ScnTO's Very Own Last Chance Thread

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DeathHamster, May 15, 2011.

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  1. I dint even have to raid, all i did was record their stress test crap and post it on here, and viola... no more stress test table in front of the NYNY or in freemont street, also i wasn't talking about raiding a table i was talking about sitting down and actually taking the damn test.
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  2. Miranda Member

    About taking the "stress test," I wouldn't overestimate your own control in such a situation--pretty much anyone can be coerced to do things they wouldn't already do, if enough pressure is applied, and if they're stressed or fatigued enough. I don't think it's a very good use of time to try to con the cans, nor would it really accomplish much. But if you do it remember that dealing with pushy and manipulative proselytizing is like responding to obscene phone calls. You have to remind yourself that you are not a deer in the headlights--you can Just Hang Up. Don't hand over your credit card to anyone, don't give your real name or contact info, and once you start to feel tired and/or like leaving, just bust on out of there and don't let anyone stop you--you owe no one any explanations.

    Same thing in this thread, and here's another general comment on that. ScnTO has as much right as anyone to post whatever it wants to post, just as others have every right to disagree. Mods have requested that it not derail planning threads, spam butthurt reports for "nastiness" or post CoS links without warnings, so just report that kind of thing if you see it and we'll take care of it.

    As various people have pointed out, it's notable that despite the deluded inanity of its posts Scn has held its own in this discussion, has succeeded in annoying a lot of people while for the most part keeping its composure, and has kept the thread alive for quite a while. Its agenda is clear and unwavering. If you don't like it, consider clarifying your own agenda. What is it that you want? Do you hope to persuade Scn that Scientology is a corrupt and criminal enterprise? Do you hope to hurt it or make it mad by calling it names? Do you hope to drive it from this site? What are the best means to your end? (Rhetorical questions... just something to think about.)

    In my opinion, since this individual is evidently closed to information that contradicts its world view, any response to it will simply elicit more spam and more stats, lead to more annoyance, and of course bump the thread. (And I do realize that some people just like keeping threads like this one alive because they're funny.) At this point we do not intend to ban this person--it's the community's job to self-regulate.
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  3. n3uromanc3r Member

    I'd be satisfied if ScnTO answered a single question I've asked in a manner that passes the Turing Test.
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  4. slobeck Member

    I, for one, have gotten bored with it. Reading the dialogue isn't even funny anymore.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Despite being a 13 year old virgin.
  6. slobeck Member

    Srry, I didn't realize you were talking about actually taking the test. I thought you meant general interaction. In which case, I agree with you and Miranda on that point. And again suggest parody as an effective means of getting a point across to the public (in a way that uses humor rather than antagonism) and flustering the scilons (which is always worth the effort and is usually comedy in its own right) ie: Scientology has Free Stress Tests, we have Stress Free Tests.
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  7. Miranda Member

    But, as Silvio said, "It's never gonna fucking happen."
  8. Anonymous Member

    Didn't I see those stress tests in Port Authority?
  9. Yeah that's why i referenced Archer, as far as I've been told she went to take the test as a joke and that's how she got pulled back in.
  10. n3uromanc3r Member

    Basically what I'm getting is this: the great "Miracle" was that Mary's vagina was an anatomical outlier. With that, I'm going to hell.
  11. No sweetheart im talking about the NYNY casino in Las vegas, I've been told by a guy that stands right on that stretch of the strip every fucking day with out fail, that he's seen that table on a few occasions, maybe 2 t 3 times a month from what i could make out from what he told me, but after i recorded them i asked him again if he's noticed them and he said he dint really, granted he told me he wasn't really looking out for the table. But its kinda hard not to notice such douchebaggery like someone sitting on a table holding tin cans for almost an hour.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Oh sorry, I misunderstood. I think they do have stress tests on NY subway. How do you record them? With their knowledge? Or do you wear one fo those baseball caps with a camera inside them? Cause let me tell you - I look horrible in a baseball cap.
  13. slobeck Member

    Hmm. I notice you did say "back in," so I'm presuming that she was a scilon at one point. I suspect that former culties are more susceptible to that than the rest of us. But I take Miranda's suggestion not to overestimate my ability to be unswayed by their tactics, and your warning seriously. In my case, I was a member of the SGI another very powerful international cult. I have been asked 1000x by SGI members to go to a "district meeting" and just say "hi" and chant a little. Even though I have developed strong feelings against the SGI -I still believe (to some degree) the teachings of the religion. And that being the case I am worried that if I attend these meetings I'll end up right back in the cult again since the district meetings are less study and more sales pitch coupled with intense love-bombing. So I really to get your feelings about Archer and the OCA tables. But... I find that the same thing that makes me vulnerable to the SGI makes me MORE skeptical of Scientology because I'm always on the lookout for those recruiting tactics that I knew in the SGI.

    Anywho- it's somewhat of a thread derail, I know. But ScnTO has become so boring. This seems like a more useful thing to talk about. And truthfully, I've had enough toasties to last me a while ;)

    BTW: did she do the test on her own or did she have anyone with her at the time? I have a hard time imagining someone from Anonymous being sucked into the cult through the OCA tables if there are other Anons present.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    There's a lesson in all this, people... TWO SciFags could bring the forum to more or less of a screeching halt ;)
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I agree with Miranda here. The way I see it this individual has facilitated about as much as s/he can on this site including allowing many of us to practice various trolling debating skills. Now may be the time to attempt a little reflection--a state that is not entirely compatible with the online experience, I know--and make some conscious decisions about what you think you are going to get from continuing to try to engage with 'it'.
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  16. slobeck Member

    yup. This.
  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Posted May 12th on ESMB>
  18. Miranda Member

    I don't know if I'd go that far, but I do think that the most valuable use of this thread is that it offers practice dealing with a troll. Many of us are here because of bad experiences--our own or someone else's--with Scientology or some other high-demand group or relationship. When you get that irresistible urge to argue back, a button has been pushed. Who prevails depends in large part on your ability to resist the provocation.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I think the earlier comment about Anon writing a Knowledge Report on ScnTO scared it off...

    On another forum, I'd just hit "Ignore"... but this is WWP

  20. Char. Limit Member

    Uuuuuuugggghhh... 20 pages of this shit was just annoying. I don't know why I pushed through it all...
  21. slobeck Member

    Woah. Miranda goes all Glenda on us. But seriously, wise words.
  22. Anonymous Member

    The number was hyperbolic :)

    Thanks for your insight. An ex appreciates it :flowers:
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Okay, but after the lulz run dry will the last (20) Anon(s) ITT please remember to turn out the lights?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Having been with this and related threads from the outset of ScnTo posting at WWP, I now believe that this particular thread has some value.

    At times, I also felt the frustration of the communication breakdown, or its complete failure to even start up.

    At other times, it was just lulz mocking it. There were other times when I felt that it was time to shut it down, Dome it, DRAMA thread, whatever. I no longer feel that way.

    It is now at 20 pages with almost 780 postings.

    As for value:

    1. It shows how a human mind* that has been destroyed by scientology functions. Quite interesting but not very pretty.

    2. After a larger segment of the WWP community became involved with the thread, a great wealth of material exposing the history of criminal behaviour of the cult has been posted to it. I believe this consolidation of data is valuable.

    *ScnTo may actually be a user ID used by several entities at various times, including almost simultaneously.
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  25. Miranda Member

    <---better? I've been waiting to use this one.
  26. slobeck Member

    LOL. That's why I <3 u
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  27. Anonymous Member

    also; cock.
  28. RightOn Member

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  29. Miranda Member

    I'd love to see a whole line of tables in matching colors:
    Free Stress Tests
    Stress-Free Tests
    Test Stress-Free!
    Free the Stress Tests!
    Test--Free Stress!
  30. RightOn Member

    time for a nap Missy
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Simply looking and acting like an authority figure is enough to convince a lot of people that you actually ARE an authority figure.
    Scis take full advantage of this and the fact that a large percentage of individuals are natural "followers" than "leaders."
    The cult trains it's followers to spew whatever bullshit lies are necessary to accomplish their objectives, but to do so with enough authority that they will go unquestioned.
    The cult calls it "acceptable truths" - basically lies that sound "truthy" enough to get by people who don't know any better.

    Kind of like this sci-bitch trying to sound all "authoritative" and getting caught in a lie about the local mask law.

    This being the case, ScnTO, how is anyone supposed to believe anything from people who are basically trained to lie?
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  32. Herro Member

    All right. Time for me to come clean. ScnTO is my sock. It was fun while it lasted, but I've run out of copypasta. WWP, YHBT.

    PS, I'd also like to give a big thank you to the mods (you know who you are :) ) that were in on the troll and made sure that the account didn't get banned and that my threads stayed upstairs. Couldn't have done it without you guys.
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  33. an0nim0uz Member

    I would never have guessed.

    (OR WOULD I?)

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  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^^If true, fucking awesome! *doffs hat*^^^

    (smelled cramps a mile back, but meh) :p
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  35. Anonymous Member

    You can't have a conversation with a computer virus.
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    DOX or GTFO.
  38. Anonymous Member

    You can't have a real computer virus without stealing hotdogs from hogs.
  39. Miranda Member

    If this one is true, then I repeat my request: Herro and Scn in a cage, fight to the death.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    ffy <3
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