Taking down Co$ on Craigslist/ Co$ ads on CraigsList

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Budd, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Budd Member

    Admittedly I've been out-of-town and quite busy on a six-month business trip as an I.T. contractor, but now that I'm back I've been checking our local CL and I don't see any ads for the cult. They used to post every single day under Classes, for various topics. Have they given up? I used to post "WARNING..." ads each time they would post.

    How about your CL?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Still posting here sporadically, but now we don't have to respond, the CL community does it for us.
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  3. anon walker Moderator

    San Diego org is quite busy on CL. Ask for "Dan."
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  4. Budd Member

    Hmm, no CLASSES here in Orlando but I accidentally searched under FOR SALE, and found...

    Jul 20 - Scientology Boks for Sale - $2000 (Longwood Florida) books & magazines - by owner
    Jul 17 - DVDs Bonanaza !! Trades For Blu Ray 2 to 1 Possible - $5 (Longwood) cds / dvds / vhs - by owner
    Aug 9 - FREE Scientology DVD - (Ocala) pic <<cds / dvds / vhs - by dealer
    Aug 9 - Do you have unexplained pain? - (Ocala) <<health and beauty - by dealer
    Aug 2 - Finally, here is the answer to the meaning of life. - $15 - (Ocala) <<books & magazines - by owner
    Jul 31 - Do you have unexplained pain? - (Ocala) <<health and beauty - by dealer
    Ocala is bucolic horse country, and JT's home.

    Also in Ocala, under COMMUNITY...

    Aug 9 - Answers to Drugs - general
    Aug 9 - Find Out About Scientology - (Ocala) pic general
    Jul 26 - Volunteer Positions Available - (Ocala) volunteers

    And also... Aug 9 - Children's Communication Course - (Ocala) lessons & tutoring

    And also...
    $300 Small furnished room - all included (Belleview)

    Small room for rent in large 5 bedroom house. Full house privileges. Room can be furnished or unfurnished - your choice, rent stays the same. Share bathroom with two males. Includes: All utilities plus cable, netflix, wireless broadband high speed internet plus use of shared phone. Room also has its own window unit, so you can adjust temperature to your liking.

    Must be okay with dogs. Prefer college student or young adult, as the half of house where the room is located is occupied by two male college students. Household is calm, and is usually quiet except for some music and video games. Head of household is a college graduate who is working on a master's degree, so occasional homework help is also available if needed in English, math, psychology, statistics, etc.

    NO PARTYING ALLOWED!!! This is a drug-free home, no negotiations, no exceptions, and no second chances. Recovering addicts okay. Alcohol is okay on ocassion and within reason if you are over 21 years old. We like heavy metal and techno music. We also like movies of all sorts. Head of household is a Scientologist, so if you are not okay with this, then do not reply. For information about Scientology, visit

    Room will be available on September 1st. Could be available sooner for the right person. Respond by email with details about yourself and why you are looking to rent a room. Please include your phone number.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Any Anon spy's want to move in and see if we can get dirt on the cult?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    You can.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Markabian seekrit agent phi-alpha-septimus reporting for duty sir. Mission accepted.
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  8. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Well, since the clams are up to no good on CL, I thought I'd look in my local Den o' Thieves CraigsList.

    Only found one listing.

    Nowhere near me.

    Problem there, Scientologist?

    (Not to mention the Study Tech flew over your head there)
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Responses to the ad for a seminar on CL

    Response, they say they aren't a clam but the words do not agree

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Just checked my local CL, which used to have 100 - 200 ads at any given time. There is zip, nada, zero ads for scientology! They've been completely gone for about 2 months. I guess the notifications I put on CL - warning public that they were scientologists and a little history about their abuses has effectively innoculated the public against the scientology cult virus.

    If anyone else is currently having a problem, just speak up, and I will take the time to flag the cult's ads whereever they are advertising. So nice to be free of the cult lice in my town!

    Here is an excellent anon response (from another city) to a clam infestation:

    All the ads below lead to Scientology, but only one of them actually TELLS you that. If you search by their phone number, 602-954-1417 - they pop up like acne. They have to hide who they are because they are ashamed and secretive. They hide their beliefs, their identities, and their purposes - most of which are to make money by inducting people into a cult that thrives on coercive tactics and mental conditioning. Funny how most of these ads are about getting over bad relationships, not saving them - they obviously failed Tom Cruise BIGTIME at actually HELPING his marriage. Why hide if you are proud of Scientology? Flunk!

    Jul 24 - Are Past Upsetting Relationships Holding You Back? - (PHOENIX) activity partners

    Jul 23 - Recent Split-up or Divorced and Unhappy - (Phoenix) groups

    Jul 23 - Are Past Upsetting Relationships Holding You Back? - (Phoenix) activity partners

    Jul 23 - Get Angry Too Easily - Group - (Phoenix) groups

    Jul 23 - Group for Self-confidence & Motivation - (Phoenix) groups

    Jul 23 - Are you Uncomfortable in New Situations? - (Phoenix) groups

    Jul 23 - Group for Those That Can't Seem To Make Relationships Work - (Phoenix) groups
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  11. Anonymous Member


    Maybe the OSA personnel, who were posting the ads, actually started reading our response ads, and blew? Hahahahahahaha

  12. Budd Member

    Hmmm, the same subject lines that they used to use in Orlando.
    Every time I saw one (and I checked several times a week) I would post an exposé WARNING ad, which usually got taken down within the day. :(
  13. anoninoob Member

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  14. anoninoob Member

    they're all over "classes" in the SF BA too

    8/9-8/16: Class on How to Ease Tensions with Co-Workers - (ingleside / SFSU / CCSF)
    8/9-8/16: Class to Teach You How to be More Outgoing - (laurel hts / presidio)
    8/10-8/17: How to Improve Love, Communication, and Trust - (visitacion valley)
    8/10-8/17: Parenting class - (vallejo / benicia)
    8/10-8/17: Anger Management Class - (emeryville)
    8/10-8/17: Class for Handling Irrational Fears - (visitacion valley)
    8/10-8/17: *@*Design with water beads class*@* - (hayward / castro valley) <-------NOT THE $CI'S!!!!
    8/10-8/17: Self Esteem Class - (oakland rockridge / claremont)
    8/10-8/17: Seminars + Counseling = Total Life Improvement - (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)
    8/10-8/17: The Key to Self-Confidence - (inner richmond)
    8/10-8/17: Starting Up a Business? - (hayward / castro valley)
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  15. anoninoob Member

    "Jesus, we should come down here once a week for housecleaning" - Boondock Saints

    8/13-8/20: Get Rid of Depression Class - (north beach / telegraph hill)
    8/13-8/20: Class for Divorced Persons - (oakland rockridge / claremont)
    8/13-8/20: Class to Help You Deal with Negative People - (sonoma)
    8/13-8/20: Help a ill person get better and get relief - (west marin)
    8/14-8/21: Class on How to Ease Tensions with Co-Workers - (inner sunset / UCSF)
    8/14-8/21: Class to Teach You How to be More Outgoing - (marina / cow hollow)
    8/14-8/21: Class for how to let go of your past and start fresh - (lower haight)
    8/14-8/21: How to reach your goals in life - (fairfield / vacaville)
    8/15-8/22: How to Improve Love, Communication, and Trust - (visitacion valley)
    8/15-8/22: Self Esteem Class - (oakland rockridge / claremont)
    8/15-8/22: Seminars + Counseling = Total Life Improvement - (brentwood / oakley)
  16. anoninoob Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Still posting in Sacramento CL. Help would be appreciated.
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  18. moralhazard Member

    What the hell is a scientologist doing getting a masters degree ? Flunk for being off purpose! That money should be going to the ideal org and he should have joined the sea org at 13... Seriously KR writing time.
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  19. TorontosRoot Member

    Holy shit. I'll have to raid the toronto craigslist and flag those ads using Tor.
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    While I am messing with this shit I guess I can throw the contact info up for the hive mind.

    Call 713-974-6299 : Mon-Thurs 7 PM - 10 PM, Sat-Sun 9-5 and ask for Corey.

    2727 Fondren Road
    Houston, TX 77063
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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    I've found 179 ads posted in Houston since July 1st. I've marked them all for spam.
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  24. Anonymous Member


    Just finished flagging SF Bay, Houston, and Sacramento. I see Tony is still farting around Sacramento.

    Would love to see some funny ads about him and the cult........

    RE: The Key to Self Confidence = Scientology

    And here is one of their newest graduates just glowing with Self Confidence!


    This magnetic quality can be yours too .....for a mere $500!!!!!

    or how about:


    The secrets to a successful marriage can be can be happy just like Tom and Katie.....for a mere $1000....

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  25. TorontosRoot Member


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  26. anoninoob Member

    Yo, newsfags!! There's a story here. "Church" spamming Craigslist while concealing who they are"
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. TorontosRoot Member

    *bump* with a hair pin up the butt
  29. Anonymous Member

    Help!!! Volunteers needed!!! (but not the yellow shirt kind)


    Extreme infestations of scientology roaches have been found in the following CL cities:

    Houston 713-974-6299
    San Diego (619) 239-5481
    Sacramento (916) 519-5287
    San Fran Bay 408-409-5398

    We've already lost one city.......don't let this happen to another.........

    &lt;img src=&quot;; alt=&quot;photo&quot; aria-describedby=&quot;title_div&quot; width=&quot;450&quot; height=&quot;381&quot;&gt; 7366349088_874a3852d0.jpg
    Roach-Infested McDonald's In Tampa Exposed After Trying To Block Health Inspector
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  30. Anonymous Member


    August 16, 2012 , Thursday, at 2:00pm

    Snapshot of Tony in Sacramento .......trying to explain where all his CL ads went?

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Just finished flagging San Diego, Houston, Sacramento........
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I've just checked the Craigslist for my city. I ran "dianetics" on the search tool and got some hits. With every hit, I found the text below, sitting as a header on top of the cult material:
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  33. TorontosRoot Member

    Excellent warning ads. ;)
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  34. Budd Member

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  35. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    AFAIK: Yes they are still unbiased. After Wikipedia banhammered all CoS IPs, they have it semi-protected to prevent any further troll attempts by clams or Scientology sympathizers.
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  36. Budd Member

    Getting back into the swing of things. I posted this for ads posted in Ocala:

    WARNING: Be sure to find out what you are getting into before contacting or visiting the "Church" of Scientology.
    Many people consider it to be a cult, and it has been banned in several countries.
    Ask them about forced abortions, mysterious deaths, brain-washing, and its founder L. Ron Hubbard, a hack science fiction writer who flunked out of college and was kicked out of the US Navy, and died a drug-addled psychopath.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Well looks like the cult is really desperate for "volunteers" in Seattle!

    Will someone who can post in Seattle - please warn the public about Narconon, and the other cult fronts in this ad:

    Global Social Betterment and Humanitarian Programs (Seattle)
    Date: 2012-08-16, 10:34PM PDT

    Are you fed up with all the materialism and greed in our society today? Would you like to DO SOMETHING REALLY FULFILLING?

    If so, we need volunteers in the following global social betterment and humanitarian programs:

    The Way to Happiness
    Applied Scholastics
    Human Rights
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    We can use your help and the world certainly can too?

    Come in for a tour of our state of the art Public Information Center and
    learn about our all of our Global Social Betterment and Humanitarian Programs.

    Then join up to help your favorite one!

    Call Cheri to schedule your tour and interview to volunteer in the largest
    global social betterment and humanitarian group of programs in the world today!



    • Location: Seattle
    • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
    • it's OK to distribute this charitable volunteerism opportunity for inclusion in 3rd party web sites that have been approved by craigslist
    PostingID: 3211001235
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  38. TorontosRoot Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

    Xenu is pleased with all of our efforts!

    He offers Fifty Marcabian Gold pieces to the best cult-warning ad on Craigslist - either create one or find an already existing one!

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  40. Anonymous Member

    We are getting submissions by the thousands here at BigPharma headquarters. It's hard to pick a winner..... Here is one Xenu is particularly fond of.........

    "Answers to Drugs" is a SCIENTOLOGY site (Orlando, and around the world)

    Date: 2012-08-17, 12:16PM EDT
    Reply to:

    • Location: Orlando, and around the world
    • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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