Scientology recruiting in Japan: Radiation is no big deal / get 2 hours of free auditing

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OTBT, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. OTBT Member

    Unless someone can come up with a better version, then in my opinion, go for it Trev6.

    I'm not a writerfag, but this version sounds pretty good.
  2. Anonymous Member

    much better Trev6!!
  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    There aren't a lot of errors but there are a few. Too short on time to help ATM but will try to proofread when I get home in about 10 hours. I hope that's not too late. If so, maybe someone else can do it.
  4. I'm suprised no one bothered for any articles relating to Purif and radiation.

    "This is not the first time that unproven and worthless medical treatments have been offered to natural disaster victims. In the aftermath of last year’s devastating earthquakes in Haiti, many people, including faith healers from the Church of Scientology and homeopathic practitioners, offered ineffective medical “cures” to the sick, wounded and dying.

    Why would people offer bogus remedies and fake cures to some of the world’s most vulnerable people? The alternative medicine practitioners surely believe they are doing good, but desperate people who are exposed to radiation or other carcinogens need proven treatments, not glasses of water."

    No, All slander and libel!

    We have done Purification for years and never have we gotten sick from radiation. You can totally trust scientology!

    Science is bullshit, you can trust us!

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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Home now. Should I go all nazi now or is it too late?
  6. lulzgasm Member

    Has it been sufficiently nazi'd now, or do y'all need and extra pair of eyes on it?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Go for it. Its never too late to improve something.
  8. Trev6 Member

    Do eet, faggots.
  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OK, I'll stay up a little later...
  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    My edits in red.

    Most of these changes are simply grammatical corrections; I tried to leave your text as you wrote it as much as possible. (I didn't proofread the URLs or really much of the footnotes other than the grammar therein.) It is a good letter. Let's spread it.
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  11. OTBT Member

    <3 grammarfag. Come on over to my house, I have a couple dozen dictionaries you might like.

    @ Tev6

    Way to go, well done writing this, hope you don't catch the bad case of radiation that's going around. (Scientology can help you with that)
  12. Trev6 Member

    ...well done, all. Now let's fucking Enturbulate.
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  13. Trev6 Member

    Regarding this list, the domain listed here only returns an error for me. I've been doing some digging, but these embassies are almost stuck in the fucking stone-age... very little e-mail contact information, and when there is, it's only tied to some useless department like the "Culture Awareness Council" or some shit. Here's what I've found so far:

    Japanese Embassy in Ottawa:
    - Ambassador Kaoru Ishikawa
    - general email:

    Consulate General in Toronto:
    - Consul-General Tetsuo Yamashita
    - email:

    Consulate General in Vancouver:
    - Consul-General Hideki Ito
    - email: <-- special e-mail set up for contact regarding the tohoku quake

    Consulate General in Calgary:
    - previous Consul-General has retired, no replacement as yet. "To Whom It May Concern", I guess.
    - email:

    Japanese Embassy in Washington DC:
    - Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki
    - email: <-- only for the Japan Info & Cultural Center, no general one available

    Consulate General in Seattle:
    - Consul-General Kiyokazu Ota
    - email:

    ...more to come tomorrow. I need to crash before I pass out at my keyboard.
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  14. Trev6 Member


    Consulate General in Portland:
    - Consul-General Takamichi Okabe
    - email:

    Consulate General in Miami:
    - Consul-General Eiichi Kawahara
    - email:

    Consulate General in Boston:
    -Consul-General Takeshi Hikihara
    - email:

    Consulate General in Houston:
    -Acting Consul-General Watabe <-- can't find any mention of his first name
    - email:

    Consulate General in Honolulu:
    - Honorary Consul-General Arthur Taniguchi <-- only guy with an e-mail address
    - email:

    Consulate General in Chicago:
    - Consul-General George Hisaeda
    - email:

    Consulate General in San Francisco:
    - Consul General Hiroshi Inomata
    - email:

    Consulate General in New York:
    - Ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki
    - email:

    Consulate General in Nashville:
    - Consul-General Hiroshi Sato
    - email:

    Consulate General in Los Angeles:
    - NOTE: link provides a form to copy/paste into email. I suggesting following the directions at the link. It'll increase the chances of the email being actually read.
    - Consul-General Ihara
    - email:

    Consulate General in Detroit:
    - Consul-General Kuninori Matsuda
    - couldn't find any email, because evidently they live in the stone age

    Consulate General in Denver:
    - Consul-General Kazuaki Kubo
    - email:

    Consulate General in Atlanta:
    - Consul-General Takuji Hanatani
    - email:
  15. Trev6 Member

  16. Trev6 Member

  17. OTBT Member

    Scientology in Japan is still actively promoting the Purification Rundown as a Radiation Detoxification Program

    Posted on 27 March 2011

    Google Translate mangles this pretty badly, but from what I can deduce, they claim Scientology can detoxify radiation from you by their Purification Rundown.

    Notice in the e-mail posted in OP a week or so ago, Scientology was saying radiation was no big deal. Now, they are using scare tactics to try to get you to "detoxify" from the radiation in the food you eat and the water you drink.

    Google Translate to English

  18. OTBT Member

    These damn Scientologists are just too damn much. They are proclaiming in big bold red font that the Purification Rundown is the only program that removes radiation.

    Big red bold font is in the original text:

    Google Translate to English

    Note, this web site has a whole series of articles promoting the Scientology Purification Rundown. I'm not going to post them all here. Go to the Google Translate version, scroll down and look on the left side for a whole list of similar posts.
  19. OTBT Member

    Gentlemen, it appears that our efforts have made the scientologists backtrack on their unsubstantiated claims.

    The references in the blogs to Radiation detoxification program have been deleted.

    Also, several of the individual blog posts promoting Hubbard's radiation "cures" have been completely removed, deleted.

    To the Scientologists who are obviously reading this thread and are obviously having doubts:

    Do you really think that niacin and sauna are going to cure radiation poisoning in Japan?


    Please read this web site:

    Narconon Exposed

    Make up your own mind. It's OK to have doubts.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Welcome back, Japman!
  21. Zak McKracken Member


    Not only doesn't it "stay" free, it doesn't even start free.

    FREE Dianetics DVDs coming looking for you?
    I didn't think so.
  22. Anonymous Member


    its on the Seattle Org CoFS Blog
  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Jigga please. It would too be zero.

    Wed vegetables, indeed. No wonder Japan still doesn't rule the world.
  24. Trev6 Member

    You know, I totally meant to grab screenshots or the HTML file of their blog, but never got around to it because I'm a lazy/busy fag. Did anybody else get anything?
  25. OTBT Member

    Here's the screen shots I snagged a few days ago. I took the original Japanese, because I figured the Google Translate versions are useless outside of Japan.






  26. oh noes the scientologists are in Aichi Prefecture.
  27. Trev6 Member

  28. Zak McKracken Member

    damn you leaker of secrets !!!
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Are they sending people again?
  30. Enturbuleak Member

    Nope. Long forgotten. No cash to be extracted, no photo ops.

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