The wiki is down.

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Proxima Centauri, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Incredulicide Member

  2. AnonLover Member

    Do we need extra rights and shit to post pics? It no let me upload images and I cant figure out how to hotlink external images in the fancy smancy new wysiwyg editor coolness.
  3. da5id Administrator

    It was a config change. Should be good now!
  4. conatus Member

    Can't wait to see what the ex-sci total is up to now! Another great stat for the third anonyversary . . .
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  5. AnonLover Member

    bump - this was mentioned on big list and repopulating wiki threads, and i dont mean to pester the admins who have dozens of things on their plate that are way bigger priorities right now.... but all the more reasons i thought i better post mention of this in the support forum somewhere.

    The wiki is down again. although it looks like a simple db shuffle/transfer whoops forgot to adjust the backend pointer somewhere this time around:

    I was hoping to finally finish/rollout & officially announce a wiki-dependent blog project this weekend that has gotten delayed several times already (for both wiki reasons and other non-wwp site problems).

    So I'm just fishing here in hopes of getting some sort of response for a clue on whether or not the latest wiki problem is big/little/medium ordeal, and/or word on when it might be bak online so i can plan my related project efforts over next couple days accordingly? TIA!
  6. da5id Administrator

    sorry about that, all fixed.
  7. AnonLover Member

    /bows - thank you!!!
  8. AnonLover Member

    bumpsies cuz Wiki and are down
  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  10. DeathHamster Member

    Updated link to updated copy. (It does columns for all browsers now. And if it doesn't for your browser, it's a crappy browser!)
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Oh, and if you want to create your own light-duty Wiki, and don't want to mess about with hosting services or heavy-duty hardware...

    Take this hardware:


    Add these instructions:

    And you'll get this:

    (Best of all, it has the Cite extension installed so footnotes work.)

    The part about configuring the terabyte drive under the Pi, and setting up a free dynamic IP account, I leave as an exercise...
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  12. Anonylemmi Member

    My Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator! I wondered where that went.

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