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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Pique Member

    There is no headquarters. There are no top dogs. There are various places around cyber space where different groups collect. Some sites may have top dogs for their activities and be completely unknown and unconnected to other sites. As you can see from the Venn diagram Jacky posted, this site, WWP, originally organized around chanology and since expanded to other initiatives, is but a small part of the anonymous world.

    If you have an idea, find the right forum here and start a thread about it. This place can be a little rough and tumble at times so please approach it with a thick skin. :D

    Oh, and welcome to the forum. :)
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  2. I never meant an actual physical location for a headquarters, I meant a place online where all of this operates. And I'm still learning. I tend to get into something vigorously once I am interested. So excuse me if I'm coming off as pesky or a nuisance.
  3. The glib answer is, it doesn't.

    The maybe-a-little-more-thoughtful answer is: each thing that Anonymous does - each project, if you like - involves different people, methods, places etc.

    So it would be a mistake to assume that all Anons are supportive of everything that 'Anonymous' does, or that it's all organised in one place.

    You're welcome to post it in the off-topic forum. If people like it then it will pick up support and interest, if they don't like it then it won't.

    I'd recommend that you read some past threads on similar topics, and search the term 'NYPA', first.
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  4. you're fine. don't worry.
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  5. You're not being a nuisance. You are being what is usually termed a "n00b" - someone quite new to the environment. Getting oriented takes time, and the most typical advice given to 'n00bs' is "lurk moar!"

    Take some time, there's no rush. Explore, discover, and yes, ask questions, but try to frame questions as realistically as possible.

    The place on the internet where all of this operates in called The Internet.
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  6. telomere Member

    cubby ate it.
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  7. telomere Member

    and please don't be afraid to be a pest or a nuisance.
    Nuisancing is what we do best.

    (when we're not hoarding rainbow candy)

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Rule one of OP mayhem was not to talk about OP mayhem.
  9. Well, its kinda hard not to talk about it when its all over tumblr, twitter, and youtube now isn't it ;)
  10. Anonymous Member

    Try really hard.
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. That's incredibly contradictory. We WON'T talk about it, yet we'll make a a fairly large image and tumblr site and youtube videos about it.
  13. Anonymous Member

    You continue with the use of the "we" pronoun. What's up with that?
  14. Anonymous Member

    It's an old Anon mind trick.
  15. telomere Member

    The name "Project Mayhem" was borrowed from an old movie about social activism,
    soap and schizophrenia. You may find it interesting, if you haven't already seen it:

    However most of us are nor familiar with the real-life project you describe,
    and if it bears any resemblance to the project from Fight Club, then it is probably not something
    that many of us would support, as it involves several kinds of illegal and antisocial behavior,
    including terrorism and promiscuity.
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  16. Pique Member

    Hey people. Here be the New Guy Question and Answer thread.
    Not the lets-post-funny-shoops-and-talk-about-old-memes-and-the-merits-of-random-off-site-initiatives thread.
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  17. telomere Member

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  18. Pique Member

    right back at ya
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  19. Welcome to the forum (I'm new too).

    What did your religion teacher told you about anon's activity and Scientology?
  20. Pique Member

    Thanks other new person, that's a great question! I look forward to the reply. I'll leave this post here for now but just to let you know, mod staff will probably move the derail to a better location later. :)
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  21. Anonymous Member

    suggest you bring your parents with you to a protest, street-cred permitting.

    that way they know that you're safe.

    you could always combine it with a shopping trip or whatever - just swing by a protest for a few minutes to let your parents talk to anons and find out whether they're total weirdos, and find out also about this 'scientology' nonsense.

    I'm a parent (of little kids) and when they're your age I'd be proud of them if they were part of something like Anonymous. So don't assume your parents will disapprove (sorry - I know that's a heavy blow).

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  22. Jack's daniel Member

    He told us about the protest and the Videos on the internet, even showed us few. Thought i already knew most of them...well, at least he caught the attention of my class :)
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  23. MakeAMovement Member

    My mom
    So then how would I come across telling them in a way that they won't say "That makes no sense, we have all the freedoms we can want." ?
  24. Anonymous Member

    I go by the name Illusion.....

    I'm not the average kid you could say, i get the picture, but i want and need to help paint it.

    My question is, should i delete my Facebook, to remain anonymous? Or could i still be anonymous and have it?

    I would also wonder if there is a very trustworthy anonymous person, who could talk to me, restricted numbers, or

    even possibly meet in person, with masks.. I've spent most my life on the computer and was just about to join

    the nearest Masonic lodge, but it didn't seem right for me... And what's this "probationary group" and what can i do

    to get out of it as Anthony said... Anyways feel free to PM me.... And no, i didn't come here to just join a random group

    that i know nothing about (like some people)..... I came here for the Lulz, the AC Movement, and what they

    TRULY are about... Hope to see you on the Boat soon... Laterz!
  25. Facebook is a personal choice. Know what you are dealing with, TOS and all that. Some anons work with facebook, many don't.

    I don't know anything about this "probationary group" or how to get out of it or even what "Anthony" said.

    Perhaps someone else can address those questions.
  26. Anonymous Member

    OK, two possible issues here, and I'm not sure which one your question is about:

    1) Freedom of belief of Scientologists: The Scientologists have the freedom to believe in whatever they like. We're not against that. We're against the fraud and abuses.

    2) 'Freedoms' in general, of everybody else: it's not really about that. We're seeing a corrupt and fraudulent institution (Scientology) which victimises its members and damages society as a whole. And we're protesting against that.

    Maybe I've missed the point of your question, re-phrase if so...
  27. Anonymous Member

    For what?

    Try mods?

    Go to a protest.
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  28. telomere Member

    To meet persons with masks,
    the best way to try is to type in the name of your city in the "Search" box at the top right of the WWP page. If nothing obvious shows up, try the name of a nearby major city in your area.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Welcome :]
  30. Hello, I'm Le Vrai Trollolol aka The real Trollolol.
    Of course I'm a frog :) (already find that
    I hope I'll have a lot of messages wishing me a kind welcome, specially from the moderators (actually, admin would be better).
    I love you protesters <3
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  31. Hello, Le vrai Trollolol. Welcome to WWP!

    Apologies for lacking the skill to welcome you in the French Language. But I am certain that the French Forum Members can partially make up for this. :)
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  32. That will be enough Jacky (I hope I can call you so). Thanks for the message.
    For the next moderators, if you can put some little pink hearts (like that <3 and with a big font size :)) , it will be perfect.
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  33. Neuko Member

    Hello! I am new here. =)
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  34. Hi WWP Anonymous! I'm kinda new in rows of Anonymous an I would like to introduce myself here. At first: I'm NOT Japanese (it's just a kanji name - I'm an anime fan!). I do speak English and French, want to do something for the community (paperstorm will soon come to my city when I print all the required materials). 09.2012 I'm going to be 18 so for now only advertising at High School and city are available for me. Gonna be active, gonna be anonymous, gonna stay with you for many years (until the end of world!). Just wanted to say hi friends.
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  35. julius.meinl Member

    hi friends!
    for a long time i wanted to join the movementand now i did it! i always fought for freedom of speech and freedom of ideas.
    hope to find a way to help.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Sorry for this really silly Question, but how can I create a new Tread?
  37. HOC Member

    Top right of the screen under your name/log out section called 'Post new thread'. :)
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  38. Lwo Member

    Oh, now I know why I aint found it, because "German" dosen't exist any more? Is that possible, and why?
  39. HOC Member

    No problem. The german forum has been temporarily removed by one of the Admins due to some ongoing drama. It should be back soon.
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