Taking down Co$ on Craigslist/ Co$ ads on CraigsList

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Budd, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Suiram Member

    I'm slamming him with counter posts today. He just posted four more Scilon ads and I countered with four anti-scilon ads. TR-3, baby!!!
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  2. Suiram Member

    New posts go live every 15 minutes. it's how their servers work. But, if you posted through a new account (you don't need an account to post, only to verify the e-mail you're posting with), then you will have to verify the phone number associated with your account. If you can figure it out, post again without logging in.
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  3. I've been flag-spamming the crap out of those new ones. I've been through all of the ones you posted for Houston once. Dallas has been flagged lots. Still not seeing any taken down though. :-/
  4. Suiram Member

    Yeah, I think the counter-post method is currently more effective. I'm not sure of Craigslist has a reputation policy, but if they do... then months of constant postings by the Scilons might make it difficult to get their posts removed...
  5. Use this number for Orlando.

    Do you flag it as Spam???
    or prohib
  6. Tampa Bay

  7. Anonymous Member

    Can someone post a copy of the actual Scilon doc? TonyO only released a little of it. Compiling a list of keywords from it and using those to search CL would be much more efficient -- especially if the clams are (as Shira said) using staff cellphone numbers instead of the org's number...
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Very active in SF Bay Area. Check out the Underground Bunker ( for details, and check the comments for action people are taking. Besides flagging for spam, posting counter-ads is something we're doing. Do not spam those counter ads. One per day per CL metro area. Here is an example. Note the nice touch of an image that will give the spammers a little "hello."
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  9. Suiram Member

    I would love to get my hands on the document, but instead... I'll copy and paste some of the ads that have popped up today. You might be able to glean some common words/phrases from them...

    Subj: What is life?
    Ad: What is life?

    What is the meaning of YOUR life?

    Are you truly happy? And if not, what can you do about it?

    Why is life so hard sometimes? And what can you do if you are mired down in difficulties?

    Why are some people so negative?

    Come to our class. We have seminars, classes, good books for you to read, and wonderful people.

    If you are interested in more information, please call us up at 713-974-6299 : Mon-Thurs 7 PM - 10 PM, Sat-Sun 9-5. Ask for Corey.

    Subj: Classes for Depression/Anxiety/Stress
    Ad: Do you feel like you suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, or stress? Let us help you. If you don't want to see a psychiatrist or take medications, you have found the right group! We specialize in non-drug solutions to stress, anxiety, and depression, and we don't believe in taking pills to fix emotional issues. We want you to gain for yourself the strength to make life peaceful, happy, and fun again.

    Email for more information or call 713-974-6299 and ask for Corey: Mon-Thurs 7 PM - 10 PM, Sat-Sun 9-5 for a free one-on-one consultation. We are located on Westheimer and Fondren. Our address is:

    2727 Fondren Road
    Houston, TX 77063

    Subj: People into self-help
    Ad: To some people, the idea of self-help or self improvement is not very REAL. Somehow they just never think in those terms. They never thought that they could DO something to change their lives to the better.

    And to some people, the idea of self-help or self improvement is just something to talk about or to think about. They don't take actions.

    But to us, the idea of self-help or self improvement is as real as sunlight, as real as the chairs we are sitting on. Self-help or self improvement is not just something we think about -- it is something we DO, something we ACTIVELY participate in.

    We have books, lectures, and seminars which you would be interested in.

    In my experience, this is the group that changes people's lives.

    We have been in Houston for over 50 years and we have hundreds of participants in this area. If you want to join us, call 713-974-6299 Mon-Thurs 7 PM - 10 PM, Sat-Sun 9-5. Ask for Corey.

    Subj: Free Seminars
    Ad: I'm posting this ad under activity partners, but the main purpose of our group is for learning about life improvement. You will get to know more people, too, but that's more of a side product than the main goal.

    We hold about 2 seminars every month on various topics having to do with life improvement, such as how to improve relationships, how to become more successful, how to get rid of anxiety, etc. These seminars are intended for public education purposes and are free. The speakers are usually established consultants with over 20 years of experience in the subject they talk about.

    If you are interested, please call Corey at 713-974-6299 : Mon-Thurs 7 PM - 10 PM, Sat-Sun 9-5 to join this life improvement group. New members are very welcome. There are no obligations except you need to have a desire to improve your life.

    I've been finding the postings in the following sections:

    Community -> Activities
    Community -> Groups
    Event -> Classes
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  10. What are you flagging them as? I'm going for Spam.

    Also in Sac, BTW.
  11. I'm giving up on the counter posts. I was able to post 3 posts and then it wouldn't let me post unless I verified my phone number. So there went that idea. And no, I was not logged in, I don't have a CL account as I live in the UK.
  12. rickybobby Member

    Can you post here your counter-ad so we can use?
  13. Anonymous Member

    jmh - I never realized that there would be so much interest. It still amazes me that there are so many people, at the Bunker and elsewhere, who were never involved, but are so active in campaigning.

    All of it - the protests, the blogs, the campaigns, have undoubtedly prevented so many people from - at the very least - giving away significant amounts of money in donations and for IAS statuses (as Bridge progress has been relegated into insignificance); or, worse, being recruited into the SO.

    Would posting the full document (perhaps with the author's personal details removed) really be that helpful to you guys? (The bulk of it is, after all, just filled with "ad copy" - or is that the reason why it would be so helpful?)
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  14. Yes, great! I posted this on the Sacramento list:

    Did you know that this ad is ONE OF over 100 ads currently posted by Scientology on this board? These ads promise to resolve all of your problems, whether they be: depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, divorced, self esteem, fears, etc. . ...but they never identify who they are, or what their professional credentials are.

    What you need to know is this - these ads are posted by Scientology people who lack any professional credentials for counseling. They seem to be ashamed to admit who they are in their ads. Why hide who they are? Beware of them - all ads with these phone numbers: (916) 782-1272, (916) 962-2217 and (916) 519-5287. Their address is:

    3825 Marconi Ave.
    Sacramento, CA 95821

    If the name Scientology sounds familiar, they've been receiving extensive press coverage for their illegal activities and shameful practices. Leah Remini, a celebrity actress, is one of many individuals who have chosen to leave Scientology and face their brutal disconnection policy. If you leave, everyone you know who's still in Scientology is told to NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN! This includes family members and friends. Mothers have been separated from their children, brothers and sisters forced to 'disconnect' from each other... countless families have been torn to pieces by Scientology.

    For more information about this "church", Please google "Scientology and Steve Hassan" or go to his vimeo website entitled freedomofmind ..... Steven A Hassan on Vimeo. Steve Hassan is a qualified credentialed counselor who has extensive experience in dealing with Scientology and other similar cults. Other good information about Scientology can be found by Googling 'Lisa McPherson', 'Tony Ortega', 'Jenna Miscavige Hill', and Lawrence Wright's book 'Going Clear'.

    Please search for number 916-782-1272, 916-962-2217 and 916-519-5287 on CL and Flag these ads as SPAM.


    This is not my own writing, I took this from a poster above and then customised it for the Sacramento list (with the address and phone numbers).
  15. Jiyu94 Member

    What can i do to help take these down
  16. Anonymous Member

    Please do your worst mighty armies of Anonymous

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  17. Suiram Member

    The 'Ad Copy' is what we're looking for. As we begin to seriously campaign against them, they will start to remove the items that we are searching for. They might actually replace the words in the ad with an image containing the same information. If we know what textbook they're using to post, we can break down any possible tactics they might use to get their message across un-impeded.
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  18. Suiram Member

    BTW, never since the protests I attended... have I felt like I'm giving Scientology a good swift kick in the balls. Until today. This is awesome...
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Yes, posting the entire document would be appreciated.

    If it could be ZIPPED and posted as an attachment into this thread (if it doesn't weigh more than 19.8 megabytes).

    Use the "Upload a File" option on the message editor.

  21. Jiyu94 Member

    So basically i need to find CL ads that have something to do with Scientology and post them on here?
  22. Thank you all for starting this up again! I'm so glad there are so many of us coming together to do this! The more we do this, the more people we protect from Co$. :)
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  23. Easiest thing is to pick a city... pick your city or a city near you... or any city for that matter. Please be sure to read the article I posted at the top by Tony Ortega, read the threads listed by other people on WWP (posted above by RickyBobby). Look for common phrases. Each city seems to have similar cheesy clip art or identifying catch phrase that you can identify Co$ postings by. Try searching the Org's number to start with.

    Most of Co$'s postings are found in the 'Community' section... under Groups, activity partners, classes, or even news and events. I would check the general 'community' tab when searching and then search individual phrases within community to help you pinpoint ads.
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  24. Bump.
    You have my sword.
  25. aegerprimo Member

    I will help with this on Friday when I have access to a whole bunch of IPs. :) Check back with y'all then! ;)
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  26. I'm going slaying again. Houston, you have a problem. Round 2.
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  27. I posted a list of cities that I could find had sci ads on TO's message board last night--here they are again with a little more info. I found them under "class" and "group" categories.
    Albuquerque--19 ads/class, common phone number (507)-275-8210.
    Austin--13 ads/class. (512)626-0588. Contact Sean, Guadalupe Street.
    Baton Rouge--5 ads/class, 11ads/group. (225) 928-7804. Contact Dexter.
    Boston--66 ads/class, 19 ads/group. (617)-266-9500. Beacon Street (no contact).
    Boulder--3 ads/class, 18 ads/group. (720) 271-7860. Contact Robert. Lafayette.
    Chico (CA)--7 ads/class, 18 ads/group--also a counter-ad under group. (530)-521-4495. Contact Kareem.
    Cleveland--12 ads/class, 8 ads/group. (440) 499-0294. Contact Ron.
    Dallas--27 ads/class. No phone #, occasional contact Helen.
    Denver--16 ads/class. (720) 432-3350. Contact Chris.
    Honolulu--18 ads/class, 1 ad/group. (808) 955-7771. Contact Wilbur/Fay.
    Houston--28 ads/class, 2 ads/group. (713)974-6299. Contact Corey. Fondren road.
    Inland Empire--65 ads/class, 1ad/group. (909) 599-7520. Contact Clare. Upland.
    Kansas City (MO)--1 ad/class. KCL Life Improvement Center.
    Los Angeles--83 ads/class, 35 ads/group. (818) 951-1703, contacts Patricia/Scott. (818) 722-7949, contact Geoff. (310) 419-8200, contact June. (626) 792-7532, contact Connie. (818) 947-0600, contact Eric. Counter ads present.
    Manhattan--37 ads/class. (212) 921-1210. No contact person, Scientology Center.
    Minneapolis--22 ads/class. (763) 607-7172. Contact Peyton. Wabasha Street.
    Orange County--92 ads/class. (949) 667-6034, contact Karen. (949) 297-4446/4447. Contact Diana. South Coast Mission, Lake Forest.
    Philadelphia--2 ads/class. (609) 504-1049. Contact Christ.
    Sacramento--64 ads/class. Counter ads/group. (916) 519-5287, contact Tony, Marconi Ave. (916) 962-2217, Fair Oaks. (916) 782-1272, contact Linda, , Roseville.
    Salt Lake City--21 ads/class. (801) 552-8008. Contact Cyndy, S110 E SLC.
    San Diego--4 ads/class today, though there were more yesterday. (619) 239-5481. Contact Sara/Dan.
    San Francisco--+/- 270 ads/class, +/- 100 ads/group. Counter ads present. (415) 571-7871, contact Barb. (510) 342-9121, contact Dave. (800) 801-3914, contact Linda. (800) 801-3944, Montgomery St., contact Dana. Dana likes to post those ads, and promises everything short of helping you grow back a limb.
    Ventura--100+ads/class, 18 ads/group. Counter ads present. (805) 585-5314, contact Allison/Kate. Mission Buenaventura, Telegraph Road.
    Worcester--only group ads (tho I thought I saw some class ads yesterday). (617) 266-9500. Scientology Life Improvement Center.

    I thought I saw some ads yesterday in Portland, Seattle, and Las Vegas, but didn't see any today. Saw a lot of counter-ads, but I don't really know how much they stand out, so I'm going to keep flagging. Couldn't hurt, right? I put down the apprx. number of ads per city, so anyone who decides to "adopt a list" can pick them according to the time they can spare. I really only saw ads under class/group categories.

    I found it easiest just to google the city, go under both "class" and "group", and just scroll down and flag. It's pretty easy once you know the key terms--including non-profit, open 7 days, there are 3 things (?ARC?), esteem, communication, enlightenment, anxiety, depression, reading, couples, self-confidence, financial issues/stress, 2 weeks long!!, $50 classes, past lives, studying, illness. Feel free to add to the list. There is often a cheesy (and oft-repeated) picture in the corner as well.
  28. Done. But I'm at a loss to explain what image number two on this "ANGER MANAGEMENT" ad has to do with anger management
    Perhaps Lisa the auditor is getting her Craigslist Dianetics ad images mixed up with her beyond creepy online dating images seeking a 2D thetan? Yikes!
  29. i-Betty Member

    The one which hit me the hardest in the Houston list targeted women who have suffered domestic violence and abuse ("we can help with that"). I had to get up and walk around for 10 mins, blowing hard, before I could get back to spam flagging.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I've just spent a little time removing the author's personal details from the writeup - everything else is intact. I've also ZIPed it, as suggested.

    The stats I've seen do indicate that this is an effective recruitment strategy (one of the few!). Also, for the "never-ins" - if you read through the ads, you'll see that they're very much targeted towards the vulnerable - those who are depressed, having relationship troubles, in financial difficulties, and even just those who are lonely or looking for love. (Without a ruin, there can be no hard sell.)

    So, for those who are taking the time to flag these or counter-post: from this fairly recent ex-Scientologist (second-generation; and in my 20s before I saw the truth) - thank you.

    Given such a good reaction, maybe I should post some more internal documents ;-)


    Attached Files:

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  31. Thank you, Shira!
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  32. OMG
    OMG. Thank you so much for all this work! This helps immeasurably. I might add this to the OP if you're ok with that.
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  33. Mikee Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    I started by flagging in Dallas using the last four digits of their phone number to search, but:

    OMG - that looks a lot more detailed than I thought it would be. First thought: the doc says the ones in red are the ones that the clams have had the most success with, so it'd be more efficient to start compiling keywords from those first. I would've missed many of them.
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  35. ShevilKat Member

    Have at! That's why I did it. : )
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  36. Madram Member

    I was thinking that maybe we can do this better with more organization. The biggest initial hurdle I see is getting rid of the older ads that are just hanging out on CL. Maybe a bunch of us could concentrate on flagging a few bigger cities extensively to get rid of the older ones. Then, once a city is, er, cleared of older ones a concentrated effort can move to a new city/region and a few could commit to keeping at the newer posts of their local areas as well? Just a thought. I feel like I'm all over the place and in the process may not be doing the best work possible. Remember to search in all Community and Events because they pull up completely different ads.
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