Security/Spycam equipment

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Anonymous, May 8, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Security/Spycam equipment

    Hello fellow Anons,

    Given what happened to 44 and the fact that it may be illegal for me to film during protests where I live for some reason, and also because I want to be able to unalter the behavior by the visible presence of a camera so as to produce better/clearer evidence of harrasment/bullying, I am looking into the following:

    -A spycam with a wire that leads to a recording device I can have on my person. I would plan to have the eye of the cam set into my mask, so that the webcam films what I see at all times. Ideally, the recording device would use a digital format , no casettes, and be USB compatible and can have its memory removed/swapped fast in case I get copfagged. Having a cordless remote to press a button and activate device would be a plus. The device must be able to record sound. Quality does not have to be the best, but I am looking for proper equipment that can provide sound and picture recording that would be good enough as clear evidence in court.

    -Some other webcam that records when it detects movements, cake if it can also record to a file on another computer/through the internet and is completely autonomous once set.

    -These devices should be found in Canada. This is the country I live in and I don't want to import and pay outrageous duties if I can help it.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Security/Spycam equipment

    Is it really illegal to videotape on public property? I find this hard to believe. Usually you're allowed to tape but you might not be able to publish what you've recorded without permission.

    There was a recent thread about spycams. I suggest finding that :)
  3. Sponge Member

  4. pwnon Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Security/Spycam equipment

    I too was surprised about hearing it may be illegal here.

    Regardless, I always planned to go with spycam, and I'm not the one to allow laws stop me posting my recordings online. ;p

    Thanks for the leads guys btw.

  6. Anonymous Member

  7. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Security/Spycam equipment

    OP, what are the dox about not being able to film on public property? Because unless you'd be using it for monetary gain, I don't see how it could be illegal to film.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Security/Spycam equipment

    If i was a salesman for that device i would think it was a superb buy.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Security/Spycam equipment

    Most of the videos on youtube must be against the law? dox plox
  10. Fumei Member

    Re: Security/Spycam equipment

    Pocket DVR,Pocket DVR with On Screen Time/Date&Motion activated,SecuMate

    Beats all the other pen cameras and cheap stuff you can find, it is expensive just about the same price of normal video cameras. The only thing this doesn't include is a camera! That sucks but you can find the cameras on EBay and such not. This is the part the records everything.
  11. Silent Member

    Re: Security/Spycam equipment

    Or just put a regular cam in a bag of some kind, and cut a hole in the bag the cam can film out of. Put a lot of crap on the back, like stickers and shit, so no one will notice there is something odd about it (ie. add noise to the look of the bag)

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