing my way thru Advance Mags Most Wanted List. And altho I've got tons of swag lined up that eliminated most of my high priority searches for missing mags, this one is still outstanding:

    ^^Hardcopy, is a hard copy to find.
  34. DeathHamster Member

    &quot;Scientologists find out that the end of the Bridge isn't much fun, while Angels point and laugh!&quot;
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  35. AnonLover Member

    Lawl I <3 U DH! ^^LOL'd
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  36. AnonLover Member

    Oh for the great glorious &lt;3 of Xenu, the &quot;Heaven and Hell&quot; chapter of man's spiritual history in ^^This mag haz one of the best quotes evar for &quot;no, scientology is not compatible with your christfag faith&quot;

    Yeah baby, indeed we DO haz a damn good reason for a Scientology Religiosity? Vol I 3rd edition.


    Dear Zhent. Yer babies, I shall haz them!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 !!!
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  37. AnonLover Member

    Although I'm primarily interested in the &quot;spiritual history of man chapter&quot; features, ^^This one has one helluva LRH feature essay called &quot;Knowledge &amp; Ethics&quot;

    It paints a deeper picture of alot the crapola I've read in the books &amp; heard in the lectures ad naseum, and just blew it off as Hubbard talking his ass again. But the way this essay prtrays it - you see the darker twisted side on how the dots connect up with his complete rewiring hack job of redefining ethics, morals &amp; knowledge.

    Quite sickening actually, but still well worth the d/l &amp; read just for seeing the twisted logic in Scientology Ethics in a new light.

    EDIT: Also... Dear Zhent, Imma soon ready for moar Advance mags &amp; just about ready to begin offering lavish internet baby favors in return. (hint hint)
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  38. xseaorguk Member

    I once had an enlarged beingness and huge space.
    It was from vacume-pumping my ego with a Swedish device placed carefully over my willywonka.
    During this level of self help I found it of graet importance to simultaneously use the LRH buttplug.
    It was kinda like the icing on the caek, and led to unprecedented amounts of spurting affinity and ARC all around.

    My postulates and fantasies are realizing themselves as I can mock up any type of mental image and pron at will with the knowingness that I will cum in a very calm state of beingness, which mostly happens after every session.

    I know understand what LRH meant about &quot;truth revealed&quot;, and will continue to reveal myself in the local environment.

    Thanks LRH for the amazing route accross the bridge to the other side of the Truman show.
    On the next level I need to do I hope to find all doors and exits so that I can get back to my natural state of flubless, defiant and dauntless beingness.
    This may have to wait a while as my credit cards are currently maxed out.
    Thanks for all of this wonderful tek Ron, and we await your cumback.
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  39. Zhent Member

    Oh hey whats this


    Advance 15 1972.pdf


    Advance 84 1984.pdf


    Advance 116 1993.pdf

    Looking at Advance through the ages, you really see how the mag has mellowed out and has turned into generic junk. The old mags contained lots of original and interesting material.

    No 15 also contains a pricelist and a Global Clear OT tally:

    It also contains a SEANCE of all things.
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  40. From 1952 - 1993, (41 years) there are 3432 Clears?

    At that rate, it will take several hundred years to clear NYC!

    The glorious faggots @ NYC Anon Motherfuckery won't be having any of it.

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