The Grinstead Win Thread

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A-non-non-anon, May 31, 2008.

  1. AnonyBee Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Strength in numbers. Splitting up is a bad idea, we are legion etc. I don't want to do two groups at all :(

    I don't know why people are bawwwwwwwing about the war memorial though, it was fine. Nowhere else is as practical, and the education center was out of the way. High street is the way forwards.

    Some of us can stick at the memorial, while others go up and down the road flyering etc. Pretty much what we were doing on Saturday.
  2. Orderous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    There is actually a part of this entire discussion that has gone right over my head. What's the problem with staying at the war memorial? Far as I can tell all the complaints we had was from some scilon lady screaming at us about abusing free speech. Or did I miss a huge part of the concerned citizens while roaming about with the camera?
  3. An0nand0n Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Am I the only one to notice that they've woven themselves a little nest in there? Theyve broken off a couple of oak twigs and woven them into the tree to get better cover for their camera.

    Anyway, here are my vids:

    YouTube - Anonymous in East Grinstead, 31st May 2008, Pt 1

    YouTube - Anonymous in East Grinstead, 31st May 2008, Pt 2

    Epic day was epic, though I had one lady, who owns a shop down one of the sidestreets come up and blame Anonymous for the lack of custom in her shop that day. Maybe it might be a good idea in future to go round all the scilon sites and protest outside them before or after doing a stint in the highstreet, then walk out to St Hill

    The highlight for me was OSA nesting in the bushes. That's not going to get old any time soon.
  4. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    How about swinging past the EEC on the way to cult manor? It's a bit of a de tore but it will let them know we know about them and we are there.
    It was even v& last time just in case!
  5. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    ahhh i havent heard that song in ages, great video's i loved when the scilon film man left and people said "sir you've left your bush behind! :O"

    I thought myread out at the end was Epic Fail at the time but it came out ok.

    Great video An0n have some CAEK!
  6. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Did anyone catch the speech an anon made at the memorial? Not sure who it was but i remember it being extremely good and if anyone caught it on video would be Epic to see
  7. musketeerwang Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I'm sorry, but whilst I'm sure you're correct on the first point, and I know you are on the second, neither thing makes him a "paedophile", and was certainly never convicted of being one, nor even of the lower level sexual abuse that the bathing would constitute (obviously if they did it...everywhere <shudder> then it's clear-cut).

    I agree with what you say, and have little doubt myself that the old pervert retained those girls to letch over him and as you say, exert power over them. He seems to have had real issues with women and sex. For all I know, he was a card-carrying nonce who actually molested them as well as getting his sponge baths or whatever.

    But we don't have the evidence needed to say what was said on that card. If someone had gone to the police, maybe we would have. Sticking to the facts and using critical thinking are powerful things that set us apart from our enemy. Blackly hilarious though "seafaring paedophile" was, and I wouldn't dream of stopping you from using it (how could I?) I really think it's a bad move.

    Unless I'm missing something - in which case show me the evidence.
  8. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Show me the evidence that there even IS a longcat.
  9. uber_anon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    ive heard lots about the war memorial being a bad place to protest, but in all honesty, if we respect it, as in, nothing stuck on it, written on it etc, we should be fine.

    i also see numbers bought up as a potential issue, this shouldnt be the case as far as space in town is concerned, as the path opposite the war memorial and paths round the roundabout are very wide. Also, if youre standing at the war memorial looking at the epic sweet shop, to your right is a long stretch of wide path, and maybe 70 metres down a square paved area whicvh could easily hold another 40 anons or more.

    a little bit of inside info, the local councils and police were expecting closer to 100+ protesters, thats what i hear anyway.

    if people want, i can get some screenshots of grnistead and mark all possible protest areas?
  10. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I kind of understand about the war memorial business.

    To some people - and not just sci's - protesting around it would seem akin to nicking the poppies after memorial day. If there is a better way I think we should use it. At least that way we know that anyone who shouts insults at us is a most likely a sci.
  11. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    This being the guy who had the folder thrown at him by the mad Israeli scilon? I spent most of the day chatting to him, but have unfortunately lost his email address? Do you have it?
  12. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    No stuka i think he means the baldheaded man who was interviewed in one of the video's but correct me if i'm wrong
  13. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I agree that we should spread out away from the war memorial if possible, to give critics less ammunition, there was quite a lot of room further down on the same side of the road and we could do more leafletting around the town.

    Also, there was some feedback from the locals that they couldn't tell at first whether we were pro or anti Scientology, they just saw "Scientology" on the signs and reacted to the word till they got up closer or read our leaflets. How about we get a big banner "Protesting AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY" or something like that to make it completely unambiguous?

    We had at least three locals joining in the demo - how about we make it easy for them by doing some pre-demo promotion, either leaflet the town or take out an ad in the local paper, to let them know we're coming and that they're welcome to join in? Call it "A TOWN DIVIDED BY SCIENTOLOGY" - ask them to get a mask if they want, or not, and just come along and support us? (Any locals reading this want to volunteer to do the leafletting?)

    Re sweetshop - how about buying sweets for the poor children the scios insisted were "frightened by our masks"!

    I don't see an issue with numbers. It would be great if we had enough people to completely surround Saint Hill really, wouldn't it? Also let's hang Anonymous flags from the gateposts this time!

  14. Sku Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    At any one time there were only about 2 or 3 people in the war memorial hexegon itself.

    We DID dump all our stuff there, but we don't have to. Lets put all our stuff near when the megaphone box was, and just try to keep off the actual immediate surroundings of the memorial. This only costs us about 3 peoples worth of space.

    It really isn't a problem guys.

    Just stay 2m away from the memorial.
  15. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    The kids I talked to were not frightened of us xD
    They liked us in fact, they took a bunch of our leaflets and said they'd hand them out at their school- one kept going on about how much his dad hated the Scilons and that he found them creepy.

    But giving out sweets is never a bad idea =D Lulz.
  16. drillerkiller Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    A kid came up to me and asked who Lisa was :D He seemed a lil too young to explain the details in fully but I brieflly explained who she is and he said he'll check out the site :D
  17. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    The ones I talked to had scientologist neighbors on both sides, and they really hated them. They took a pile of flyers and said they'd give them out to their friends, and said they'd try to make the next protest. These kids were about 11.
  18. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Er... you didn't want to tell him so you directed him to where there were images of it? =P
  19. Vir Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Whyaretheydead and don't offer the autopsy photos without disclaimers and such. Other videos, flashes and sites often smack them in your face without warning.

    Have you got a Grinstead July 26th thread in the local raid forum yet?
  20. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    WRT large numbers and Saint Hill...

    If the party *did* split, and one half went off to Circle The Drain... I have this image of co-ordinated Enturbulation at both front and back simultaneously. Anonymous bread making a nice $cilon sandwich...
  21. drillerkiller Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Lol I kinda realised that as I was typing the post...uh oh...
  22. musketeerwang Member

  23. drillerkiller Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I just wanna stroke and scratch the shit outta longcats belly :D
  24. rasputin Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread


    Yes, there'll be logistical problems, but they're hardly insurmountable. IMO, get as many people as we can and stick at the memorial unless it's literally physically impossible. (In which case we'd probably have enough people to picket other Sci places in EG at the same time, then all go to Saint Hill together. Or not.)
  25. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I still stand by it being appropriate since we're expressing our speech freely- just as those in the war fought for- if need be (which there won't), make a placard saying this in short, but really, only one person- most probably a Sci- had a problem with it.
    If we do have too many people- then move some to the Sci establishments in town.

    So basically I'm reiterating rasputin's post ;)
  26. eclipse Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I was the anon making the speech via the Marcab box, I have no idea if anyone filmed it though. It got pretty fail towards the end since I just kept talking in one incredibly long unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic (quite hypnotic).
  27. Chamberlain Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Picard rolled?
  28. FrankvdWaal Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

  29. ldnanon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Please don't make me laugh while I'm drinking... my monitor just got quite the splattering. :flowers:
  30. Wirah Member

  31. asagai Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I agree with "bins"
    several people said to me that they thought we were scios at first. I suppose they get used to Scio events and such in town.

    I think that angry woman at the beginning didn't look like a scio, she could easily have mistaken us for scios if she saw the word on our posters. That would explain her anger and her calling us "scum"! So what I'm saying is she could easily have been anti-scio!

    An anti-scio banner or chants of "Scientology out!" would help clarify things for people.

    "Bins" is right about letting people know in advance. I think an ad in the paper is a great idea!
  32. Chamberlain Member

  33. Plups Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Maybe one of you could write to the local newspaper about the reason for your protests and explain your perspective on the War Memorial.
  34. Tony Yarwood Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    The only problem with this local newspaper business is that the paper's landlord is a Scieno and they've always tended to be very soft on them.
  35. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Apparently (according to Chamberlain) there's a piece on us in the local newspaper when it comes out tomorrow... so we'll see then what they really think?
  36. Tony Yarwood Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Yes..that'll be very interesting.
  37. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Or, instead of splitting up, spread out.

    What I mean is, instead of sending one mass of anons on the "trek", send smaller groups on the trek - to me, it would be more disturbing to see a constant stream of anon going by than a single mass.
  38. Tony Yarwood Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Here's an interesting experiment; try punching in 'scientology' into the East Grinstead Courier
  39. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread


    can you post up the article from the local paper when it comes out?

    Maybe someone could write an open letter to "the Divided Town of East Grinstead" from Anonymous, saying why we are protesting and when we'll be back? Just so there's no doubt........

  40. Vir Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    So I guess the headline will be something like "Anti-Human rights terrorists invade East Grinstead".

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