The we love Herro thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 5, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Mods, as I am a cum loving homo I find the advatar yourgay repulsive. Pls dome this thread
  2. Ersatz Global Moderator

  3. Ersatz, someone called my name?
    Is everything okay?:p
  4. I don't get this thread at all.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Pink doll is messing up the rainbow. Please remove.
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  7. I'm interested in the history and lineage of the honourable surname "yourgay". Did it originate in Faggotopia?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Damn it... I thought our lord and savior Herro returned :(
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  9. I knew Herro; and, 'yourgay', you're no Herro.
  10. Really? Tell me about this herro person, plskthxbai.
  11. Thank you so much for asking.
    The name yourgay, has vary vary ancient origins.
    I think it goes back to Atlantis.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Are you lonely or is there method to your madness
  13. There is no method.
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Was digging through some old pm's when I came across this:


    I know how much I shitpost, so this must be further evidence against the Herro-worshipping view.
  16. Enturbuleak Member

    thatsfunny. yourgay

  18. Why don't you being Herro back?
    It was never one person, anyhow.
  19. I just had an epiphany.

    The reason I do not want to make an account is because I do not trust you guys at all.

    For something as simple as an e-mail address, I have to worry that some little shit will rifle through my personal accounts. If I become a member of the forum, it is a personal legal liability to me because a lot of illegal shit goes down, and I want no part of it.
    Also, Ever gotten harassing telemarketer calls? That is what this forum sounds like to me.
    So, what I do is simply put my name on the "Do not call" list and hang up when others call.

    I am hanging up the phone, in a matter of speaking, because I want to be left alone.
    Aside from a few people, the rest of you are some of the most hypocritical and intolerant folks I have ever talked to in my life.

    You are no better than that which you criticize.
  20. Also, it does not matter if you use a proxy or if you use 23 of them.
    Consider yourself totally transparent.
    That is how it is.

    I don't want to be bothered with proxies.

    That is what you do.
    You hide behind an IP.
  21. MOds, do you feel powerful and satisfied that you control, censor and manipulate people in this forum?

  22. Yeah, you pretend to be against cults and mind control. Yeah, you know all about mind control.
    You know about every one elses minds, like a peeping tom, but you can't get a hold of your own.

    Because Anonymous has become a cult of its own, and either you are okay with having a movement become dogmatic itself, or you just are not aware of this. Or, you like the illusion of control that you have, while pretending that you are fighting for freedom.

    You are posers of the first degree.

    Are you afraid to say what you really think because others might not like you?
    Like these are your imaginary friends, and what they think of you is of utmost importance so that you can stay in this Clique?

    If that is the case, I do not want to be a part of your clique.
    Id rather hang out with the people you disdain.
  23. Also, for anyone who replied to any of the yourgay posts which have now been moved to the dome, I won't be reading them. I only stay upstairs, now.
  24. puppet_control2.gif
    How fucking elronic of you. You must be a sad lonely desperate individual to keep at your shitpoasting.
    You are nothing more than a puppet on WWP strings
  25. Do you think so?
    Tell me more about this.

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