Senator Grassley's Investigation into Tax-Exempt Ministries

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by AnonLover, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. OTBT Member

    In the PDF file I downloaded from mediafire ^, pages 3 and 4 are blank. Can you check on your end?
  2. AnonLover Member

  3. AnonLover Member

    this version better?

    [bad ling baleeted, see below... ]
  4. OTBT Member

    Still missing pages 3 and 4. Actually, pages 3 and 4 are there, but as totally blank pages, no text, no graphics, just blank. Other pages seem fine.

    Let me log out, clear cookies, use CCleaner, and then try again


    / edit

    Nope, still missing pages 3 and 4.
  5. AnonLover Member

    on my end its 6 pages total - and no blanks in da middle. and i still had it open in my pdf writer when i uploaded the first version to mediafire, which been flaky at times for me in past. but updated ling should be good (fingers crossed)
  6. AnonLover Member

    FFS - third times a charm, mai internets were tired and maybe needed a reboot.

    [bad ling baleeted, see below... ]

  7. AnonLover Member

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  8. OTBT Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    That is a thing of beauty, AL.


    1. Consider cc'ing it to Grassley and, say, the New Yorker and/or WSJ;
    2. Page 1, last line: "justifies" should be "justify";
    3. Page 2, A, "the governing investigation";
    4. Page 3, C, "The past refusals to publicly release the aforementioned finalized closing agreement with the Church of Scientology have now done both the general public and our legislators undue harm.";
    5. Page 3, C, last line, "cannot be proven due to blatant censorship";
    6. Page 3, D, "Recent and wide-spread allegations in major media outlets regarding flagrant abuse within the Church of Scientology that have included the following major national headlines the highlighted the relevant concerns behind this request should be dually noted as follows." This whole sentence needs reworking. Also, did you intend to say "duly noted"? ;
    7. Page 3, D, first bullet point, "the Village Voice";
    8. Page 4, D, final bullet point, "Although not recent, this work was quoted extensively by Senator Grassley’s report in January 2011 [6], to the extent that it seemingly served as the basis of his analysis. He improperly cited it as: “Taxes and Tactics: Behind an I.R.S. Reversal: A Special Report" ";
    9. Page 4, D, final bullet point, "requests. This recent legislative dependency on what can potentially be disinformation further emphasizes the urgent need for your careful consideration in releasing the finalized closing statement that is being requested herein. ";
    10. Page 4, "These claims of atrocious behavior and other questionable points summarized in brief above, have been frequently featured in the major media outlets to an extent that emphatically underscores the need for greater transparency in regards to this controversial organization.";
    11. Page 4, "A further refusal by the IRS to fully disclose the 1993 closing agreement will feed a public perception that the I.R.S extend layers of protection to the Church of Scientology that seemingly insulate it from public scrutiny. How then can citizens that have lost loved ones to this organization demand further action by local authorities when federal government agencies such as the I.R.S. appear to offer the Church of Scientology their protection?;
    12. Page 4, E, "forthwith" should be "herein";
    13. Page 4, E, "His specific instruction stated that all agencies and departments should “adopt a presumption in favor” of Freedom of Information Act";
    14. Page 4, last line, "In spite of the President’s inaugural orders, it has been reported in the Washington Post in March 2010 that";
    15. Page 5, "In light of its findings, I beseech you to step up to the plate and honor the President’s request, release the undisclosed final agreement being request herein by the end of Sunshine Week this year, and let this controversial documentation finally see the light of day during the President’s first term in office."; and
    16. Add page numbers.

    LOVE IT!
  10. subgenius Member

  11. AnonLover Member

    thankyou! googledocs version looks butt ugly in IE, so here's the msword original for ease of grammar nazi review: [old ling baleeted... see l8ter post below]

    If we get this sent off this week, they have 20 days to respond which would put it right after Sunshine Week (FTW!) ends... perfect timing for press release calling foul.

    paging extOT8Mike to the white phone - your post in tikk's inurement thread inspired this letter. how would u like to be the name fag that files it?

    That way when its rejected, we can trot your cute lil arse out when we feed it to the press and have all your baggage work to our advantage cuz we can possibly give all the shi- done to you a good retread as well.
  12. AnonLover Member

    I was considering that - but feared maybe i was getting ahead of myself

    <3<3 - this big hueg upwilling of inspiration spewed forth and mai inner writefag fount of wordsmithy had a virtual orgasm 6 times (one for each glorious page) :)
  13. AnonLover Member

    OK I lied - couldnt sleep, got a second wind and applied/fix'd all these thoughts below plus a few other punctuation touchups to make an updated FINAL draft. Plus I think I got my PDF glitch fix'd.


    moar thoughts plox?
  14. AnonLover Member

    P.S. In case I didnt stress it enough....

    /R/ Shoop with appropriate guy fawkes applied
  15. Anonymous Member

    great work!

    Darrell Issa is reviewing denied FOIA request. Any recent FOIA request might be directed his way.

    Issa online contact form
  16. AnonLover Member

    Issa has alot of questionable history, and I'm not sure how i feel about him. Got sauce on him reviewing FOIA stuff? I'm not finding anything in googlefu due to the flood of his impeach obama witch hunt & suck up to big business pandering.
  17. subgenius Member

    fuck him
  18. Enturbulette Member


    In lesbo with your paper raid. Well done.
  19. AnonLover Member

    found/fixed typo: on my readthru w/ fresh eyes on my last final draft

    1. Page 5, 2nd para - " agreement being requested herein by the end of Sunshine Week this year ..."
    2. Page 2 B) 1st para - IRS needs to be I.R.S for consistency
    3. Page 2 B)2nd para - "IRS has something to hide"
    I have now also properly stewed on the idea of CC'ing this baby to important peeps. imo - i think YES it should be selectively CC'd to few key sources that are crucial/pivotal references in the listed citations. And then that gives some room for scooping the story to a few preferred outlets before step2 of paper raid begins once the IRS rejects it (open letter to grassley press release)

    So after staring at the REFERENCES section for most of the morning, my initial scratch at a CC is looking like this. other suggestions welcome.

    Offices of Sen. Charles Grassley
    WSJ Newsroom
    N.Y. Times Newsroom
    SPTimes Newsroom
    Ed O'Keefe, Washing Post Staff
    Tony Ortega, Village Voice Chief Editor

    other thoughts? also - I'm wavering on last one.. that inclusion is likely heavily biased due to my lustful obsession with having Mr. Ortega's internet babies.
  20. AnonLover Member

    pondering if the closing remarks on Page 4 D (" These claims of atrocious behavior ..." parargraph) should possibly be tweaked for one last strategic citation:

    A SPTimes Editorial
    Vigorous investigation of Scientology needed
    In Print: Friday, February 11, 2011

    Update on ^^This - this paper raid not a good fit for Mike, So I'mma trollin' for a namefag favor to file it via backchannel PM's. Said namefag needs to be a US citizen with a USA address, and is willing to be fed to the press when the IRS denies it and we release the followup open letter presser to grassley calling foul. PM me if yer interested.
  21. Zak McKracken Member

    I nominate Tommy Davis.
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  22. AnonLover Member

    ^^better yet - the updated final draft letter was lacking an all inclusive summation/closing at the very end, right above the form letter verbage on page 5 starting with "In order to determine my status..." and the citation fits perfectly.

    so i drafted one last paragraph to insert at ^^That point (not indented) for a proper closing:
  23. AnonLover Member

    UPDATE: a namefag to file FOIA request has stepped fwd, /bows to xenubarb

    I told her I'd finalized letter by early morning, so we can possibly get it sent out tomorrow.

    To Recap, the gameplan so far is this:
    1. Send IRS FOIA request calling for the release of closing settlement agreement by the end of Sunshine Week. CC key players
    2. Apply pressure as we wait for IRS rejection? **
    3. Get Rejection, Richochet it right bak into Senator's Grassley's lap with open letter presser
    4. ...
    5. Profit.
    ** Additional thought for step 2: Hold Sunshine Week Protests during the week of March 13-19 ?

    See also:

    idea = combining FOI and Scientology initiatives by protesting local IRS offices (in the name of releasing scilon sekrit dox). Plus we could also maybe rally at the offices of key congress critters with a vested interests in either subject (FOI / Greater Transparency, Senate Finance Committee / Grassley & Staff, Cult supporters, etc.) here in the US.

    Abroad, peeps could even protest their american embassy with "Tell IRS To Spread Sunshine on Scientology" messages if their so inclined.

    And even if we fail to get dox in 2011, a Sunshine Week theme is ripe to turn into an annual thing - our very own spring fling if u will, a chance to go protest somebody other than the same old cult.

    So IOW - I nao propose to Launch a parallel themed protest initiative to paper raid:
    Operation Sunshine Week FTW!!1!

    who's with me? would any protestfags be willing to put boots on the street for something liek this?

    P.S. lazzy faggots - Canada, UK, Aussies, Germans and French have put us yankfags to shame with their epic WINs. This could be our turn to do our part in ye olde US of A.
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  24. AnonLover Member

    Several more proofreads &amp; touch ups applied to FOIA letter that incudes typos noted above, CC &amp; new closing paragraph added at the end, plus a fresh set of eyes on the homefront pointed out a few wordy spots that needed trimming.

    (googledocs ling is the same as before, mediafire ling will be updated upstream ITT)

    Also - cawks, Sunshine Week FTW!!!1!

    This thread needs moar shoops from (lots of kewl stuff under toolkits menu)

  25. AnonLover Member

    Dear IRS,
    moar sunshine plox. kthxbai!


    Let the sunshine faggotry ensue.
  26. AnonLover Member

    Regarding Senator Issa
    Welch to Issa: Step Away -- Or At Least Step Back -- From FOIA Demands

    more @ ling
  27. AnonLover Member


    The First of 3 staging missiles in this glorious paper raid is now launched. The Finalized final final version of the IRS FOIA Letter was sent out in the mail today. You can haz public domain versions w/ Barbs personal details redacted here:

    The 2nd and 3rd staging missiles are set to go out tomorrow - the CC'd version to Sen. Grassley's Offices &amp; Select Media Outlets. A final draft of the CC'd media outlet cover letter (explaining why their getting a copy of the IRS FOIA letter) is here:

    Grassley's cover letter will be essentially the same as ^^This,
    but with opening paragraphs adjusted for context AND just tad less snark overall.

    Once the last two missiles are officially sent out, I'll be jumping off this think tank / planning thread and starting a new &quot;active projects&quot; thread for officially announcing Operation Sunshine Week FTW!!1!

    Meanwhile, i desperately need a good shoop of the following sunshine week cartoon. I am willing to trade 2 bologna sammiches, 3 internet babies and +10 internets to the first glorious artfag that gives me a lil halp plox?
    other next steps are in the works too... but were saving that for mentioning on the upcoming active projects subforum thread.
  28. AnonLover Member

    FINAL STATUS UPDATE - the last of the initial paper raid missiles are now launched. a public domain copy of the cover letter included on the versions forwarded to Senator Grassley's offices available here:

    We're currently finishing up a permanent home for all the public domain versions of our IRS FOIA dox plus other relevant tax related research stuff here:

    ^^Once that /b/ackup documentation is finished up later today, I'll kick off a new "active projects" thread for Operation Sunshine Week FTW!!1!

    EDIT: related project thread for post paper raid operations here:
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  29. Scientology has been abusing FOIA for decades, 2 bad it's a 2 way street now being used to help expose their own scamming asses now.

    Turn around being fair play and all.

    Nice Work, AL
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  30. AnonLover Member

    Oh look,!/ChuckGrassley/status/54735224327774208
    Any Facebook Fags wanna pose a question to this sell out?

    If so - We need to ask him:
    • why he seem intent on dissing our constitutional right to the separation of church of state with supporting churches supporting political candidates,
    • why he doesnt support greater transparency with religious institutions for the sake of protecting the unsuspecting public from unsavory groups hiding behind the guise of being a respectable religion, and
    • exactly what he thinks about Scientology's special tax breaks not afforded to any other religions since his recent investigative report failed to apply any scrutiny or criticism whatsoever despite his rose garden tour of the cult's biggest controversies.
    Edit: total twit trolling of all of the above and moar done on twitter.

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